cat registration

Get ready for the Council Cat Gestapo

It’s only a matter of time, but once the council get their hands on registration, policing and enforcement, you can add a whole new income source and white coated pointy hat brigade.

New Zealand should follow Australia’s lead and adopt cat curfews, a group campaigning for tougher cat control laws says.

Across Australia councils are introducing strict laws cracking down on roaming cats in an attempt to stop them killing native animals.

Control measures include compulsory micro-chipping, desexing, household cat limits and curfews.

Victoria’s Yarra Range Council has gone as far as introducing a 24 hour cat curfew, meaning residents must keep their cats on their property at all times.

The controls are being introduced based on research showing that cats roam significant distances at night, making them a threat to native wildlife.

Morgan Foundation general manager Jessi Morgan said the New Zealand Government needed to make it easier for local authorities to introduce similar cat control measures.

The Morgan Foundation is a New Zealand think tank founded by anti cat campaigner and wealthy philanthropist Gareth Morgan. Read more »