Calum Penrose

Some interesting titbits from Auckland Council election returns

Hamish Coleman-Ross should stick to sailing

I’ve been going through the Auckland Council election expense and donation returns over the past few days since they were released on the Auckland Council website.

There are some interesting titbits to digest.

Greg Presland, who is now putting his name in the hat for Labour in New Lynn didn’t declare a single donation or contribution but spent over $40,000 getting himself elected.

If he wins the selection that would seem a total waste of resources. Presumably, he is now spending even more of his own money trying to secure Labour’s selection. Life must be good as a small community law office.

Looking through the returns of failed candidate Calum Penrose was really interesting, particularly on his expenses. ? Read more »

Who is running the post-truth politics campaign?

Hamish Coleman-Ross, the loser campaign manager who cost Penny Webster and Calum Penrose their seats is blaming post-truth politics for his loss.

But it seems it is him running the post-truth politics bullshit.

The truth about Council spending, staff numbers and debt is actually quite positive. There?s a reason the organisation has an AA+ credit rating and you would think that would be enough to convince people, but it?s not. Most people?s understanding of Auckland Council comes from the?Herald,which regularly paints a picture of an organisation that?s out of control and gone wild with overspending. It?s not a bad yarn, insomuch as there must be a hero to come slay this grisly beast. Save us all, Goff-man!

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Drop kick campaign manager tries explaining why he lost two seats

You have to laugh when a losing campaign manager starts explaining away why he lost the only two campaigns where sitting councillors got rinsed.

You can laugh even harder when he tries to explain it all away by using terms like “post-truth politics” which only political tragics know what it even means.

Losing sucks. But when you do, I believe it pays not to disappear into the night, nor to sit and lick your wounds claiming that you were hard done by. The results are what they are and in an election you must respect the decision of the people. I do so without ill feeling or regret. That said, post analysis is important and so I?d like to share my thoughts about the shock results on campaigns for which I was responsible.

In June I severed my links with the media world to take on the role of campaign manager for three sitting councillors seeking re-election: Calum Penrose, Penny Webster and Sir John Walker. Sir John, who has Parkinson?s Disease, needed to show voters that despite his illness he was still fit for the job. I produced a ?hearts and minds? video and radio campaign so people could see and hear the man and know he was still fighting fit for the role. He was successfully re-elected on Saturday.

John Walker wasn’t re-elected because of some flash videos on social media which Hamish Coleman-Ross claims…he won because of name recognition.

The other two were a little different, mainly because when it came to being councillors they were exceptionally good at their jobs. The strategy was simple: campaign on the results delivered. The list of achievements for these two was immense. Calum was responsible for taking 158 bylaws from all the amalgamated councils and simplifying them down to 20. The stand out was the ?dangerous dogs? bylaw, supported by an amnesty wherein owners could have their dogs de-sexed, chipped, registered and even provided with a muzzle for a mere $25. The response was so successful that central government used it as a blueprint for its own nationwide ?dangerous dog? law.

In July this year, the bylaws review programme Calum led was named supreme winner at the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand (IPANZ) awards. Other achievements included successfully advocating for laws to be changed so that police can now be present on trains and securing funding to have the Takanini interchange widened.

Penny also had big achievements on the transport front. She was able to secure the Matakana Link road to greatly assist the traffic flow around Warkworth and pushed for more money to seal roads ? then delivered in the form of $10 million over three years, up from an original $1 million per year. She even found time to sort out badly designed roundabouts and get more funding for rural fire service, amongst many other issues big and small.

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At best Calum Penrose is a fantasist


Calum Penrose is one of the terrible ten who voted for the 9.9% rates rise, and now he is trying to say he and John Walker delivered the three laning of the Southern Motorway, and the improvements at Takanini Interchange.

We want to see proof that Penrose and Walker can actually make this claim. We want to see Cabinet Papers, Treasury Papers, Ministry of Transport papers or NZTA Papers showing that these two are justified in their claims. Otherwise it is a $268m fairy tale.

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NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician nomination- Calum Penrose


Calum Penrose is one of the ratbags that voted for the 9.9% rates rise, and listed as a member of the Terrible Ten by the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance.

He is also a coward, ducking a debate at the Papakura Business Association for the candidates?because he thought that he would get called to account by the people of Papakura he had forgotten when busily voting for all Len Brown’s dopey spending plans ? Read more »

Penny Hulse endorses wet councillors

Being too wet for Nikki Kaye, the Prima Donna of the wet wing of the National Party, is exceptionally bad news for any alleged right-wing council candidate.

Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper and Calum Penrose are way too wet for Nikki, so wet that they have managed to win the endorsement of the very left-wing Penny Hulse.

