A classic example of rules being made by people who have never been in business

The problem with councils is that they are populated with numpties, people who have never run a business in their life.

That then leads to rules being made that do not reflect any sense of normality.

A Picton holiday park run on Marlborough District Council-owned land could shut if the council permanently open up a freedom camping spot in the town, its owner warns.

Alexanders Holiday Park owner Anthony Booker said a council summer trial to open the town’s High St car park to freedom campers would “run him out of town”.

Alexanders has been a holiday park for 70 years and Booker started leasing the land from council eight years ago.

Council were willing to risk his fees and rates to open up a competing freedom camp, he said.   Read more »

Not what I expected would happen


Damn manly trailer. I know I want one

See what happens when you have cabinet ministers with gay utes

People are soft these days, but to be expected when you have cabinet ministers who drive gay utes:


The great Kiwi camping holiday seems to be dropping out of favour, with few people willing to rough it in the wild without some modern comforts.

Almost six out of 10 people told a Herald-DigiPoll summer survey that they wanted some comfort when camping – and nearly 15 per cent admitted they would like as many modern conveniences as possible.

Less than a quarter said they like to rough it.

The Holiday Parks Association says the changing demands of Kiwi campers are forcing many holiday parks to reduce tent sites and build more cabins and chalets with modern conveniences.

Chief executive Fergus Brown said it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as it meant camping was appealing to a wider group of Kiwis.

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When Polar Bears Attack

via the Tipline

WO in regard to your post on the polar bear trying to get into the human lunchbox…

This is what happens when one does!

ATT00005 (2)


The Northern News Services covering Canada’s territories described the attack:

 Shaw was guiding a group of American hunters 45 minutes outside of Kimmirut when he was mauled by the bear.

“We didn’t know there was a polar bear in the area,” he said. “He just suddenly appeared in our camp.”

Shaw said the bear first approached the tent the Americans were camping in and tore through it.

It then headed for the tent Shaw was staying in.

“He started ripping through and we managed to get out through the door,” Shaw said.

The hunting guide started to run and was chased by the bear, which was about seven feet tall.

Shaw then tripped on a rock and the bear pounced on him.

“His claws started digging into my skin and he was biting my head,” he said.

“He jumped up and down on me four times breaking my ribs.”

One of the Americans was able to shoot the bear and kill it before it was able to do any more damage to Shaw.

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Things I am looking for in 2012

Here is a list of things I am looking for in 2012:

  • A duck pond/swamp/lake/river bend within 2 hours of Auckland for duck shooting season ( I want to build a cool maimai)
  • Some good upland game spots within 2 hours of Auckland
  • Some land that I can build a little cabin or campsite on…the land must have deer wandering through it periodically.
  • Plentiful varmint shooting within 2 hours of Auckland…rabbits, goats, possum, cats
  • Some corn or grain fields with a pigeon problem that needs sorting
I think I will also get:
  • Some new boots…suggestions?
  • A new knife or knives…can’t have too many
  • A new pack…suggestions? (I can and do travel light)
  • A video camera with hat/head mount
  • A video camera with gun mount
  • possibly a .204
  • maybe a new duck gun