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Over 50 cats go missing. Does anyone know where Gareth Morgan is?


One pet owner who set up a Facebook page to help search for her missing cat Moses has uncovered a disturbing trend in Timaru.

After Ashleigh Hicks had created the group #freethefurbabies, she was inundated with requests from locals to join and soon found they too were missing pet cats.

Moses is believed to be one of a possible 50 cats to disappear from Timaru this year alone.

“A common factor I have noticed in the majority of these stories is that the cats simply disappeared for no particular reason, cats that don’t tend to wander far,” Hicks told The Guardian.

“We all thought this is too much of a coincidence and suspected foul play.”

Ralphy is believed to be one of 50 cats that have disappeared in Timaru. Photo: Danyelle Loach/Facebook

Members of the Facebook group begun gathering information, including times and dates of the disappearances, photographs of the missing pets and witness accounts.

One member said last year all three of her cats disappeared in the space of three months.

Similar stories have since emerged, with many of the people Hicks has spoken to believing their pets have been taken by a single person.

According to Hicks, as many has 18 cats have gone missing from Timaru in the past two months, many of them from the same area.

Oddly enough, people in Timaru haven’t linked this to the very good takeaway deals on offer.


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Watch out Wellington, the council is coming to kill your cat


The council’s Environment Committee will consider changes to the animal bylaws and dog policy at its meeting next Thursday.

One suggestion includes requiring cats to be identified with either a microchip or collar. While it would be mandatory, there would not be fines for those who didn’t comply.

But any pets caught during a cull of feral or stray cats would be put down if they could not be identified.

So, unless your cat has the right papers, it will be shot at the border.

Councillor Iona Pannett said cats had become more of an issue in the capital as the number of native birds increased.

“Essentially having the identification means we won’t be trapping, and potentially putting a cat down if it is caught, our staff will know that it is a cat owned by someone, it is against the bylaw to kill a domestic animal.”

Identification was for a cat’s own good, she said. Read more »

War on cats: 2,000,000 to be killed by 2020

You cat lovers can breath a sigh of relief – it’s in Australia.  For now.

The Washington Post reports

The Australian government announced plans to cull up to 2 million feral cats by 2020 in a bid to preserve dozens of native species that authorities claim face extinction because of the cats’ predatory behavior.

Speaking to a national radio station, Gregory Andrews, the country’s first threatened-species Commissioner, said Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt “is declaring war on feral cats, and he’s asked me to take charge of that program.”

Hunt unveiled the five-year plan at a Melbourne zoo on Thursday, vowing to protect Australia’s native mammal and bird populations.

“We are drawing a line in the sand today which says, ‘On our watch, in our time, no more species extinction,'” Hunt said.

A line in the Australian sand.  No. More. Cats.

In fact, 2 million less of them.   Read more »

No sympathy from Gareth Morgan over cats killed in his name



It appears people are getting Gareth’s message and starting their own cat eradication programmes in their own neighbourhoods.  It has the cat fanciers understandably upset.

Gareth Morgan’s confused by the recent antics of cat advocates in the Bay of Islands.

Cat lovers in Paihia have been outraged by photos on Facebook of cats caught in a number of traps.

The group believes Gareth Morgan is to blame, following his spate of calls to get rid of stray felines.

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…and Gareth Morgan wept



They should have just ended the little shit’s misery right there and then.

The hunt is on for the owner of a Christchurch cat who impaled herself on a metal fence.

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10 months jail for doing Gareth Morgan’s work. Isn’t that a bit over the top?

Credit: realfigjam, via

Credit: realfigjam, via

Ok, so his technique may need some work, but isn’t 10 months jail more than a bit over the top?

A homeless man who bashed a ginger cat named Garfield to death with a large rock has been jailed for 10 months.

Judge David Saunders imposed the sentence on 44-year-old Adrian Paul Burton in the Christchurch District Court, after getting a psychological report showing there was no major mental illness.

Burton had admitted the charge of wilful ill-treatment of an animal, though he had considered defending the case because he believed the cat had been ill and he had euthanased it.

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Gareth Morgan’s worst nightmare



Metro (UK) reports

The UK’s first-ever cat café is coming to London in the next couple of months after members of the public donated over £100,000 to make one cat lover’s dreams a reality.   Read more »

F*** SBW, here’s a fight I’d pay to see: Cat Pause vs Gareth Morgan




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Dr vs Dr. It would make a lot of money.

SPCA do not have an ethical compass – Gareth Morgan




You can’t make this shit up.  We really need to start to prepend the adjective eccentric to any reference to Gareth Morgan.  Shane Cowlishaw at Stuff reports

The philanthropist and economist held a public meeting in the Wellington suburb if Karori last night, where he put his case for creating the first “confined cat” suburb, to protect native birds in the Zealandia sanctuary.   Read more »

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