Car chase

Police ?chased? a man for 730km. Pardon me, but I think we need to harden up

How on earth did this guy make it 730km before being apprehended?

A 20-year-old man appeared in Dunedin District Court this morning charged with driving offences following a police pursuit from Nelson to Waikouaiti yesterday.

Michael George Massie, of Richmond, was arrested in Waikaouaiti yesterday afternoon following a series of police chases covering 730km, and during which a Subaru station wagon was reported to have reached speeds of more than 150km near Palmerston.

Massie was today charged with driving while disqualified, dangerous driving and failing to stop for police. He was remanded in custody, to reappear in the Dunedin District Court on October 18.

The chase began yesterday when Massie failed to stop for police at 1am near Nelson, and later he again failed to stop for police, driving away at high speed at Christchurch.

“A traffic unit attempted to stop the speeding vehicle in Palmerston this afternoon but it fled in a southern direction down State Highway 1,” a police statement said. ? Read more »


A good idea for fleeing drivers–AznCI

Instead of listening to the crim-huggers over fleeing drivers perhaps we should look to overseas jurisdictions for how they deal with them.

Like Thailand:

A dramatic video of a police chase in Thailand finally ends after an officer decides he has had enough and opens fire on a speeding car.

The hot pursuit is captured by a cop riding a motorbike with a helmet camera.

Several officers join him in a frightening chase before they burst the fugitives’ wheels and the car skids to a halt before the squad runs in to make the arrest.

At the beginning of the footage the policeman with a helmet camera joins a chase where a driver is attempting to escape from the law by speeding away in a car.

The fugitive hurries down a narrow street in the countryside before turning onto a main road. ? Read more »


Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour

The NZ Herald has this headline:


But upon reading the story you find that there wasn’t actually a police chase.

One person is dead and another seriously injured after a car fled police in Greymouth last night.

A police patrol saw a white Subaru station wagon being driven south along High St at high speed around 11pm. The constable turned on his lights and siren and pulled out to follow the vehicle. The driver did not stop.

High St veers left about 600 metres from where the vehicle was first seen and the officer quickly lost sight of the car.

When he came around the bend he found the car had crashed into a house on the left hand side of the street.

There were three people in the vehicle. One died at the scene and a second was trapped inside the vehicle for some time and suffered serious injuries. The third person suffered only minor injuries.

There was significant damage to the house, however no one was home at the time.? Read more »


Rudman becomes the friend and guardian of rights of drunk munters to evade police

The video above is how South African Police deal with people who flee them. Now read how our liberals want to deal with fleeing criminals.

Brian Rudman is usually banging on about the state or city funding a new theatre for him and other liberal elite arts wankers to enjoy subsidised arts shows.

Today though he is backing the crims over police by insisting that criminals who are drunk, in charge of heavy metal objects and breaking the law be allowed to get away with it.

How many more young New Zealanders have to die before the police – and Parliament – concede that patrol cars are a much more deadly weapon than the Glock pistol and the Bushmaster carbine?

In the past 10 years, police shot and killed seven people – one an innocent bystander – in the course of duty. But in 2010 alone, 18 fleeing drivers – or their passengers – died as a direct consequence of high-speed police pursuits. Last weekend, four South Auckland boys died in a horrendous ending to a police chase.? Read more »


You flee, you die

I see the media is again blaming the Police after 3 morons were killed last night fleeing Police. You should check out the Twitter traffic from journalists slamming the Police for doing their job.

A third person has died following a crash in which a fleeing car hit a parked truck in Mangere overnight.

Two people died at the scene on Massey Rd and two others in the car were taken to Middlemore Hospital in a serious condition after the collision.

A hospital spokeswoman confirmed one of the patients died this morning and the other remained in a critical condition.? Read more »