Calum Penrose

Calum Penrose, Auckland Council’s Dopiest Councillor

Calum Penrose with his best mate Len Brown

Calum Penrose with his best mate Len Brown

On the Auckland Council there are a large number of members who are basically not fit to manage a latrine, let alone New Zealand?s major city.?Top of the list is Calum Penrose, a man who should?know better but still manages to redefine stupid on a regular basis.

Penrose may not be as dopey as the leaky mayor, Andrew Williams, but he is pretty dopey. He seems incapable of learning, and yet he is the man who chairs the Regulatory & By Laws committee.

Despite endless advice from lots of locals, fellow councillors and a variety of other well placed political?practitioners, Penrose has applied the reverse midas?touch to all sorts of things.

Penrose was the genius who banned scattering of ashes in Auckland Parks, Wood Burners and now he has decided that it is a good idea to overturn the set net ban in Arkles Bay. ? Read more »

6 Councillors who are going to get challenged

Yesterday the Auckland Council?s Regulatory and Bylaws Committee decided to ignore unanimous support from local residents and instead listen to two council officials and over ride a 5 year ban on set netting in Arkles Bay.

In doing so they placed a target on their backs for a strong campaign to ensure they are replaced.

A decision made by Auckland Council?s Regulatory and Bylaws Committee today (October 13) will see the current year-round ban on set netting in Arkles Bay replaced with a summer-only ban that runs from November 1 to April 30 each year. The summer ban will be within 200 metres (seaward) of the Mean High Water Spring.

This decision flies in the face of a united front from the community, the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board and Councillors John Watson and Wayne Walker who sought a continuation of the year-round ban.

The year-round ban on set netting, introduced by the former Rodney District Council in March 2007, was unique in Auckland and it was this that appeared to make it problematic for Auckland Council?s ?one size fits all? approach.

Council staff offered residents an opportunity for feedback prior to today?s committee meeting, via a website, promising that all such feedback would be put before Councillors for consideration. More than 660 submissions were received in the week after that address was publicised in Hibiscus Matters? October 1 issue.

However, Albany Ward Councillor John Watson, who is on the Regulatory and Bylaws Committee, says those comments were not put before the committee.

?The impassioned and evidence-based views of the local community were ignored,? he says.

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The former Mayor of Papakura (and Labour Minister) who achieved zero-rate increases attacking another former Mayor of Papakura whose vote delivered a 9.9% increase

Len Brown’s city is in uproar as the rates rises bite.

The former Mayor of Papakura (and Labour Minister), George Hawkins, who achieved zero-rate increases is attacking another former Mayor of Papakura, Calum Penrose, whose vote delivered a 9.9% increase

Rising rates have pushed politicians to take their complaints higher up the food chain.

On July 9 the Manurewa Local Board voted to write to the auditor-general and all of the South Auckland MPs about its concerns over Auckland Council’s consultation process.

The council agreed in June to bring in a $114 charge for all households and $183 for businesses to pay for transport projects over the next three years.

The consultation document sent to houses stated that a “targeted rate may also be required for 2015-2016”. In the longer, online-only version a targeted rate of $58.99 was detailed. ? Read more »

Face of the day


Auckland councillors have voted 10-9 to approve Mayor Len Brown’s new 10-year budget.

Those to vote for the budget were Mayor Len Brown, Arthur Anae, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker, Penny Webster.


Councillors to vote against the budget were Cameron Brewer, Cathy Casey, Ross Clow, Chris Fletcher, Denise Krum, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Watson and George Wood.

Time to rinse the Terrible Ten

There are at least ten councillors in Auckland who will need a strong third party campaign against them at the next election.

Auckland councillors have voted 10-9 to approve Mayor Len Brown’s new 10-year budget.

Those to vote for the budget were Mayor Len Brown, Arthur Anae, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker, Penny Webster.

Councillors to vote against the budget were Cameron Brewer, Cathy Casey, Ross Clow, Chris Fletcher, Denise Krum, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Watson and George Wood.

Those ten councillors, plus many in the opposing list have enabled Len Brown’s wasteful spending and budgets over two council terms.

This vote won’t save them as we head into next year’s local body elections. ? Read more »

Pressure builds on the abstainers, two more cave

Pressure is building on the abstainers with two of them caving to pressure.

Two more Auckland councillors have come forward today to say they will vote on tomorrow’s final budget vote.

This follows reports that Mayor Len Brown does not appear to have a majority and is relying on four or five councillors to change their mind or abstain to pass the budget tomorrow.

Councillor Cathy Casey said she had never considered abstaining from the vote, saying in 20-plus years as a councillor she had never sat on the fence on anything.

She did not say if she would support or oppose the budget.

Ms Casey did not respond to earlier questions by the New Zealand Herald on her position.

Councillor Wayne Walker today said he would never be abstaining on the vote.

“It had been suggested to me.

