Herald making fuss over nothing

The NZ Herald headline is “Shock after Buddhas refused by Sallies” and starts with:

“An Auckland woman was shocked when a Salvation Army volunteer told her the charity shop did not stock Buddha statues and would throw them away if they were donated.”

It turns out that the Salvation Army is sticking by their Protestant beliefs and will not sell Buddhist or Catholic ornaments, nor would they stock alcohol-branded merchandise or pornographic material. ? Read more »

What about this one Mr Currie?


Yesterday the NZ Herald displayed its cowardice in?the?face of Islamic terror by refusing to show images of Mohammed.

They claimed it was a long standing policy but inquiries by WOBH show that the policy has been in place a mere 6 years.

When contacted editor Shayne Currie said:

We?ve paid careful consideration to religious imagery since the controversy and backlash surrounding the Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in 2006.

The examples you?ve highlighted below are news stories about billboards put up by a mainstream Christian denomination ? our policy does not prevent reporting on debates within faith communities.

The policy as stated by The NZ Herald article is:

The Herald?s longstanding policy is not to publish imagery designed to cause offence to religious or ethnic communities.

It is not a response to the views of extremists or jihadists, which the Herald of course opposes, but to respect the sensibilities of mainstream believers.

The NZ Herald seems ok with insulting Christians, but not Muslims.

It also seems that presenting offensive imagery of other cultures is ok as well with this story from December last year about the case of a Kiwi bar manager?on charges in Burma for using an offensive image of Buddha in his bar advertisements.

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