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Banned from New Zealand television, why?

Why is this banned?

Was it because the ute was too dirty?

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This is going to sell a lot of hamburgers [BANNED VIDEO]

Some wowsers have now complained to the Advertising Standards Austhority about this ad. Apparently it is inappropriate for online viewing.

An advertisement for Carl’s Jr, already banned from TV screens, has been deemed inappropriate for online use.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a complaint after the ad – featuring two women in bikini-tops and cropped shorts competing against each other at the “Memphis BBQ cookoff” – appeared on the website for Four OnDemand.

Like hell it is…and now it appears on Whaleoil….where it appeared before.

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Will Carl’s Jr bring this here? If they do the ad will likely be banned

The last ad that Carl’s Jr tried was banned…this is the latest burger and ad which features Heidi Klum?and I’ll bet some wowser tries to ban that too.

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Banned for being too sexy, Carl’s Jr ecstatic with free coverage

The wowsers and fun police have ordered and ad from Carl’s Jr off air because it is too sexy. The PR and marketing firm is said to be ecstatic at the news:

Burger chain Carl’s Jr has been stopped from airing an American advertisement after it was ruled to be using sex to sell an unrelated product.

The commercial for the Memphis BBQ Burger shows two women in bikini tops and short shorts grilling meat on an outside barbecue and then entwining their arms before eating burgers, as two open-mouthed men take pictures with a mobile phone.

It has aired in the US and Mexico but the Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB), which must approve ads before they screen locally, said it used sex in an exploitative and degrading manner to sell an unrelated product.

CAB general manager Rob Hoar said the decision followed a standard set when complaints against Burger King advertisements featuring bikini-clad women riding horses were upheld, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Russell Creedy of Restaurant Brands, which operates the Carl’s Jr franchise in New Zealand, said the decision reeked of a nanny state mentality.

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Lazy repeaters and a good feed

Yesterday, I was spurred on by tantalising tales of forbidden food and a new burger chain that purportedly served up foot long cheese-burgers with more calories than a KFC Double Down.

I checked the locations for Carl’s Jr and found that there was one at Takanini. An excursion was needed from Manukau. I popped onto the motorway and two exits down at Takanini I headed towards Papakura…it was easy to find.

The Herald had repeated that Carl’s Jr:

Has a notorious foot-long cheeseburger that has twice as many calories as KFC’s Double Down

That is exactly what I was looking for…turns out that the repeater, Anne Gibson, appears to have researched using Google and not actually gone into a Carl’s Jr restaurant. Sounds like she may have been coached in “journalism” by Simple Simon Collins.

Carl’s Jr doesn;t have a foot-long cheeseburger…but they do have quite possibly the best fast food burgers in New Zealand and the certainly the yummiest fries.

One of my loyal army members contacted me on Facebook when he heard I was heading down there and so he joined me and my mate for lunch. We were all very?satisfied?with our nosh.

Carl’s Jr do things ?a little differently. You go in and order, they give you a number and a short time later your yummy, extremely hot burger arrives at your table.

I had the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger which was a whole lot of yum and though not a foot long either it is 1000 calories which is almost double the 540 calories of the puny double down.

I reckon the only thing better than that would be two of them.

I am reliably informed the Guacomole Burger was awesome. Most menu items I am told are available in low carb which is exactly what I require.

As far as price goes it wasn’t as cheap as Maccas, but a whole lot tastier…and beats Burger King hands down as well.

The service and surroundings at Takanini were pleasant. Again a distinct difference from the lazy repeating of the Herald. Most people attending the restaurant appeared to be reasonably well dressed. They were certainly well above the dross you would see scoffing up at a KFC.

As a final note, the repeater at the Herald carped on about locating the restaurants in poor areas…and cited Glen Innes as an example. Now on?the?surface most Aucklanders would nod sagely and say that G.I. is a poor area..hard hat even…some times worse than South Auckland. However the repeater, mainly because she was researching via her kepyboard neglected to notice that the address of 113-117 Felton Mathews Ave is actually in St Johns and near to the swanky new manufactured suburb of Stonefields where a 4 bedroom terrace house will set you back $720,000.

It certainly looks like the Herald is really continuing to pimp out the poor??in order to sell newspapers.

I will be eating again at Carl’s Jr.

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A bucket list for food?

The health nazis have published a list of foods we are supposed to blacklist…I’m treating it as a bucket list just to spite them.

Taking the boy to school this morning he listened as Mike Hosking reeled off some of the evil foods. He turned to me and said “Dad, I reckon you could make an epic meal by combining a whole lot of those”.

I asked how so and he said “Well they mentioned cream, doughnuts and jam, that’s 3 in one right there with a jam and cream filled donut.”


Right, time to tick off some of the list?off to Takanini for lunch today.

Has a notorious foot-long cheeseburger that has twice as many calories as KFC’s Double Down

Photos later.