cannibal cop

Life in prison for having extreme fantasies?


The New York Cannibal Cop has been convicted on both counts:  Illegally accessing a police database to research his potential victims, and conspiracy to kidnap, rape, torture, cook and eat his victims.

The problem is, (former) New York police officer Gilberto Valle has never been charged or convicted of anything previously.

By keeping a detailed diary of his extreme fantasy life, and by discussing such fantasies with fellow ‘enthusiasts’ online, a jury has decided this constituted sufficient evidence of a real, concrete conspiracy to commit these crimes.  As far as they are concerned, Valle was stopped before he could commit the crimes he was planning.

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Cannibal Cop jokes

Cannibal Cop is having dinner with a friend, when he says “I hate my wife” and the other one says “That’s okay; just eat the rice.”

What did Cannibal Cop do after he dumped his wife?  He wiped.  He’s got standards you know.

As the Cannibal cop slides his wife into the pot he realises she’s on her period.  “Oh well”, he says, “Gazpacho it is”.

Why has the Cannibal Cop not planned to kill, cook and eat any Chinese women?   Because he’d be hungry again an hour later.

What does Cannibal cop call midgets?  Snacks.

Why won’t Cannibal Cop eat divorced women?  They’re very bitter.

Did you hear about the Cannibal friend who arrived late for the Cannibal Cop dinner? He gave him the cold shoulder.

Cannibal Cop’s thought for the day:  Every fight is a food fight.

Apparently Cannibal Cop has a wife and ate kids.

One day a Cannibal Cop goes to his favourite restaurant. There, normal people cost $25 a plate,  but Green Party politicians cost $150. He asks, “How come Green Party pollies cost so much?”  The waiter answers, “Do you know how hard it is to clean one of those?”


‘Cannibal Cop’ discussed killing, cooking and eating his own wife with others



Check out this bizarre story from New York

The wife of a New York policeman accused of plotting to kidnap and cannibalise women has sobbed as she testified about discovering her husband had gone online to discuss torturing and killing her.

Kathleen Mangan-Valle was the star witness for the prosecution in a trial that opened with her telling the jury that Gilberto Valle had a desire to “cannibalise human flesh.”   Read more »