Campaign Ads

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

From Ron Paul just released in GOP nomination contest, called “Serial Hypocrisy” it sets about skewering Newt Gingrich:

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Not a campaign ad, but it is a parody of sorts byt eh extremely funny Harry Enfield.

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Not a campaign ad, but a parody from Australia. Pretty good and relevant considering the Green party rise in the polls:

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

via tipline

Dale Peterson (R) running for Arizona Agriculture Commissioner in 2010 – He came third but the ad went viral at the time. He was also a bit sparse with the truth “a marine during Vietnam” doesn’t mean he went to Vietnam. Illegal monies his opponents accepted? Not legally illegally apparently.

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Reader submit via the tipline:

This ad is new, it is from Russia and is a get out the vote ad. Perhaps the Electoral Commission could look at ads like this to encourage young to at least register to vote. I’d certainly vote for Putin’s party based on the ad.

Voting is so sexy, it might just, well, get you laid.

At least that’s the message that Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party seems to communicate in a steamy new ad encouraging people to go to the polls for the December 4 parliamentary election.

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Another from spin weasel Conor Roberts.

The ad is “It’s Time” from the ALP campaign of 1972.

Classic ALP campaign in 1972 that ended 23 years of Liberal government.

It’s a naff ad now – but was said to capture a sense of optimism and hope for the future. Used a bunch of celebs in the singing. It also tied into the Australia electorate coming around to the ALP’s position on economic policy, health and Vietnam.

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Another from Conor Roberts, Len Brown’ top spin weasel.

This one is from Labour’s 1997 campaign in the UK. It is policy free but didn’t matter as the public were sick of of the Tory party.

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Another suggestion from Len Brown’s top spin weasel, Conor Roberts

“Swift Vote Veterans for Truth” – Ad one

The campaign inspired the widely-used political pejorative “swiftboating.”

Conor comments:

Talk about going after your opponent’s strength… Another 527 group allied to Chickenhawk Bush takes down Silver Star medal repiecent John Kerry with four ads full of codswollop.

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Len Brown’s very competent spin weasel, Conor Roberts has sent in a few of his favourites for Great campaign Ads.

This one is “Ashley’s Story”. Conor explains it:

George W Bush hugs the child of a 9/11 victim. Shows he is not a heartless beast by shooting a laser guided missile directly at independent voters. The ad was run by a 527 group called Progress for America Voter Fund who spent US$14.2 million airing the ad in nine battleground states.

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Another of John Pagani’s favourites. Labour’s Party Election Broadcast ‘The Road Ahead’. It used Sean Pertwee. Voice over at the end by David Tennant.

For the hole Labour was in in the UK in 2010, this one was pretty good. Pity about the lame slogan at the end.