Reflecting on the article by?Bernard Orsman?in the Herald on the lack of cohesion in the “right” Bernard expresses his views but then goes on to quote Nikki Kaye, Auckland MP who says that the right is disappointed with cllrs?Linda Cooper?Bill Cashmore?and Calum Penrose. I am astounded at this!

These 3 councillors have worked tirelessly for the good of Auckland and have done a huge amount of the heavy lifting, Calum with his huge success on dangerous dogs, Bill overseeing our?transport negotiations with government and Linda carrying a huge portfolio of Hearings and also community responsibilities. Councillors need to do much more than swan around currying favour with political parties and saying no to everything. They need to work for the good of the city and all it’s communities. ?? Read more »

Calum Penrose facing a real fight as his former allies abandon him

Calum Penrose is declaring that he?s running as an independent, but the truth is he?s been dumped by his former allies who regard him as a traitor for hiking rates for grandiose Labour-backed big spending while failing to take care of his own Manurewa-Papakura ward.

Penrose is low profile in Papakura and invisible in Manurewa (where two thirds of the votes will be cast). When he does speak he is highly critical of Manurewa Local Board chairperson Angela Dalton, who is much-loved in her area.

Penrose claims he voted for a 9.9 per cent rate increase to fund $523 million worth of transport project. Yet he failed to secure just $2 million to keep Te Mahia Station safe for his own constituents.

Penrose says the local board campaigned on making Te Mahia a top priority and “throwing money at it”.

“The board has $2.5m unspent in its Regional Land Transport Programme?budget.

“I can’t understand why they’re making it a priority to build a covered walkway?which is on private land.?They should go to Auckland Transport and say ‘we will put some skin in the game and put $1m into improving it [Te Mahia]’.

“But they want Auckland Transport to do everything.”

Penrose says Te Mahia has low patronage numbers and is therefore not as high a priority for upgrades as busier stations with more pressing security issues.

Lighting has been installed at Te Mahia and he’s working with the Manukau Beautification Trust to “tidy it up”.

“I would have thought Te Mahia would be the board’s priority.?That’s what they campaigned on.?They put something in, AT puts something in, it’s a win-win.”

Penrose says the?station is covered by monitored CCTV cameras, its platform is lit to AT’s standards?and the facility is patrolled by security guards.

“It has a public address system through which AT’s control room can speak directly to people on the platform.?AT also liaises daily with police through its operations centre, assessing threats and managing issues on the network.

“Lights are being installed in the walkway that runs from Ferguson St to the station and contractors are still confirming details of the lighting that will be installed in the walkway that runs from Great South Rd.” ? Read more »

Dear Calum Penrose, Denise Krum, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Alf Filipaina and George Wood [UPDATED]


Dear Councillors,

You six ignored the hundreds of submissions from locals and voted to allow set nets to be reintroduced to Arkles Bay.

Today, in the middle of summer, someone did just that.

The net is unattended, right in the middle of the swimming area near a council-provided pontoon for swimmers. I hope a small child isn’t injured or drowned. I hope no dolphins are injured. ? Read more »

Auckland Future’s Lack of Candidates

The nascent Auckland Future appears to have been soundly rejected by the current right wingers on council.

So far we have?been able to confirm that Councillors Wood, Quax & Stewart will not be joining. Cr Krum is concerned that Auckland Future will damage her chances in a tight election, and is also concerned that they will try to force her into policies that please Nikki Kaye voters but do not please Denise Krum voters. None of the new right wing candidates I know?about, declared or undeclared, are intending to join.

Chris Fletcher may join but is sitting on the fence (like she has always done) and waiting to see what is happening.

Desley ?Anastasia? Simpson, running in Orakei, is going to join, and the opportunist and all round dopey bastard Calum Penrose may be signed up. Penrose is likely to do what Noelene Raffils did with C&R, refuse to contribute to their campaign fund but leverage off their brand. ?? Read more »

Auckland’s Dopiest Councillor – Calum Penrose

The tipline has been running hot with stories about Cr Calum Penrose, the man with the reverse midas touch.

This idiot is apparently responsible for one of the silliest projects in Auckland, the Papakura Golf Course Housing Estate.

Auckland needs houses, but it doesn’t need houses on flood plains. The only reason there is a golf course there is because it is a flood plain, and golf courses can sustain flooding that houses can?t. Local residents wonder what the hell is going on as they see the golf course flood regularly.

Stormwater tops the issues causing concern. The old golf course is prone to flooding, and is the major hurdle to be overcome before any development can take place.

Yet Penrose is running around telling everyone what a fantastic thing for Auckland the flood plain housing estate is going to be. ? Read more »