Queensland Woman Finds Herself in Deep Sh*t

Not the best way to spend a festive season holiday, deep in shit with a broken leg at the bottom of a hole:

A WOMAN has been airlifted to hospital after becoming trapped in a long-drop outdoor toilet in central Queensland.
The woman, 65, was climbing off a trailer when she fell backwards into the 2.5-metre-deep open hole on a property at Wartburg, a spokeswoman for the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter said in a statement.
The Gladstone woman suffered a fractured leg in the tumble and spent a number of hours down the hole before being found by her husband.
Emergency services managed to get the woman out of the hole in what was described as a “very difficult extraction”.
The woman was airlifted to Bundaberg Base Hospital in a stable condition.

So the husband found her, was that before or after he unzipped?