Building Services Contractors

Back in ya box El Presidente


Via the Fish-gang tip-line.

Regular readers will know the?Government has finally shut the door on the cartel-like rort that was (and still is) the little known Building Service Contractors New Zealand?or BSC for short.

A reader has sent through the recent BSC AGM minutes. They?re interesting reading.

Some may know?that El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo got a slapping for attacking the $1b franchise industry?? despite having so-called members actually being franchise members.

Looks like Paddy is doing a flip-flop and now sees the BSC as a franchisor keen on flogging off their recent CleanSweep event.


Will the BSC now be seeking membership of the Franchise Association of New Zealand? ? Read more »

Simon Bridges mans up – Kicks cartels like BSC to touch


Credit where credit is due.

Today Simon Bridges has announced that he is sorting out the mess created by Labour and is giving Kiwi companies the chance to operate on a fair and level playing field when it comes to government procurement/tenders.

In a release titles Improvements to Procurement Rules, Bridges says;

?The change means suppliers of cleaning services will no longer be required to join and pay for membership to an industry association to contract with Government,? says Mr Bridges.

?Instead, the Government will be able to contract with all suitable suppliers of cleaning services and award contracts on the merit of tenders.

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Will Patrick Lee-lo embarrass the building Service Contractors again?


Regular readers will know that the Owl and I have been keeping track and shining some sunlight on the financials of the dodgy cartel like Building Service Contractors NZ or BSC for short.

Essentially, this union-styled organisation has quietly tucked its members for thousands of dollars; to such an extent that it?was sitting on a whopping $1.8m and growing pile of cash… and that was back in 2012.? Read more »

Who is telling Steven Joyce porkies?


It?s never a good look for bureaucrats to think they know better than their Ministers.

They may think that, but providing information to a Minister?s office that gets exposed as?misleading tends to result in someone copping it in the chook.

A keen WOBH reader pointed out that the?battle between corporate whore Matthew Hooton and Steven Joyce?has exposed something that the NBR seems to have let slip by.

The other week I exposed the?dodgy behaviour of bureaucrats in MBIE giving Simon Bridges dud information.? Part 2 of the expose then raised the question whether?MBIE were playing fast and loose with the procurement process,?with Simon Bridges turning a blind eye to what his officials are up to.? Read more »

“Let them eat cake” – BSCNZ reports to members


While the level of troughing varies, in general, troughers are the same wherever you go.

They have this sense of entitlement and believe that they deserve the perks.

Scumbag unions the world over have been exposed for diving into the trough and lavishing it up is flash places around the world.

My good friend?Patrick Lee-Lo, El Presidente of the Building Service Contractors, certainly enjoys the trough?provided by his cleaning members. By the looks of things Kimberly Clark?s Lillian Small also enjoyed her foray into the trough via a visit to New York. ? Read more »

A tip-line message to the Government

Yesterday I posted a photo of our friend, El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo, his new travelling sidekick Lillian Small and the BSC king-pin Bob King over in New York.

Despite the short week with many taking an extra few day?s leave, the post resulted in the following being sent into the tip-line.

Dear Cameron,

I have read with interest your ongoing blog posts about the Building Service Contractors New Zealand and their preferred position for government tenders. As a small company in the service sector, it appalls me that the National Government has allowed this situation to continue.

I?m keen to grow my business and would like to apply for government tenders, but as a small business I do not want to have to fork over hard-earned revenue to an organisation (BSCNZ) that, in my view, offers very little to me or my company.

I was very interested to see the Government undertake a review of the BSCNZ membership requirement, and hoped that small NZ companies like mine would have an equal opportunity to win new business by way of government contracts.

To see the BSCNZ managers fly around the world, secure in the knowledge they have government contracts all tucked up for their paid-up member?s benefit, is nothing but offensive to those who want to stand on the merits of their own work and service offering. ? Read more »

Project Revitalisation – BSC iceberg moment imminent


The adage that sunlight is the best disinfectant always bears fruit in the end. Trouble is that some people just don?t seem to see the rays of light beaming down on them.

Take our friends at the cartel-like Building Service Contractors NZ or BSC as they like to be known.

Its El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo continues on as though nothing is wrong, oblivious to the weight of government bearing down on his little rort.

Even fresh faced Lillian Small, who it seems?continues to work for Kimberley Clark, as well as under Paddy, is desperately trying to give the place a new spruce of paint by way of new newsletters.

In a rat-cunning attempt to give the Government the illusion of relevance, its PR advisers are pushing a ?Project Revitalisation? ? a clear sign and acknowledgement that they are out of date.

You can tell the PR b.s. when you see words like ?excellent and innovative work?, ?contribution made by our industry often flies beneath the radar when it comes to public recognition?, ?BSC can provide even better value for our members?. Cough, splutter, hurl. ?? Read more »

Sponsors in the dark about BSCs problems, Ctd


My friends at the cartel like BSC really must be worried about their upcoming Clean Sweep Awards, particularly as the tip line continues to provide worrying accounts of dodgy dealings that may upset their principal sponsor Staples.

They?ve had to extend the deadline for entries into their ?Clean Sweep Awards?, which is always code for whoops we haven?t got many entries so let?s push out the date and hope for some more to come in.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so best that Joe Taylor, Head of Facilities Solutions Australia gets to hear about the organisation he?s aligning Staples with.

He?s obviously fallen deep into El President?s Patrick Lee-Lo?s lap, gushing over the prospect the Staples will be able to hoe into the BSC membership ? all 39 of them.? Read more »

Sponsors in dark over BSC’s problems

It?s never a good look for sponsors to be kept in the dark about problems facing the outfit they?re sponsoring.

Take our friends at the?cartel-like Building Service Contractors New Zealand (BSC), headed by our close friend El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo and his na?ve off-sider Lillian Small.

Having done very little for its members over the last few years – aside from milking its 50 members out of $20k a year, newbie Lillian Small?s latest bright idea after the newsletter, is to re-start the ?Clean Sweep Awards?.

Sponsoring the BSC awards is Staples New Zealand, part of the world largest office supply company.

The WO team had never heard of them before so had a look at?Staples New Zealand?s website, and found interesting commentary, that?we?re not sure fits with what we know about, and have seen with the BSC.

image001-1 Read more »

Drum roll…Lillian Small changes newletter


The cartel like BSC, headed by El Presidente Patrick Lee Lo, is really focusing on things that matter.

New hire Lillian Small has raced into her new job with such vigour and enthusiasm and produced a new newsletter for their diminishing membership. Lillian?s obviously focusing on things that matter.

Meanwhile, all is not well in the BSC office.

Information via the tip-line from the Fish-gang, indicates Executive Officer and?former international junket traveller Marja Verkerk has been side-lined for the younger Lillian Small.

Poor old Marja has been left focusing on things that matter to the Industrial Rope Access Association of NZ, Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand and the Pest Management Association of NZ ? all of which are ?managed? by the BSC.

No more international junkets to Brazil for Marja.

Makes you wonder who will now be accompanying Paddy on his next junket to the World Federation of Building Service Contractors to be held at the Marriott Marquis in New York in April.

Mmm, wonder if Paddy will be team-building with Lillian in New York thanks to membership fees being tucked out of Bentley driving?suppliers like Jiwa Nadan from Advance International Cleaning Systems.? Read more »