Candy Jones

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To all appearances, Candy Jones was a successful woman. The tall blonde beauty, born Jessica Wilcox in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1925, had parlayed her initial success as one of the first cover-girl models in the 1940s into Broadway appearances and a USO tour of the South Pacific.

Candy Jones

[How she became a model for?Harry Conover]:

One day I saw Harry Conover in a newsreel talking about the well-scrubbed American girl. That’s me. So I tried him. That day I was looking well-scrubbed in a big sloppy sweater and pearls down to my navel. I had slacks on, too. Harry didn’t say anything right away but I remember I took those pearls off. I guess he must have thought for about ten minutes and then he told me, ‘All right, now let’s change your name. From now on you’re Candy Jones.’ It was as simple as all that.

It’s a far-fetched tale, one you may have a hard time believing. But the story of Candy Jones has become part of the history of the CIA MK-Ultra program, one in which unwilling US and Canadian citizens were experimented on with drugs and allegedly abused in order to create the perfect spy.

A small box sat on the table. Wires ran from it to her wrist and to her shoulder. They shocked her. It hurt terribly. They shocked her, over and over, and asked question after question about the story of her life and her CIA link. She did not know about any CIA link. The torturers would not believe her. They shocked her again. They asked, her again, What about Dr. Jensen. Do you know a Dr. Jensen?

You have asked me enough…

You should know, she groaned. Why don?t you just kill me? Why do you keep me here like this?

To somebody in Washington, D.C., what those interrogators were doing to Candy Jones was just an experiment to see if the programming of a hypnocourier held up under torture.

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