Cam Calder

Pasifika community tiring of Labour’s nonsense too

The Pasifika community is breaking ranks with Labour after years of paternalistic attitudes and the “we know best” attitude of the Labour party.

People are now prepared to stand up and state that they can see a better, more aspirational way forward.

Michael Field takes a break from interviewing his keyboard on matters about Fiji to detail the ‘outrage’ over some Pasifika leaders daring to think for themselves instead of what Labour tells them what to think.

A small group of influential Pacific Island clergy have sparked fierce debate in South Auckland after they declared they would switch their support from the traditional Labour Party to the National Party.

The action, taken at the Manurewa flea market on Sunday, is under fire on Pacific Island social media.

The ministers involved have been criticised for not consulting their parishes.

The move has also sparked another meeting next Sunday when, under the auspices of a Samoan Catholic Church, 23 churches will meet to discuss political parties and Christian values.

The South Auckland electorates are traditionally Labour thanks in large part to church-going Pacific Islanders. ? Read more »

National Selection Round Up

This blog will be covering all the National Party selections over the next six months. As usual it will not take sides in any selection process unless some stupid fundy tries to break all the rules and rig selection, or if some factional war lords wearing drag try to impose a candidate on an electorate.

Unlike Labour, National?s selection process is decided by the electorates, not HQ, and the Board or Caucus have bugger all to do with it.

Whangarei: -?The very urbane and cosmopolitan Paul Foster-Bell, a Whangarei boy, wants to return home. Paul needs to spend a few early mornings out catching his limit of snapper, accept the abuse of that ratbag Nathan Guy for cutting our snapper limit, and remember the golden rule about MPs not having gay utes like Fossy?s and he is in with a chance. Mike Sabin has talked of switching seats but probably wont. National board member Grant McCullum is unlikely to run because of his difficult missus.

New Westie Seat: -?Linda Cooper may be the one to take one for the team in the new westie seat, but she may show a degree of wisdom no one had previously noticed, and decide to stay on council.

Te Atatu: -?Self confessed Westie Mark Bridges seems like a good pick for this seat even if he wants to parachute into Hunua, which he has absolutely no connection to, but fair play to him, if he can smooze all the old dears in Hunua enough to beat a formidable local he deserves it. ? Read more »

National’s Rejuvenation

Our pinko mate cuts and pastes parts of Tracy Watkins article, adds a few sentences and posts it without much analysis.

What he doesn?t point out is that there appears to be no clear strategy to National moving people on. Individuals have chosen to leave of their own accord, or ambitious new people have stacked electorates so they can successfully challenge sitting MPs. Lets look at the seven that have retired.

Phil Heatley – Was given the arse by John Key from cabinet a year ago, couldn?t see much point in hanging around. Off to a new career.
Cam Calder – Successful man going nowhere in politics, better off doing something else.
Paul Hutchinson – Difficult missus. Was going to get hammered by a well organised selection challenge.
Chris Tremain – Difficult missus, wanted to make more money, internal polling was showing he would get beaten in Napier by Stuart Nash.
Katrina Shanks – Electorate stacked against her for selection so getting out with dignity.
Chris Auchinvole – Dodgy ticker, no real future in politics and lots of interesting things to do outside of politics.
Kate Wilkinson – Got the arse at the same time as Heatley, mainly for being far too cosy with the unions. ? Read more »

More renewal options for National as old duffers retire

The old duffers are being cleaned out from National’s ranks, two more have announced their retirements come the election.

Two National MPs – Hunua’s Paul Hutchison and list MP Cam Calder – are retiring from politics at next year.

Calder, based in Manurewa, has just revealed he will not seek re-election at the general election.

Five-term Hunua MP Hutchison is expected to follow with his announcement later today.

Calder, 59, said it was “a huge privilege” to serve in the Government.

“It has been an exciting and extraordinarily varied experience, and I still relish every day, but after two terms in Parliament there are a number of projects, both in New Zealand and overseas, that I wish to consider in the years ahead,” he explained.

A former dentist, he entered Parliament in 2009 after the resignation of minister Richard Worth.? Read more »

Unions besides themselves over Simon Bridges

Today starts the long convoluted select committee process over Simon Bridges? Employment Relations Amendment Bill. The unions hate it with a passion and believe that the sky?s about to fall in and it?s some cunning plot to have the rich elite take over the world ? all thanks to the Nats.

Chairing the Committee is Hamilton East MP David Bennett. This is his big chance to show he?s not afraid of the unions, and to not allow committee proceedings to be captured by whinging corrupt unions like the?EPMU?and?SFWU.

In fact, this gives him and the other Nat MPs Mike Sabin, Chris Auchinvole, Cam Calder and Simon O?Connor a good opportunity to ask questions to the unions about how they?re ripping off their members.

Along with the EPMU and SFWU it is likely they will be prsented with a submission from?The Maritime Union’s Gary Parlsoe who has also flown in to have a massive whinge about facilitation, seems he was happy to tell the Koru lounge this morning in a rather loud voice that he isn’t happy with the facilitator. He also spoke briefly with a EPMU bloke who he roundly criticised to his mates after her left, things could get tense between the unions at the select committee.? Read more »

Dopey Facebook Posts

Politicians, Facebook, Twitter….just say no.

