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Photo: (Jim Pickerell/NARA)

Photo: (Jim Pickerell/NARA)

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Car park banking?



You’ve hear of land banking. ?Let me nudge you early adopters into car park banking:

Anne Gibson reports

Central Auckland carparks are on the market for as much as $75,000 – a price one expert says could prove a bit of a bargain in the long run.

A park beneath the Quay West hotel/apartment building at 8 Albert St, near the Customs St East intersection, is leased for $320 a month.

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Greens proposed new parking legislation

The Greens hate cars, and what better way to get rid of cars than to remove car parks?and parking…that way selfish polluting car owners will suffer.

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First against the wall – drivers who back into car parks

I had the severe mis-fortune of having to go get some supplies for the camping trip. It was hot, sticky, humid and the worst animal of all was out in abundance at Botany.

Traffic and fool pedestrians who think that in a car vs. human accident they will win, were everywhere. But the single worst driving menaace are f*ckwit drivers who think that it is acceptable to back into car parks.

When I am dictator for life, the first people against the wall will be drivers who back into car parks.

These wankers sit blocking up the traffic waiting for a?car park?then someone BEHIND them drives off, they then slam their car into reverse and attempt to take the?car park. In the laws of?car park?driving, they have forfeited that spot…they drove PAST it. Just because they like to park by backing into?car parks?doesn’t?give then a right to take the car park.

The backing skills of “back parkers” also leaves a lot to be desired, most using the braille method of distance control.

They need to be shot.

The only thing worse than “back parkers” is caravan, trailer and boat towers travelling during peak?holiday?season. That is another post, though I think you all know what the punishment should be for them…yep…same as that for “back parkers”.

Maybe I will have a taser warning system in place for first offenders, second offenders get a more?permanent?solution for their inconsiderate behaviour.