Face of the day

Today’s face of the day has had his life changed forever because of a drawing. A drawing that frankly looks like a child drew it.


I am no art critic but even as a cartoon it doesn’t impress. The offence and push back in reaction to this drawing is obscene in its intensity and violence. Last Saturday an Islamic terrorist in Denmark almost succeeded in ending the artist’s life. Who is this man that now has to lives his life under constant threat of death because of a drawing?


Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks has faced death threats for many years

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Face of the day

Cartoonist Garrick Tremain flicks through his latest book, comprising his best cartoons from the past 20 years, before its 2008 book launch at Cromwell. Photo by Rosie Manins.

Cartoonist Garrick Tremain flicks through his book, comprising his best cartoons from the past 20 years, just before its book launch in 2008 at Cromwell. Photo by Rosie Manins.

Garrick Tremain is not a fan of Cameron Slater and had a lot to draw about Dirty Politics.When I came across this comment below, about his ad nauseum style I could not resist the opportunity to let you form your own conclusions about whether his treatment of Cameron through Political Cartoons was labouring the same point in a tedious manner? Do you see any theme repeating itself in this selection?

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Propaganda 102

Before I continue with 102 in my series of posts to help you recognise, understand and analyse? propaganda I will add this disclaimer.

I am an ex High School History and English teacher. I am very motivated to learn from the lessons of history because otherwise I feel that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. I have a special interest in how propaganda was successfully used by Hitler to demonise the Jews and when I see the same techniques being employed now I feel honour bound to point it out. That is my motivation and that is my bias.

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Al Nisbet’s other cartoon, apparently this one is racist too

The left wing is up in arms over a couple of cartoons, it smacks of the Danish cartoon saga all over again….how dare a cartoonist draw pictures of brown people! It appears that we can’t have cartoons of Mohammed and maori…both start with M, both have extremist adherents… maybe a pattern is developing here.

Here is the other cartoon they are carping on about. According to Martyn Bradbury if I don’t screech for the cartoonist to be sacked then I support casual racism.


Al Nisbet: The Press 30/5/13

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