But I have never abstained. I will make my decision on the day,” he said.

On Sunday, Mr Walker told the Herald “abstaining was a possibility”, saying in many respects he would like to vote against it.

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The 15 councillors that need voting out after imposing a poll tax on Auckland

Yesterday 15 councillors and unelected Maori representatives, including Len Brown voted to increase Aucklanders rates by 9.9% despite promises from Len Brown to limit rates rises to just 2.5%.

These are the 15 who need rinsing at next year’s local body elections. They are dead to citizens of Auckland. Useless. A waste of space. If only we had recall legislation.

Mayor Len Brown, deputy mayor Penny Hulse, Penny Webster, Arthur Anae, Cathy Casey, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Chris Fletcher, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker and Maori Statutory Board members David Taipari and Glen Wilcox voted for the increase.

These people need to be voted out.

They are completely out of touch with the feelings of the ratepayers. Those ratepayers need to ensure they are never in the position to rape our pockets again.

Those who votes against should be rewarded.

Cameron Brewer, Ross Clow, Denise Krum, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Watson and George Wood voted against the rises.

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No surprises, troughers vote for trough to continue to be filled with lolly

Auckland Council troughers have voted to continue to sup fromt eh trough despite the council running a black budget process due to burgeoning debt.

Not for them to have to spend time with the smelly passengers and poor people in cattle class.

A group of Auckland councillors have managed to retain a business-class-travel perk, but a bid to give them free parking has been voted down.

The move comes as reduced library hours, street cleaning and an end to inorganic rubbish collections are on the table for sweeping budget cuts.

George Wood, Christine Fletcher, Denise Krum and Calum Penrose were among those who voted yesterday to defeat an amendment by councillor John Watson to restrict business-class air travel to health grounds only.

Councillors get to keep the perk of sitting in business class when taking flights of more than six hours and conducting council business within 24 hours of landing at an overseas destination.

It took the casting vote of finance committee chairman and Labour councillor Ross Clow to keep the status quo in the elected members’ expenses policy, despite many of his left-wing colleagues voting to tighten the rules.

Right wingers Cameron Brewer and Dick Quax supported the left to tighten the rules.

Mr Clow justified his decision on the basis that elected representatives needed to turn up fresh and fully prepared to represent Auckland after long-haul travel beyond most of Australia.

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Metro Editor on Len Brown, dead man walking

Simon Wilson is a hard left whinger from way back. ?He is the editor of Metro magazine.

Even he has abandoned Len Brown.

Len Brown will soon resign. The governing body of the Auckland Council has been meeting since 10am, and it?s still not over, and it?s clear in the debate that the mayor has lost the support of most councillors. That will make it extremely difficult for him to do his job.

When he understands that ? and how longer could that possibly take? ? he will step down.

The council has two options in front of it. One is the much publicised proposal to pass a vote of no confidence in the mayor. That is destined to fail.

The other is a motion jointly proposed by deputy mayor Penny Hulse, formerly a Brown loyalist, and leading centre-right councillor Christine Fletcher. Their motion is the outcome of a five-hour informal meeting yesterday. It uses words like ?profound disappointment and disapproval?, it censures the mayor, it calls on him to reimburse all personal costs and make an ?appropriate contribution? to council?s other costs in relation to the affair. It also requires a ?stronger working relationship and level of accountability?. Finally, it accepts Brown?s apology and ?signals its willingness to work with the mayor in the best interests of the people of Auckland?.

That motion will be carried.? So why will Len Brown stand down?

In the current issue of the magazine, I have suggested that Brown?s misdemeanours are not sufficiently serious to require resignation, but if he loses his ability to do his job, that changes. If he cannot lead the council, he needs to find the courage and grace to step aside.

He?s reached that stage. ? Read more »

The game’s up for Lyin’ Len

It looks like Lyin? Len Brown?s sneaky tactics have finally caught up with him.

As I have previously revealed, Len is up to his sneaky tricks again and is trying to avoid the full weight of transparency for his flagship Auckland Unitary Plan.

It was good to see Amy Adams took my advice and told Len to pull his head in.

Len Brown approached the Government desperate for a?secret?process for the development of the Unitary Plan. The Government told him to bugger off and instead come up with its own plan.

Len also demanded that the Unitary Plan was granted immediate legal effect so he could do whatever he liked and strip Aucklanders off all their rights.

Again, the Government told him to piss off.

The reason the Government rejected Lyin? Len?s request for immediate legal effect was because it was already provided for under the RMA. That means if Lyin? Len is so keen to block public feedback he can go to the Environment Court and?request this course of action.

But he won?t because he knows he?ll be laughed out the door all the way back to his high rise apartment….except Len likes to live on a lifestyle block and force other Aucklanders to live in high rises.

Lyin? Len has staked his reputation on the Unitary Plan, but now according to the Herald,?his?councillors?are revolting against him.? Read more »