Camille Nakhid

Day 5: Media party still pushing the ?police hate Africans? smear

The Media party are in full swing with their anti-Police rubbish…they are still pushing that the cops hate Africans.

Africans living in Auckland say their worries about police harassment should not be ignored or dismissed by the authorities.

A report by an AUT researcher spoke to Africans between the ages of 16 and 31, who say they’ve been racially profiled, harassed and, in some instances, beaten by police.

The findings were published on Saturday at an African Youth Forum held at the Wesley Centre in Mount Roskill, which several representatives from NZ Police attended, including the M?ori responsiveness advisor Joe Tipene, and national strategic ethnic advisor Rakesh Naidoo.

On Friday, the deputy chief executive of Maori, Pacific and ethnic services, Wally Haumaha, dismissed the report, saying it was based on “unsubstantiated claims from anonymised individuals”.

He said police previously met with the report’s author, AUT associate professor Camille Nakhid, about the allegations but had been “provided with no opportunity to investigate them”.

Dr Nakhid said that was not true, as she had met with the Auckland police district commander Richard Chambers and showed him the early findings of the report.

She said nothing had been done since.

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Media Party continues to inflate Ms Nakhid?s ego

The Media party continues to inflate Ms Nakhid’s ego, trying to address a problem that does not exist.

If she doesn’t watch out Maori will turn on her for muscling in on their territory.

Police and?African?community leaders have come together after a war of words over?allegations that police are racially?profiling African youth.

In a peaceful meeting, about 150 people gathered?at a?community centre in Auckland on Saturday to discuss a?controversial report.

A dispute erupted after the release of?AUT University?research which claimed African youth felt unfairly targeted and sometimes racially abused by police.

The police responded by denying the claims and using prominent migrant figures former Race Relations Conciliator?Greg Fortuin?and?Muslim Association?president?Dr Anwar Ghani to talk up how tolerant the police are. ? Read more »

NZ racism towards Africans: the untold story – Part Two

Yesterday I wrote about?AUT Social Sciences associate professor Camille Nakhid and her wonky jihad against the Police.

It seems Ms Nakid has some form.

Back in 2013 Karl du Fresne wrote about her and her race bias:

The latest census confirms what was already obvious: New Zealand has quietly undergone a profound demographic revolution. From being one of the world’s most homogeneous societies, it has become one of the most diverse.

One in four New Zealanders was born overseas ? an astonishing statistic that makes us one of the world’s most immigrant-friendly societies. Asian ethnic groups have almost doubled in size since 2001.

The change is most dramatic in Auckland, where a 2011 study found that 40 per cent of the population was born in another country.

What’s even more remarkable is that, in contrast with Britain and Australia, this has been accomplished without any obvious social or racial tension.

Apart from the pressure on housing prices, New Zealand has painlessly absorbed the new arrivals. Our embrace of ethnic diversity confirms that we are essentially a liberal, tolerant and easy-going society.

Yet that social harmony is potentially under threat ? and the great irony is that the threat comes not from conservative New Zealanders, but from people purporting to represent immigrant groups.

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NZ racism towards Africans: the untold story – Part One

Yesterday we noticed a story about Africans being surveyed about New Zealanders’ attitudes towards them.? It read, in part:

AUT Social Sciences associate professor Camille Nakhid discovered that young Africans felt they were victims of racial profiling, and sometimes subjected to excessive force, at the hands of Kiwi police officers.

A questionnaire was posted in April 2015 with 84 young Africans responding. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they had been spoken to by police, with 31 percent saying they had been stopped — sometimes for what seemed to be no reason at all.

The report showed young Africans had been stopped for simply waiting in parked cars, walking at night or being seen in the “wrong neighbourhood” — and?had also encountered dismissive police and derogatory comments.

Dr Nakhid said there were a variety of ways to negate “the impact of the intersections of difference for African youth” — and that included community support, an increased awareness of rights and an increase in the attention brought to instances of social injustice.

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Seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign

Word has it that Len Brown has agreed to resign, but in a fit of pique and spite he is trying to keep that decision secret so that the final results can be declared with him the winner, he will then resign and force a by-election…costing the ratepayers a further $2 million dollars in the process.

His behaviour has been shameful…his non-apology on Campbell Live, his attempts to blame everyone else for his own actions and his disgusting spin, which unfortunately the media seem to be buying in an attempt to save him really make his claims to lad the city tenuous. While his multi-million dollar council funded spin weasels are working over time to smear Bevan Chuang, smear me and defend Brown, the girl he conducted the affair with has little or no resources to counter Brown’s desperate attempts to gerrymander the result of his supposed resignation, by smearing everyone else. The man is a disgusting little bully surrounded by equally disgusting nasty spin weasels.

This behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated in any other sector. The same left wing apologists who are sticking up for Len Brown are the same ones baying for Richard Worth’s blood…for far less of a ‘crime’.

Brendan Malone blogs about the seven good reasons for Len Brown to resign:

This isn?t rocket science, and based on the facts we know so far, I think that there are at least seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign as Mayor.

A man who is willing to disregard the most important commitment he has ever made in his life ? his marriage vows ? over a period of years, is probably not going to have too much trouble violating? other less important promises, like those associated with his public office. Anyone who tries to suggest that marital infidelity has no bearing on public office is living in la la land. Someone willing to engage in a calculated and ongoing violation of their marriage vows either has no problem lying when making serious and profoundly important vows, or else they have major character flaws/weaknesses that could easily be exploited with even worse outcomes if they remain in office. Either way you have a major problem here that directly impacts upon their ability to responsibly and justly execute their role in public office.? Read more »