But will they draw Muhammad?


Another headline for the same above article was…

Cartoonists living dangerously as insecure regimes equate satire with sedition

Tellingly the cartoon selected to go with the article was neither controversial nor particularly dangerous.

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Case against Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak dropped


The complaint against Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak, who penned the above cartoon, has been dropped.

A young woman who alleged that she suffered racial hatred because of a provocative Bill Leak cartoon in The Australian has withdrawn her complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Commission president Gillian Triggs?s delegate, Jodie Ball, wrote to The Australian?s lawyers last night to advise that Melissa Dinnison had told the AHRC yesterday that she ?did not want to continue with her complaint?.

?Therefore, Miss Dinnison?s complaint has been finalised ? and the file is now closed,? Ms Ball said.

Ms Dinnison, who until recently lived in Perth, made an online complaint to the commission in August claiming she had ?experienced racial hatred? and been ?discriminated against because of my race? as a result of the cartoon.

Attempts to contact her have been unsuccessful and she is believed to have moved to Germany to live. She said recently she was terrified to return to Australia because of racism. ? Read more »

Where is the concept of forgiveness in Islam?


A Jordanian writer has been shot dead outside court where he was due to face charges for sharing a caricature on social media that was seen as insulting Islam.

The gunman was arrested at the scene, state news agency Petra said. A security source said he was a 39-year-old Muslim preacher in a mosque in the capital.

Writer Nahed Hattar, a Christian and an anti-Islamist activist was arrested last month after he shared a caricature that depicted a bearded man in heaven smoking in bed with women and asking God to bring him wine and cashews.

In the cartoon, the man also asks God to clear his dishes and put a door on his tent and knock before entering. Read more »

Cartoons are powerful influencers


Terrorists-vs-CartoonistsI saw a powerful cartoon by Evans the other day and it made me reflect on how a skilled cartoonist can influence people. The cartoon is simple and clear in its message. It blames Islamic terrorism on America. I strongly disagree with its message but I can appreciate how skilled and clever Evans is in his work. It motivated me to find more cartoons that show different views of Islamic terrorism.


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American Cartoons blamed for conflict in the Middle East

?Egypt's SIS head Salah Abdel Sadek has blamed the Tom and Jerry cartoon, video games and violent movies for violence in ...

An Egypt official has blamed ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons for violence in the Middle East. Yes seriously.

Add this to the list of reasons for violence and extremism in the middle east.

Tom and Jerry?cartoons.

That’s what the head of Egypt’s State Information Service declared in a speech this week at Cairo University. And, oh yes, in case the audience didn’t take him seriously about his theories on the dim-witted cat and the pesky mouse, he offered two more reasons: video games and violent movies.

Tom and Jerry portrays “the violence in a funny manner and sends the message that, yes, I can hit him … and I can blow him up with explosives. It becomes set in (the viewer’s) mind that this is natural,” SIS head Salah Abdel Sadek told the audience…


We here at Whaleoil take our cartoons very seriously. Since we have already had a complaint to the Human Rights Commission, I think that as responsible publishers we should warn you of the possible side effects of reading Whaleoil.

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Whaleoil cartoon meant to create debate – creates debate


A cartoon posted online highlighting child abuse with t? moko, was posted with the intention to spark national debate around a controversial issue. The cartoon has angered a M?ori advocate calling it racist but an expert moko artist says the image does have its merits.

Naida Glavish surrounds herself with images of meaning in her office, but Whaleoil?s latest cartoon has her enraged.

?When I saw this picture I thought, racism is very much alive amongst us at the moment?, says Glavish.

The cartoon was recently published by blogger Cameron Slater. Mr. Slater told Te K?ea it was the first cartoon they’d posted by cartoonist Boom Slang, and it was a move to provoke debate around child abuse. Read more »


More cartoons about BDS that the censors don’t want you to see

 Happening now in Jerusalem- the Yediot Aharonot conference for the war on BDS featuring the TICP Exhibition.

Happening now in Jerusalem- the Yediot Aharonot conference for the war on BDS featuring the TICP Exhibition.

In a follow up to my post ‘Ten cartoons that the censors do not want you to see,‘ here are some more cartoons. They expose some uncomfortable truths about the BDS movement and are censored by many social media and mainstream media outlets. Buzzfeed took down an entire post of the TICP that contained ten cartoons. I have reproduced all of them here because Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter and the main stream media need to learn that freedom of speech will not be denied.

 By: Amir Avni Cartoons and Animation Makes Sense... From the TICP - The Israeli Cartoon Project Exhibition at the ?????? ??????? Yedioth Ahronoth conference.

By: Amir Avni Cartoons and Animation
Makes Sense…
From the TICP – The Israeli Cartoon Project Exhibition at the ?????? ??????? Yedioth Ahronoth conference.

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A reader emails Jim Hubbard


Jim Hubbard penned a disgusting cartoon about me and my travels to Gallipoli to honour my great-grandfather Harry Crozier.

A reader was incensed and emailed him. ?? Read more »

A message for Shayne Currie and other cowards

Caroline Fourest appears on the U.K. outlet Sky News to discuss the cowardice of UK journalists and editors in not showing the Charlie Hebdo front page.

She expresses her disgust at their cowardice and ?then she?holds up a copy on live television, and the host obligingly demonstrates Fourest’s?point:

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Comment of the Day

From a commenter yesterday:

I sent the NZH some feedback as soon as I came across their article?

“To the New Zealand Herald. Your decision not to show the latest Charlie Hebdo cover while simultaneously using the headline ?Defiant Charlie’s New Cover? is loathsome.

I note you have since changed the headline and removed the text where you state that you made this decision voluntarily, but the fact remains – you have withheld what will undoubtedly become a satirical statement of historical significance, and in doing so you contradict every facet of the right to immutable freedom of speech upon which you rely for your journalistic license.

Shame on your editorial decision.

Unlike Charlie Hebdo you cede your raison d’?tre?to terrorist criminals and betray one of the most important societal influences that you should be upholding.

Demonstrating to society that freedom of speech can be successfully withheld from its participants via disgusting acts of violence is despicable.”

Well said.

Fairfax, TVNZ and TV3 all showed the cover.

The NZ Herald should rename themselves The?Dhimmi Herald.