Cadbury has taken the Easter out of Easter eggs

First, they made the chocolate conform to Islamic religious requirements (everyone said Halal certification is no big deal don’t be Islamophobic.) Now, they have removed the Christian holiday name from the packaging. Give it a few years and the eggs and bunnies will disappear altogether to be replaced with a chocolate goat to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Is this Cadbury’s future? The halal Ramadan chocolate goat?
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It’s ok when the left-wing do it

The left-wing have a monopoly on hypocrisy.

They commit crimes to steal a journalist’s data and then write a book about it and label him the dirty one. Unions take employers to court for breaches of good faith and confidentiality, then when it suits them they breach confidential agreements.

Worse, they laugh about it.

The union representing some Dunedin Cadbury workers has denied the accusation that it distributed confidential information during a rally protesting the closure of the city’s chocolate factory.

Mondelez, the food giant which owns Cadbury, has accused E tu of distributing confidential information at Saturday’s Cadbury rally in the South Island city. ? Read more »


Does Sam Neill work for free? Thought not, so why does he expect Cadbury to?

I can’t stand socialist justice bullies like Sam Neill, who is calling for a boycott on Cadbury as if some crap method actor is going to make a single bit of difference to changing Cadbury’s mind on closing their Dunedin plant.

Like most members of F.A.G. he thinks he is important. He’s not.

Kiwi actor Sam Neill has come out in support of Cadbury factory workers, asking people to never buy or sell Cadbury products again.

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He really can’t shake the ‘the only parasites are employers’ thing, can he?

In 2012, before he had the unions shoe-horn him into the leadership, Andrew Little had quite a bit to say about employers. Back then he said; “The only parasites are employers…”.

Yesterday he reiterated that with an angry little rant on the steps of the Cadbury factory in Dunedin, flanked by his bovver boy local MPs.

Labour leader Andrew Little took aim at an American food giant, saying a decision to close a profitable Dunedin factory was nothing more than “greed”.

Little, told media outside the factory that?while it?would be nice if?a case could be put to?Mondelez?International, which own Cadbury, to keep the Dunedin factory open “they seem pretty determined to close down the plant here”.

“Cadbury are doing this not because the plant isn’t profitable, they just want more profit out of it.?They are doing it for greed.” ? Read more »

Green hypocrisy lobbying for Cadbury to stay open

The Green taliban have always been hypocrites, but you can’t find a starker example than their advocacy over trying to keep Cadbury open in Dunedin.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is rebutting claims her party has a double standard over the closure of Dunedin?s Cadbury factory.

Ms Turei said yesterday the closure of the factory was ?a tragedy for Dunedin and local manufacturing.?

Taxpayers? Union executive director Jordan Williams says her comments ?seem a bit hollow,? given the Greens are also advocating for a sugar tax, which would reduce spending on Cadbury chocolate.

?With not the slightest acknowledgement of irony, Ms Turei blames the government for the job losses because of apparent ?inaction? on manufacturing,? Mr Williams says.

?If by ?action,??Ms Turei?means imposing the sorts of anti-consumer, anti-business, taxes like ones the Greens want to impose, then thank goodness the government isn?t following their advice.?? Read more »

It is times like this I hate being right: Cadbury to close Dunedin plant

Back in 2012 I highlighted that Cadbury was slowly but surely decamping from Dunedin.

It is interesting what comes in on the tipline.

Cadbury?haven?t exactly been quiet about their move to Malaysia and Australia. This blog has known about it for a while, and has been very surprised that the local MPs have not been on it.

The basic details are thus:

Cadbury has moved their bar dies to other parts of the world, including Tasmania and Malaysia. They are allowing some of their top staff to leave the company. They make all the bars now in Australia and import them back, and will progressively wind down production in Dunedin over the next two years.

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Back in 2014 Cadbury made its Halal bed. Now it must lie in it.



I no longer buy Cadbury products because of their Halal certification which I believe is a financial rort. I used to enjoy their chocolate before they went Halal. Recently I found out that back in 2014 not only were they Halal but they actually changed a recipe in order to gain Halal certification. As a result they were boycotted by furious customers who said that they had ruined?the taste of a popular brand. They also complained that Cadbury had removed certification symbols from product packaging to hide the Halal symbol from their customers.

After all that fuss and bother you would think that Cadbury back in 2014 would have had an appreciative and loyal Muslim customer base both overseas and at home, but you would be wrong. Cadbury paid lots of the money to become Halal certified and for ongoing certification; there is no doubt about that. The certifiers made lots of money from it but there was one little problem with the chocolate… Read more »

First world problems strike Easter, Media trawls Facebook for outrage

The Media party are declaring outrage as a few people post on Facebook that they got too many of the wrong kind of chocolate bar inside their Easter eggs.

Seriously…check out the headlines. It’s like they raced each other to trawl through Facebook for the outrage.

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Tony Abbott says no to bludging

Tony Abbott is signalling the end of bludging, especially corporate bludging in Australia.

Australia’s rent seekers are firmly on notice: it is the end of corporate welfare. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has never been so direct: no government has ever subsidised its way to prosperity, he declared, adding a good kick from his R.M. Williams boot to the stupidity of ”knee-jerk piecemeal deals”.

What a difference a few months makes. During the election campaign, Abbott flew to Tasmania and blithely handed a gift of $16 million to the Cadbury chocolate factory. Cadbury is owned by a multinational firm that had reported a 64 per cent rise in its profit to $74.9 million last year.

Abbott at the time argued that Tasmania had been ”left behind, big time” on almost all economic measures, and his was a pragmatic approach to a special case in aid of ”job, jobs and jobs”.

It was, of course, an election campaign, and Abbott, who was not yet prime minister, had his eye on a number of juicy Tasmanian seats. You could call his gift politically pragmatic, but you could also call it corporate welfare and a campaign-motivated knee-jerk piecemeal deal.

Back in ya box, Ctd

Via the tipline

Clearly the WO army has been loving a flash-back to the past. A time when life was simpler and there wasn?t pesky academic troughers trying to tell you how to live your lives and those of your children.

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