Carol Beaumont

Who Should Replace Tim Barnett?


The departure of Tim Barnett from the Labour General Secretary position has caused some concern within Labour. Experienced backroom people and MPs I have talked to are terrified that the Labour Party will choose the most useless possible General Secretary, probably from the union movement.

Word in Labour circles are that the CTU’s gift to the Labour Party, Carol Beaumont, has been working her networks to try to get Tim?s old job. One back room operator said ?Jesus Cam she was useless as an MP, she never achieved a single thing, never raised a cent from donors and never got close to winning a seat that should have been Labour’s. The only person worse for the role than Carol is her horrible husband.? ?? Read more »

Why do the unions hold sway over Labour? Ctd

In previous posts we have examined how much money the unions give to the Labour Party, which is the terribly small amount of $694,700 since 1996, and which unionists have won National held seats for Labour in the last twenty years (only one, Mark Gosche).

If the union movement actually helped Labour they would be expected to fund Labour, or to provide vote winning candidates to run for Labour and win seats from National.

The leading unionists to run for Labour since 1999 are Darien Fenton, Carol Beaumont, Sue Moroney, Iain Lees-Galloway and Andrew Little.

Darien Fenton was list only in 2005, and ran in Helensville in 2008. She was list only in 2011 and retired in 2014.

Carol Beaumont, the woman so useless the union movement wouldn?t take her back from Labour when they offered her, ran in Maungakiekie in 2008, 2011, & 2014. She lost each time to Sam Lotu-Iiga, and increased his majority from 1942 in 2008 to 3021 in 2011. Labour thought they had stitched up Lotu-Iiga with boundary changes before the 2014 election, nominally increasing the Labour vote by 5000, and Beaumont still managed to lose by 2,348. ? Read more »

Why doesn’t the CTU contribute to Labour?


The Labour Party is flat broke, and have been broke since Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams finished up as party president.

Contrary to popular belief the union movement is not the Labour Party?s banker, as they have only given $696,700 to Labour over the last 18 years.

Interestingly the Council of Trade Unions, known as the CTU, does not give to the Labour Party. This is based on their constitution which says: ?? Read more »

Why do the Unions have so much sway over Labour?

The Unions have a reputation for controlling Labour, and with some good reason. Six affiliated unions get 20% of the Labour Leadership vote, so you would think that they are also the Labour Party?s biggest donors.

The problem with this is it is not supported by the facts. Since 1996 union donations have been a little over 11% of Labour?s total declarable donations.

In most years the unions don?t give anything to Labour, who must only ask unions for money in election year.

Total Donations Union Donations Union Donation %
1996 ?$65,327.00 ?$- 0%
1997 ?$280,000.00 ?$- 0%
1998 ?$20,055.90 ?$- 0%
1999 ?$1,115,375.00 ?$80,000.00 7.17%
2000 ?$35,000.00 ?$- 0.0%
2001 ?$107,525.00 ?$- 0.0%
2002 ?$671,719.00 ?$70,000.00 10.42%
2003 ?$54,000.00 ?$- 0.0%
2004 ?$369,951.00 ?$- 0.0%
2005 ?$930,977.04 ?$140,000.00 15.04%
2006 ?$140,988.04 ?$20,000.00 14.19%
2007 ?$1,030,446.39 ?$- 0.0%
2008 ?$422,917.00 ?$117,500.00 27.78%
2009 ?$10,063.00 ?$- 0.0%
2010 ?$56,720.00 ?$- 0.0%
2011 ?$225,200.00 ?$105,200.00 46.71%
2012 ?$430,259.33 ?$- 0.0%
2013 ?$- ?$-
2014 ?$251,000.00 ?$162,000.00 64.54%
Total ?$6,217,523.70 ?$694,700.00 11.17%

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Labour’s Next President

The Labour Party is about to elect a new president after Moira Coatsworth retired. Labour desperately need a new president of the same quality as Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams, New Zealand?s best political shakedown artist.

The most important role of any party president is to raise fund and build a war chest for the election campaign. Successive Labour presidents have failed abjectly, thinking fundraising was beneath them.

Andrew Little and Moira Coatsworth were both useless at fundraising, and as ?Fat Tony? keeps saying, they have to ask if they want to get.

The two contenders are highly, if somewhat misguided, regarded union thug Robert Gallagher and Auckland University Professor Nigel Haworth.

Robert Gallagher has long been considered a man coming in the union thug wing of the party. He is known for his extremely abrasive personality and willingness to fight for even the most trivial point to the bitter end.

