Awesome news. Can we just cancel it now?

The Green taliban are outraged, because they say the Emissions Trading Scheme is so weak now it is ineffective.

An?evaluation of the Emissions Trading Scheme shows the Government has “weakened the scheme to the point of ineffectiveness,” says Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

The Government released three technical reports last week, to help New Zealanders engage with a public review of the ETS.

One of those, a Ministry of Environment report into the performance of the ETS, found it provided businesses nearly no incentive to look at how to reduce their emissions.

Shaw said that with expenditure of $40m on setting up the ETS, and despite it being the Government’s main policy for tackling climate change, it was failing. ?? Read more »

Reducing emissions will save us…hmmm perhaps not

The warmists bang on about reducing emissions…they talk of taxes, of bans and of controls to reduce emissions, particularly the evil methane and poisonous CO2.

Except it turns out that like almost everything else they have claimed is harming us the reserve is true.

Recently, attention has been given to the idea that reducing emissions of methane and black carbon (the latter is commonly found in soot) will help prevent global temperatures from rising. In 2011, the?United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) reported?that curbing such emissions will keep the Earth cooler by 0.5 degrees Celsius by 2050.

This makes sense on face value. Methane and black carbon both trap significantly more heat than carbon dioxide. However, there are other factors to consider.?For example, methane only stays in the atmosphere for a decade, while black carbon only stays there for a few weeks. Carbon dioxide is a much different beast. Though?65-80%?of it dissolves into the ocean after around?5 to 200 years, the remaining amount can persist for thousands of years as it’s gradually dissipated by slower earthly processes. Moreover, the carbon dioxide sequestered in the oceans can be?re-released over time.? Read more »

Camel Farts will now destroy the planet

An Australian Government committee has reluctantly rejected a cunning plan that could have saved the planet and made some smart operators nice and rich:

“A proposal to earn millions of carbon credits by shooting camels from helicopters and trucks has been rejected by the Australian government, in part due to concerns over animal welfare.

Northwest Carbon, a company that invests in projects that cut emissions of greenhouse gases, had sought up to 1 million carbon offsets a year from killing hundreds of thousands of camels ? and using the carcasses for human and pet food.

They were brought over by Indian settlers as a means of transport in the 1840s, but through excessive belching and flatulence they are expected to emit methane equivalent to 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by 2020, similar output to a small power plant.”

It looks increasingly like the carbon tax scheme was actually drawn up the Monty Python scriptwriters.? Read more »

Gareth Hughes killing penguins and polar bears with Bonfires

Dolphin, Gareth Hughes, bonfires

Dead dolphin, helped to an early grave by Gareth Hughes and his bonfires

So after burning up the carbon miles travelling around the country (care of the taxpayer) to turn up at any Greenie cause he could find to support, Gareth Hughes has had a good old fashioned burn off at his place over summer. Isn’t composting supposed to be the ‘Green’ thing to do? ?Perhaps if it’s only other people.

?How are you unwinding over summer?

My plan is to have a whole bunch of bonfires. I bought a house last year and I’ve got a huge amount of gardening to catch up with so I’ve got a fire permit and as the nights have got a bit longer I’ve started having fires so I plan to do some gardening, clear some wood. There’s heaps of fallen trees we’ve cleared away and straggly stuff.?? Read more »

Green Scams, Ctd

The time must surely come when even the Green Taliban will wake up and realise the mad, corrupt, carbon trading scheme is a monstrous failure.

In the latest in a long series of smart traders gaming the dimwitted bureaucrats, an Irish trading company has been pulled up after revelations that it planned to make $32 billion trading indigenous Amazon tribes’ carbon credits.

Celestial Green, the Dublin carbon credits business involved in deals with indigenous tribes in the Amazon, at one stage envisaged its rights there creating credits with a value of up to $32 billion (?24 billion), according to filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

A spokesman for the company said yesterday it was ?surprised? that a case was being taken in Brazil against one of its deals there.

A federal attorney in the Brazilian state of Rondonia filed a lawsuit on December 11th which seeks to cancel a contract signed by Celestial Green Ventures and the Awo Xo Hwara indigenous community.

As part of the deal, the Irish company agreed to pay the local group $13 million over 30 years for the rights to explore carbon credits in an area of 260,000 hectares of rainforest.

?We currently have seven other projects which are being developed with indigenous communities in Brazil. As far as we are aware, only the Awo Xo Hwara agreement has had an application submitted by the prosecutor.?

Politician of the Week – Bill English

It pains me to say this but Bill English deserves politician of the week for this statement.

?I think it shows that being driven by a fad, which at the time was to have lower carbon emissions?.turned out more expensive than they expected?

Such refreshing honesty needs to be rewarded.

A direct question to Bill, though, needs to be asked.

So when is the ETS going to be abolished given that too was based on a fad?