Susan doesn’t like symbols of oppressive groups and neither do I

This will be a short post.

Susan Devoy in her open letter to us all said this…

Not long ago we publicly called out Neo Nazi fascists who wanted to march against child abuse. Many Kiwis joined us when we argued that the symbols of a regime that murdered 1.5 million children have no place at a march against child abuse.? That?s not us.

In my open blog post to Ms Devoy I say this…..

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Brave Iranian women continue to fight oppressive gender laws


Rules on ‘Islamic dress’ for women are enforced by police in Iran. In this picture, two policewomen warn a woman (centre) about her hair and clothing during a crackdown on skirting of the law in 2007. Majid Saeedi/Getty Images

Most of us believe in religious freedom but few of us would support a religious legal system of government. In Iran the government has removed people’s freedom to practice or not practice the religion or non-religion of their choice and instead forces them to adhere to one religion’s rules in a totalitarian manner.

Iranian MPs - before & after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Iranian MPs – before & after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

When any religion uses force or coercion to keep and control its members it has more in common with a cult than it does a religion.Personal choice is something that we take for granted here in the West and we women must never forget how hard other generations of women fought for us here in New Zealand to enjoy the freedoms we have today. Women in Iran used to have freedom but it was taken away from them. They now are fighting a very difficult fight to regain even the most basic of rights, such as the right to feel the wind through their hair.

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Two Muslim women debate the Burka



Face of the day

www.northernrockies.ca1038 ? 1325Search by image Ezra Levant knows when to talk - but he knows when to rant, too! As Canada's best-known Conservative pundit, Levant's talks are energetic, entertaining, ...

Photo- northernrockies.ca Ezra Levant knows when to talk – but he knows when to rant, too! As Canada’s best-known Conservative pundit, Levant’s talks are energetic, entertaining, …

Today’s face of the day is Ezra Levant who sent me the following update via e-mail.([email protected]) He explains in the e-mail and the video below, why it is wrong that unelected judges have ordered the ruling of a democratically elected government to be over turned. He also points out that lefties and liberals who demand the separation of church and state, incomprehensibly?support this ruling.

Yesterday we told you that the Federal Court of Appeal has ordered citizenship courts in Canada to allow foreign Muslim women to take the oath of Canadian citizenship wearing a full, face-obscuring mask called a burka.

Canada?s democratically elected government had made the rule that you have to show your face at those public ceremonies. Three unelected judges overturned that.
That?s un-Canadian. It?s degrading to women?s equality. It?s not our custom. It?s political correctness gone amok. It?s the?Islamisation?of Canada. It?s sharia law, not Canadian law. It?s wrong.

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Face of the day


Just who is today’s face of the day? She could be anyone. She could even be a he. Whenever there is a news story about a Burka-wearing woman, whether she be victim or terrorist, the same photo can be used because the Burka takes away her identity. There was a New Zealand news story recently about a Burka-wearing woman in a Palmerston North Mall but before we get to that let’s have a look at how difficult it is to tell Burka-wearing women apart (and no, that is not a racist thing to say because they DO all look alike regardless of what race they are).

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The Psychology behind the smile


I visited Rotorua the other day with the kids and amongst the tourists was a family group of Muslims. The men were in Western clothing and so were the young boys. The four women were head to toe in full black Burkas, though a couple had some coloured material on the lower part of the Burka to dress it up.

My natural reaction was one of discomfort and I tried to analyse why I felt that way. I realised that I felt simultaneously, threatened, angry and sad. I wondered if the men had the women on a leash would I feel any differently?

As we went up the Gondola I put my hands in front of my face to try to get a feel for the limited view the women would be getting through that post box like slit that they have to use to view the world around them. I realised that they would miss out on the view to the sides and could only see directly in front of them.

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Security risk? Nah


Sixty percent of Australian women firmly support the right of women in Australia to wear the burqa, according to a snap poll conducted by The Heat Group.

The poll shows that although 70% believe that the wearing the burqa may pose security risks, Australian women are putting their personal fears aside and saying ‘yes’ to wearing the burqa in public.

Susan Carland, a prominent and influential Muslim community representative, says it’s a positive sign.

“It is quite significant that nearly 70% of respondents felt burqas were a security threat, and yet 60% still believe it was a woman’s right to wear a burqa in public,” she says.


In stark contrast however is the reaction to this Australian woman.


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Do you ever notice that your world is changing

Some times huge things happen by increments. Bit by bit in a slow but sure manner things change, until you look around you and everything is different. I live in a multi cultural city and I am used to seeing people of all shapes and sizes and races. They are all part of the rich tapestry that is Auckland and they are as Kiwi as I am.

I have attended the Easter show for many many years and always enjoy looking at the local Art exhibition. The Art at the Easter show is as varied as its people but for the first time I noticed something I had never seen before. I didn’t like it. It felt like a wrong note hit during a concert.

Two pieces of Art told me that Auckland is already changing and is already being influenced by the Political Ideology that is Islam.

But then again, maybe one of the artists has a sense of humour.

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