CamCalder Read more »

What 44.5% means for National

Friday?s Roy Morgan Poll had National down to 44.5%. This means it is down 2.5% on the election.

As far as List MPs go 44.5% means that National will lose 3 to 4 List MPs. On current rankings this means Tau Henare, Chris Auchinvole, Jacqui Blue and Cam Calder would all miss out.

On these numbers National would lose four electorates. Each percentage is worth about 350 votes meaning National would lose the following seats.

Christchurch Central
Auckland Central

This will likely make it even more difficult for aspiring new candidates to get in on the list as these MPs will get priority over new MPs.

What National losing 4% Means, Ctd

Yesterday dealt with the electorate MPs. Four of National?s women will struggle to hold their seats.

National?s List would also be reduced. 4% nominally means 5 MPs, but it could be more or less depending on the success or failure of other parties. The following MPs would not return to parliament on these numbers.

Katrina Shanks
Paul Goldsmith
Tau Henare
Jackie Blue
Cam Calder

The list is a bit more difficult to predict as if National goes into opposition there will be a number of List MPs who resign rather than go into opposition.

Good comment

Early this morning my resident pinko troll mediatart made the following comment:

Mediatart comment on Whaleoil

Steven Joyce is not interested in Rodney, but North Shore despite the misgivings of the Prime Minister who wants his master strategist to focus ion the whole country rather than just one seat. He has the president trying to scare away contenders so Steven can get selected unopposed. The other list MPs in Auckland are not strong enough to win selection in any seat, so don?t expect Melissa Lee, Jacqui Blue or Cam Calder to put their names forward anywhere other than where they are now. ?The weakness of the candidates college which was largely dormant until late last year means there are few people coming through for selection that the public could get excited about.

Sometimes commenters can be very?perspicacious, this is one reason why I like mediatart‘s”?commentary….sometimes.

Botany selection choices

So far a few names for National’s Botany selection have come to the notice of The Whale. Here is a summary of interesting facts as a handy digest for delegates and members.

So far officially Remuera resident Aaron Bhatnagar is the only candidate for selection, though I expect that to change tomorrow. Jami-Lee Ross is a serious contender, and the names of Denise Krum, Darren Gedge and Cam Calder have come to my notice.

So onto some facts. All potential candidates are welcome to send their profiles for publishing on this web site or provide links to their web sites. It is likely more candidates will come forward, and they will be added in time.

Jami-Lee Ross

Jami-Lee Ross would clearly be the front-runner. He is local, and electable, having won three times already in essentially the same area. He is a hard worker in the party having been electorate secretary in Pakuranga for quite some time.

He has been particularly effective at spiking Len Brown, and Len would probably like to see the back of him from council for that reason. His constant holding of troughing politicians to account is a testament to his tenacity and honesty.

I have known Jami-Lee Ross for quite sometime and consider him to be a friend. That aside he is hard-working and would make an ideal long-term MP.


  • good contacts in the party
  • good campaigner, wears out shoe leather
  • good donor base (fully funded council campaign)
  • good campaign team
  • Maori (Ngati Porou)


  • Young
  • Limited real word experience
  • Current Auckland Councillor
  • Maori (Ngati Porou)

How Labour will attack him:

  • Young and lack of experience in the real world
  • Double dipping accusation if he wins (easily fended off by resigning from council)
  • Causes a by-election in Howick (blame Pansy for this not Jami-Lee)

Aaron Bhatnagar

Aaron Bhatnagar announced his candidacy today, just two hours after the political death of Pansy Wong was announced. He was busy ringing around people long before the 10:30 announcement of Pansy Wong leading to charges of “grave-dancing”. Aaron would be better suited to Epsom, though that is problematic, or perhaps taking over from Allan Peachey in Tamaki. Peachey has never delivered and ill health dogs him.

Aaron is a friend also, but I think he just isn’t suited to Botany.


  • Dad’s deep pockets
  • service to the party
  • generous donor
  • Indian


  • Indian
  • Perceived as arrogant and aloof
  • Ex-Act member (turncoat accusations)
  • Lives in Remuera
  • Prone to inept silly pranks
  • Campaign strategist for losing campaign of John Banks
  • No real links to Botany

How Labour will attack him:

  • Born to rule, tory, private school, to the manor born attitude
  • Bring up his key involvement in the failed Banks campaign
  • Keep talking about his close friendship with John Banks

Cam Calder

Cam Calder is a sitting scum list MP – that means should he be successful it would kick in National’s version of the Tizard Effect, bringing ?in Dr Conway Powell, a decidedly average list candidate who isn’t even putting his name forward for any selections that I know of.

Cam is a very modest man with a lot to be modest about. He is dull, in a nice sense, but dull nonetheless and talks with his eyes closed…a pet hate of mine. Since he is from the North Shore he would be better suited to wait until Friday when a more suitable seat will become vacant.

Denise Krum

Denise Krum is the ex-president of United Future and as such has been in too close a proximity to Peter Dunne for my liking. ?Again she isn’t from the electorate and charges of carpet-bagging could be laid (another of my pet hates).

Being an ex-United Future person makes her a party-hopper.

Darren Gedge

Regional Policy Chair, and a teacher at Elim Christian College. On committee in Botany electorate.