How to stop cats peeing on your car humanely

Whaleoil readership survey results: The animal that most readers prefer



And the winner is……drum roll……

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Holy Crap: I?ve finally figured out a downside to global warming

I knew there was a down side to global warming.

If your cat has been a little more frisky than usual lately, you can blame the weather.

The SPCA is grappling with a huge influx of kittens and it says a warm autumn is the cause.

Balls of fluff climbing the SPCA walls is a seasonal issue that’s usually well and truly over by now.

“It usually ends at March, but when I started last year in April they said it was still going full bore, and then even into May we’ve experienced exactly the same this year,” says chief executive Andrea Midgen. ? Read more »


Merciless killers? A little less conversation, a little more action please

Feral cats are merciless killers but all everyone does, except a few of us, is talk about eradication.

We need more action…perhaps a bounty.

Eradicating feral cats and controlling the country’s stray cat population are just two of key features of a leaked report of a national group formed to solve the country’s “cat crisis”.

Domestic cats could face a curfew if the Morgan Foundation has its way, while the SPCA would be keen to implement a de-sexing programme.

The National Cat Management Strategy Group got together in November 2014 and includes members of eight organisations including the SPCA, Morgan Foundation, New Zealand Veterinary Association [NZVA], NZ Companion Animal Council, Local Government NZ and the NZVA Companion Animal Society.

Ministry for Primary Industries and Department of Conservation have technical advisory members on board.

The group’s ‘strategic intent report’ states that there “are estimates that indicate that there is a significant cat crisis in New Zealand.”

It states it’s estimated there were about 1.4 million domestic cats along with an additional 196,000 stray cats.

A cat ‘crisis’…I’ve got it…I know how to solve the problem. They should get Labour to declare it a proper crisis…then all?the?feral cats will just drop dead and the problem will be solved.

But enough hilarity…this is serious.

We need to be shooting the little bastards.

Geoff Simmons of the Morgan Foundation said various studies showed there were also between 2.4 and 14 million feral cats across the country.

He denied the Foundation wanted to get rid of the country’s domestic cat population.

“We were never getting rid of all cats, the point was the problem is cats wondering into wildlife areas. Stray and feral cats are a major issue … but also where people are living close to sensitive wildlife areas then domestic cats that wonder are a problem too.”

Enough of the jibber-jabber…how about the Morgan Foundation pay me (and my readers) to shoot cats?

I want one of these:

I reckon it would work real well on feral cats.


-?NZ Herald


In other news, great specials at the local ethnic takeaways of late

The only good cat is a dead cat

The only good cat is a dead cat

Cats are missing…in Gonville…snort

A cat has been shot with an arrow, dozens of cats have gone missing, and dogs have been poisoned in what police fear could be a co-ordinated attack on Wanganui pets.

Constable G Singh from Whanganui Police said stories had filtered through to police about cats being killed in the Gonville area.

“A few weeks ago we had a report of a cat on Alma Rd that was shot with an arrow and had to be put down.

“There have been a few incidents like that in the past month, and that has prompted us to investigate further,” Mr Singh said.

The trend appears to be cats in Gonville being injured or killed, cats in Wanganui East going missing, as well as several cases of dogs being poisoned in Wanganui East.

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Seems reasonable to me, but he should ditch the girlfriend as well

There is only one thing in life worse than cats…cats that steal your bacon…and one bloke has?had enough calling in the cops to sort out his girlfriend’s cat.

A man dialled 999 to ask police to arrest his girlfriend and her cat after she allowed her pet to eat his bacon.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that man wanted his girlfriend and her cat detained following the incident. ? Read more »

Aussie Government plans to cull 2 million cats by 2020

I think I might move to Australia…to shoot cats.

Speaking to a national radio station, Gregory Andrews, the country’s first threatened-species Commissioner, said Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt “is declaring war on feral cats, and he’s asked me to take charge of that programme.” ? ?? Read more »


New Zealand’s Favourite Grandmother on the right side of the issue of stray cats

The science supports Maggie Barry’s death to cats policy.

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Phil Quin on Cats and Constitutions

Phil Quin is bemused by Maggie Barry’s death wish on cats.

What concerns me is this: why on earth does a NZ government have the power to tell its citizen how many cats they can own?

These debates happen all the time in NZ. Let?s ban this, or restrict that ? often in response to some moral panic brought on by the confluence of more than one newspaper article on a given subject.

Our unwritten constitution often seem to offer?carte blanche to governments to regulate, ban, restrict anything they like, apparently on a whim.

Kiwis love to bash the U.S.; mock its gun culture, for example, and the extremes of its politics. ?But, living there for several years, I came to respect the limited nature of constitutional government ? and the fact that, at state and federal level, there are courts whose job it is to determine where governments have committed overreach. Cat fanciers in America would have a law such as that proposed by Barry struck down in minutes. In fact, no government would even propose it, knowing that it couldn?t pass constitutional muster. ?? Read more »

Gareth Morgan proposes something that is already being done

Gareth Morgan wants cats dead…so do I…especially feral cats.

His latest call though is already being done with an outcry recently in Auckland about cats being dispatched after trespassing in a wildlife reserve on Whangaparaoa peninsula.

Lock up your moggies if you live near a sensitive wildlife area, or they could be put down – that’s the latest suggestion from Gareth Morgan’s environmental group in its bid to stop cats harming native birds.

Geoff Simmons from the Morgan Foundation made the suggestion in a submission on Wellington City Council’s biodiversity management strategy.

He said the strategy’s plan to manage predators that had an impact on native wildlife was for the most part “fantastic”.

However, there was a “glaring omission” around the issue of cats.

Mr Simmons suggested any cats found wandering around sensitive wildlife areas, where birds would breed, should be humanely trapped and returned to their owners.

If the cat was not microchipped, it would be dropped off to the SPCA where it would be re-homed or euthanised. ?? Read more »