Cath Tizard

Reader Observations of Auckland Dawn Service

Some readers have emailed about this morning’s dawn service in Auckland.

I have gone to the Anzac Day dawn service for years, and in Auckland it is traditional for the Mayor to speak.

Dame Cath, Les Mills Christine Fletcher, John Banks, Dick Hubbard, others and for the last term Len Brown spoke.

This year someone recognised that the mayor was no longer respected enough to take on this serious role.

The gelded mayor was relegated to delivering a wreath to the cenotaph on behalf of the citizens of Auckland.

I felt even that was not appropriate, and comments from those around me supported my views. More emphatic was that everyone was standing in silence until Len’s diminished task was announced.

It was good that someone realised that his participation was not appropriate. To debase a ceremony so important to New Zealanders would be unthinkable.

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Now we get to the nub of the issue

When Owen Glenn set up his independent inquiry, funded entirely by him I thought that finally there would be some progress on the issue of domestic violence and child abuse. That finally someone would stop listening to the bullshit from the grievance industry that has surrounded this issue and others.

There were warning bells though, he appointed all sorts of lefty trough snufflers to the committees and board…and now they are biting the hand that feeds them.  They want his cash but they don;t want his name or face. I suspect they are all about to get a good hard business lesson.

Members of an expert think-tank set up to guide Sir Owen Glenn’s $2 million inquiry into family violence say the only way for the inquiry to continue now would be for Sir Owen to step out of the process.

At least 14 of the 25 original NZ-based think-tank members have now quit following a report on Sunday that Sir Owen was accused of physically abusing a young woman in Hawaii in 2002.

Sir Owen was reported to have entered a plea of “no contest”, meaning that he neither admitted nor contested the charge, and said there was “no truth to the allegation”.

But some think-tank members said his failure to disclose it had destroyed the credibility of an inquiry that aimed to produce an independent “blueprint” to tackle New Zealand’s appalling record of child abuse and domestic violence.  Read more »

Marriage Equality Matters

The Campaign for Marriage Equality has released this video in support of Marriage Equality.

‘Marriage Equality Matters’ features celebrities, media personalities, respected community leaders, sports people and everyday New Zealanders who all support marriage equality, and the campaign to extending equal marriage to all. Featuring:

Tamati Coffey (TV Presenter) and his partner Tim Smith
Anika Moa, Hollie Smith, Boh Runga (Musicians)
Rachel Hunter (NZ’s Got Talent Judge/Supermodel)
Brooke Howard Smith (TV Presenter) his partner Amber Peebles (Radio DJ)
Nigel Latta (Psychologist)
Danyon Loader (Olympian)
Jason Kerrison (Musician)
Jason Fa’afoi (TV Presenter) and his partner Anna and their son Charlie
Pearl McGlashan (Actress)
Ali Campbell (Musician)
Alison Mau (TV Presenter)
Orene Ai’I (Rugby Player)
Dame Cath Tizard (Former Governor General)
Mike King (Talkback host/Comedian)
Oliver Driver (Actor/Presenter)
Richie Hardcore (DJ)
Turumakina Duley (Tattoo Artist)
Amy Usherwood (Actress)
Nick Dwyer (Radio DJ)

Pat Booth remembers too

The other day I blogged about the so called asbestos problem in the Civic building in Auckland being used as an excuse to buy a new ivory tower for the empire builders at Auckland Council….now Pat Booth has written about it too:

Buying as its new headquarters the ASB’s $100-plus million 31 storey office block in Albert St, reportedly four times the size of the 19 level current Civic Building overlooking Aotea Centre, is the latest suspect grand plan.

Borrowing to do so, of course.

Then there’s the added figures and facts that go with the plan.

For instance that it will house 2400 of the council staff.

With this worrying PS: “Two thousand four hundred of the council’s 6000”! Good grief, so they actually need the equivalent of two more tower blocks for that size of staff.

Question: How many people in total did it take to run the various councils before they were merged? One official explanation why the Civic Building may be demolished is that it has leak problems, is not up to code, is too small, needs a new facade. There’s even been a suggestion – not in this paper – of an asbestos problem.

Which puzzles Dame Cath Tizard who told me she remembers being evicted from her mayoral office there like everyone else for months late in the 1980s until the experts said they had got it all out.

She has a photo of herself holding the last bag.

So much for asbestos but have council workers really been housed in an environment which didn’t meet the council’s own building code. If so, would the council’s officers have allowed the same dispensation to some city corporate?

Any wonder the ratepayers who were kidnapped into the city without being asked are worried.

Something fishy about this story

the tipline

Friday’s NZ Herald (20 July) had an item about the Greys Ave Council building and stated that it may have to be demolished because of asbestos contamination.

Well, although there may several reasons to tear it down, asbestos is not one of them.  I spoke to a building surveyor recently and mentioned the allegation that there was asbestos in it.  He said “Yes. there was asbestos when it was built, but there is none there now.  It was all taken out including replacement of all the ceiling panels in 1987.  There was a photo in the Herald of Cath Tizard  with the last bag being taken out.”

Perhaps you could suggest the Herald’s “reporters” check in the files of their paper before printing erroneous articles.

I seem to remember news articles at the time about the overhaul and removal of asbestos. I am very surprised that Bernard Orsman can’t remember that far back.

It seems that the council is making shit up to justify blowing $104 million on an ivory tower for council staff.

Cry me a River

Some prisoners executed by lethal injection in the United States may die of suffocation while they are still conscious and in pain, University of Miami researchers said in a study that concluded the drugs do not work as intended.

Good, I hope it hurts like hell. They can just cry me a river of tears worrying about some poor scumbag getting his just desserts.

If I had my way their death would be a whole lot more painful than that.