Rumour has it that the only reason he is running is because he wants to get his missus Carol Beaumont back into parliament as she is never going to get a job that pays as well as MP.

At least Gallagher recognises the role of fundraiser.

He would not set out what he believed the priorities were in the role, saying it was something he’d be addressing with party members. However, he agreed fundraising was an important factor.

The over-riding impression from Labour people is that he is dreadfully boring, rather dogmatic on minute points and certainly is no agent for change, in fact he is not even an agent.

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Minor Winners, Ctd – Stuart Nash


Labour was dead set useless from the time they axed Shearer and made Cunliffe leader.

They tanked to their worst election result ever, with the change in leader shedding about 8 or 9% in the polls and shutting Labour out for another three years.

Labour picked up three Maori seats, but only managed to win one seat off National. ? Read more »

The unacceptability of David Cunliffe

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After David Cunliffe bizarrely compared himself to Helen Clark and Norman Kirk we are going to see a demonisation of David Cunliffe much like the attacks on Kevin Rudd?by pro-Gillard forces in Australia like Stephen Conroy, Stephen Smith and Wayne Swan.

We have already seen this with the Ilam candidate, James Dann, damning Cunliffe in an open letter.

It will be systematic, and it will be nasty. His reputation will be trashed by his own team, making him completely unacceptable for the membership to foist him upon the caucus. The caucus knows that they can’t command the membership, but they can make Cunliffe so unpalatable that the unions will act.

The problem is caucus too is highly factionalised. Clayton Cosgrove has been acting the bully-boy strong arming other candidates to stand aside and promote Grant Robertson. The problem is Clayton Cosgrove is so thoroughly discredited after running a candidate campaign in Waimakiriri, one that failed and also delivered up an appalling party vote result. He is despised as a result, even by those on the right of the Labour caucus. But caucus has to block vote now to send a message to the membership that they cannot countenance a dud leader like David Cunliffe. They need to effectively veto Cunliffe but that won’t work.

It won’t work because the membership is feral left. That membership believes that David Cunliffe is a martyr and that he was set up to fail by the caucus…a caucus of centrist traitors to the socialist cause. The only thing that unites caucus right now is their mutual loathing of David Cunliffe.

The hard left of the party, stocked now with old Alliance war-horses, are more interested in being pure rather than being in power. They are septic that their mates like Carol Beaumont got rinsed and are on the outside. Beaumont is so thoroughly disliked that when asked to provide her with a job, Helen Kelly refused out-right. Of course it is the same hard-left that was pulling strings inside Labour for them to tank Kelvin Davis in Te Tai Tokerau. They loathe candidates like him and Stuart Nash. They believe in a puritanical socialism, where people like Nash and Davis are actually closet tories?and should actually be run from the party?rather than emulated for their electoral success. ? Read more »

What is happening in Napier?

All on Red has?an interesting comment?about what is happening in Napier.

I do despair at the thought of Nash winning in Napier. How can Tremains winning margin be frittered away so quickly and into Nash’s camp? It seems odd. Surely Walford is not that bad.

Thoughts from the group please.

What is happening in Napier is Nashy is one of the few politicians in New Zealand is personally likeable and can reach out to middle New Zealand. He is one of the few in Labour that can actually raise funds (he has apparently raised more than Moira and Tim combined which is why Labour are broke).

Nash is strategically sound. He was blessed with an opponent in Chris Tremain who is not known for his intellect. Tremain supported amalgamation which people in Napier hate, and he was up against the most likeable politician in Labour.

In the two most recent elections the results are pretty staggering.


Tremain ????????????????20,898
Fairbrother ? ? ? ? ? 11,880
Majority ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 9,018


Tremain ????????????????17,337
Nash ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 13,636
Majority ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3,701

So in three years Nash managed to take 5,317 of Tremain?s majority. This was in a year where Labour sank to its lowest ever poll numbers. ?? Read more »

We’re from the left! Your rules don’t apply to us


Earlier today in Onehunga, the Caropotamus?crowd were out.

Want to play the “all the things wrong with this?” in the comments? ?Off you go?then.

Public Transport Helps to Facilitate Crime in Auckland?

It seems that public transport is helping to facilitate crime in Auckland.

Despite the ongoing bad publicity surrounding Auckland’s public transport system (and rail in particular) it appears some people are finding it to be an effective and efficient way of traveling around and are making the most of it.

I refer to the attached article excerpt from the July issue of the Onehunga Community News.

The Police certainly seem to think public transport is enabling crims….from South Auckland no less.? Read more »