A classic Christmas TV moment

Will Labour be forced to do the same here?

? Brisbane Times

Contrast Gillard’s government with the Labour party here. Gillard is slashing state sector jobs, yet Labour in new Zealand thinks every state sector job is sacred:

MORE than 1500 federal public servants are set to lose their job, as the Gillard government prepares to release a tough budget in May that could trigger even greater job losses in the bureaucracy.

Most of the initial 1500 jobs expected to be shed will be based in Canberra, and are a result of a government attempt to save about $500 million on public servants. But even more jobs could now be cut as a result of next month’s budget, in which the government will pare back its expenditure to try to deliver a surplus. Public sector unions yesterday warned that cuts that went too deep would ultimately hurt the economy.

Labour are dreaming if they think they can come to power in 2014 and continue to grow a bloated public sector.

If you don't have a house you don't want consultation and a grass roots movement, you want a house

The Government’s new Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) has been labelled bureaucratic, militaristic and the opposite of the community-led approach Christchurch needs.

Some some Prius driving hippy wowser wants hugs to be dispensed rather houses. Perhaps this is why not a single house has been built yet.

Let this dopey sheila go and live in a house with cracks in the walls, floors that arent level, shit in a bucket and boil her own water.

San Francisco consultant Laurie Johnson, a veteran of rebuildings from Chile to China, and Massey University professor Bruce Glavovic, the Earthquake Commission (EQC) chairman in natural hazards planning.

Johnson said international experience showed that governments often had a top-down, fast-track approach to rebuilding and recovery when it should be a grassroots process, the community being actively involved in the creation of the plan.

“Planning needs time,” she said.

“It takes time to comprehend the information and build trust.”

Johnson said a rush to make decisions created losers because the lack of consultation meant only the voices of the organised and powerful were heard.

The last thing we need is a talk fest. We need houses, roads, water, jobs etc. Not delay, distraction and bureaucrats. The only disappointment is in giving Gerry more powers than a Roman dictator he isn’t using them to get shit done. Perhaps that is why one of his staff prefers working for a tobacco company than working for Gerry finding him open pie shops.

Politician of the Week – Tony Ryall

Tony Ryall is once again politician of the week and well on track for politician of the year with the news in the Herald today of his great progress in Health.

The reduction in the number of people earning less than $90,000 reflects savings through efficiencies in back office-type operations and projects that have been completed.

The ministry has reduced its operational funding from $237 million in October 2008 to a current budget of $213 million. Savings have been redirected to Crown funding to buy frontline health services.

Chopping out the bureaucrats and redeploying to the frontline. No wonder there isn’t a single health bad news?story?hitting the headlines.

Health Minister Tony Ryall said he was not bothered by an increase of five ministry employees above the $90,000 line. “It reflects the fact they have fewer people, but more senior people.”

He said the ministry was on track to be down to 1290 positions by the middle of this year and its reductions so far had allowed $20 million a year to be redirected into health care from 2008/9 and a further $10 million this financial year – a total of $50 million so far.

When Mr Ryall announced a re-organisation of health administration in October 2009, with the creation of a National Health Board in the ministry and shared back-office functions for district health boards and possibly the ministry, the ministry employed 1475 staff.

He indicated then that a further 400 positions could shift from the ministry to a shared services agency, leaving the ministry/board with 890 staff.

Keep chopping Tony, keep chopping.


Does Andrew Williams have a "problem"?

There have been rumours swirling around about the “problem” that Andrew Williams, the North Shore Mayor, has.

I have personally sighted some rather colourful emails that appear to have been sent to various parties in the wee small hours when most people are sleeping. I didn’t know it was possible to slur in typing but i can assure you it is possible.

The latest incident involving Mr Williams and his apparent problem recently occured at the Devonport Naval base. This escapade has made Wikipedia. I took the liberty of a screenshot as some numpy will probably decide that the story isn’t in the public interest to be aired, but there you go.

Andrew Williams Drunk?

Perhaps Mr Williams has had that dreaded “Chinese Lurgy” for quite sometime. Might I suggest that the best solution for such a bug is to put the cap back on the flagon, put the flagon in the cupboard, rinse out the glass so it doesn’t attract ants and go off and have a good long lie down to sleep off the affects of the “bug”