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What if Morphine was not a legal painkiller?

I watched a show once that was set in an alternative universe where caffeine was an illegal drug and people who swallowed tabs of the stuff were criminals. The person from our universe and time was incredulous as we think nothing of having cups of coffee daily and don’t even think of it as being a drug.

Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant of the methylxanthine class.?It is the world’s most widely consumed?psychoactive drug, but ? unlike many other psychoactive substances ? it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world.




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Face of the day


Rose Renton, mother of Alex Renton was secretly giving her son medicinal cannabis before the Associate Health Minister granted access.

Today’s face of the day, Rose Renton, is a New Zealand mother who did what she felt she had to do in order to try to help her son. She broke the law to do so. I would break the law too if I truly believed that I had no other choice and my child’s life was on the line or my child was suffering. A mother’s love is a very powerful thing.

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I need a lie down: Helen Kelly and I agree on something


Politics and my personal feelings about unions aside, people are people, and Helen Kelly’s been dealt the card with cancer on it. ? It’s not my/our way to rejoice in seeing people suffer just because they come from the wrong side of politics.

Outgoing CTU president Helen Kelly is going to ask Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne for an exemption to use cannabis oil as part of her treatment for cancer.

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Why won’t John Key at least try to save this boy’s life?

People who use the cannabis oil are recommended to take one gram per day during the first two months of treatment, said Constance Finley on Sunday, April 21, 2013. Photo by Godofredo Vasquez

Photo by Godofredo Vasquez

Regular readers will know that I strongly support the idea of medical marijuana being used in therapeutic and pain management cases.

That poor kid in Nelson who’s been in a coma for two months? ?All the “real” meds haven’t worked. ?His mum now wants to try medical marijuana to bring her kid out of a coma.

Peter Dunne is in her way. ?Enough said about that. ?But now John Key has slammed the door on this mother’s hopes.

Prime Minister John Key says he would not support a parliamentary debate on broadening access to medicinal marijuana because there are alternatives available.

His comments come after Capital & Coast District Health Board applied to the Ministry of Health on Friday for approval to use a marijuana extract to treat a Nelson teenager who is in an induced coma in Wellington Hospital. … Read more »

Is pride keeping Peter Dunne from doing the decent thing? Or is it something more sinister?

I’ve covered the issue of legal highs versus natural marijuana many times. ?And I’ve also shown how medical marijuana isn’t just some sneaky back door for people to justify the use of what continues to be an illegal drug, but it is at times the only substance to bring relief to very painful or distressed lives.

Yet our champion of the legal high, Peter Dunne, keeps wanting nothing to do with the idea.

Debate over medical cannabis has been hijacked by “nuisance” campaigners who are making it harder for people with serious diseases, says Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne.

The Government has come under renewed pressure to conduct trials on medicinal cannabis products, while New South Wales Premier Mike Baird said last week he was in support of NSW becoming the first Australian state to legalise medicinal cannabis for terminally ill patients.

Dunne believed there was only a small number of cases where people were “genuinely ill” and that many who lobbied him on the subject were secretly hoping to legalise weed for recreational use.

“There are a lot of people leaping on the bandwagon because they see it as a way of achieving another objective, which has nothing to do with medical cannabis,” he said. “They’re a nuisance. Sadly what they’re doing is muddying the waters for those who may have a genuine case.”

The comments have drawn criticism from parents of children with rare diseases who say Dunne has deflected responsibility on the issue.

You have to wonder where his head is at. ? When you look someone in the eye that is in excruciating pain every hour of their lives, and tell them that they?can’t have low medical quantities of THC as pain relief, because it will open the door for others to abuse it, what sort of objectives do you have as a minister?

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Did Jesus perform his miracles with cannabis oil?


For those who don’t believe, try not to be mingy commenters…read the information and talk about that rather than debate whether or not there is a god.

Meanwhile there is some evidence that Jesus in the bible may have used cannabis oil as part of his healing.

I’ve blogged about miracle cure for Charlotte Figi, and there are many others experiencing the same with the legalisation of cannabis in some states.

Tales of ?miraculous? healing through the use of?highly-concentrated cannabis oil?have been circulating within the global marijuana community for almost?ten years, but they only broke into the popular consciousness this August, when Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, offered millions of viewers a painful apology for previously dismissing mounting evidence in favor of medical cannabis, describing himself as having been??systematically misled??on the subject.

Then Dr. Gupta introduced the world to six-year-old?Charlotte Figi?from Colorado Springs, Colorado, who used to suffer 300 gran mal seizures per week, even after cycling through every anti-seizure medicine in the pharmacopeia and enduring a series of painful procedures that left her unable to walk, talk or eat. Those seizures started when Charlotte was just three months old, and yet in all that time, not one medical professional ever so much as mentioned cannabis. Her parents only learned the herb might help treat Dravet’s?the rare, intractable form of epilepsy tormenting their child?by watching?a video?on Youtube, and even then only decided to try it after all else failed.

The first time they gave their daughter a dose of wholly plant-derived non-psychoactive?high-CBD?cannabis oil, her seizures ceased for seven straight days?a completely astonishing response. She’s now down from more than 1,200 major seizures per month to just two or three mild ones. Towards the end of the CNN segment, as Charlotte happily pedaled her bicycle, her father asked, ?Why were we the ones that had to go out and find this natural cure? How come our doctors didn’t know about this?” ? Read more »