Catherine Delahunty

Catherine Delahunty does her bit to give Marama Davidson her 5 seconds of fame

A motion without notice was put forward by Catherine Delahunty this week?regarding the Women’s peace boat to Gaza that Marama Davidson is going on. She asked the National Party in private if they were okay with it and they said no. Normally that would be the end of it but she still asked leave to make the motion in order to grandstand. Her lack of co-ordination and co-operation was mentioned by the speaker.

The boat to Gaza is nothing but a giant virtue signal by people who care more about how things look than about actually making a difference. Marama Davis is a fool who has ignored all the facts that have been helpfully sent to her on Facebook. She is determined to have her day in the spotlight and Catherine Delahunty was prepared to give the National party the metaphorical fingers in order to help her.

Woman relaxing on cruise ship

Woman relaxing on cruise ship

I wish I could go on a relaxing cruise. Marama gets to hang out with other Social justice bullies, sipping Chardonnay and feeling virtuous. Meanwhile, nothing changes for the Palestinian women still oppressed by Hamas and the religion of peace.

The truly sad part is that these aging hippie activists are really going in order to make a scene when the inevitable happens and the Israelis enforce their legal blockade. I hope the Israeli soldiers don’t get hurt by the boney old?crones aboard the ship. I suggest that they bring ear plugs because the screeching is going to be weapons grade.

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The PPTA and the Green Party are united in their criticism of online schools

What a coincidence, yesterday the Green party put out a press release on Voxy about online schools and only seven minutes later the PPTA did one as well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.40.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.41.02 PM

Clearly, neither the Green party nor the PPTA supports online schools. Here is a brief summary of the points each group made in their press release.

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Oh look, the left are trying to destroy even more businesses

What is it with the left that they are so adverse to business making money?

Some companies are exporting millions of litres of bottled New Zealand water, and paying very little in return.

One company, Oravida, takes 400,000 litres a day from an aquafer in the Bay of Plenty. Last year they paid $526 in compliance fees.

The Green Party’s spokesperson for water, Catherine Delahunty, says the Government isn’t doing enough to protect New Zealand’s assets.

“Aucklanders don’t leave the tap running because there’s a charge on it and they value it, but Oravida and other companies can take it away, basically for nothing. That’s just wrong.”

Most Aucklanders pay a metred charge for water and wastewater services. In other parts of New Zealand, water maintenence is included in rates charges. Read more »

An idea for a TV show

George commented on the General Debate about his idea for a reality TV show:

I’m embarrassed to confess, I have watch one episode of “The Bachelor”, my first and last. I was gobsmacked at the depth our quest for entertainment has plummeted. One bloke and a haggle of panting females strutting their emotional garbage in a quest to be loved by another. There will be only one winner, the bloke, providing he has no access to dignity. The women? There are no winners by virtue of the fact they have to stoop to such desperation in order to convince a bloke they are the one. But it got me thinking. I wonder how a programme “The Prime Minister” would fare with a similar format? ? Read more »

Who is on quick dial for A Newpaper’s Education Repeater?

Encamped on the Left, a newspaper’s education reporter spent two days trying to tell the nation (or the few that still read the rag) why things are just too hard for lower income families and how schools are, therefore, on a hiding to nothing.

On day 3 she pretends to look for solutions and comes up with kids drawing posters at a few schools.

So she digs deeper into her inner circle and gets the response below from people who will never be in a position to do anything about anything – so they just waffle.

Only interesting solution is where Rashbrooke says give the families $1000.

What more we could do to close the achievement gap?

1. More support for kids with learning needs

Labour education spokesman Chris Hipkins says he would like to see the amount of support for children with special learning needs increased.

“I would also like to see more targeted programmes like Reading Recovery available in all schools, along with similar programmes in maths. Having said all of that, we can’t simply pretend that the lives kids lead outside the school gate don’t have an impact.” ?? Read more »

The hits on education keep coming

Trevor Mallard

Trevor Mallard

There seems to be a rash of negative education stories at the moment.

Firstly there is the upset over un qualified Grandmothers providing pre school care for 3-4 year olds with Trevor Mallard saying…

“I’m not saying that grandparents can’t look after grandchildren but they’re not professionals or trained and don’t think it’s the role of the state to be paying people who don’t have the training.”

Ironically the situation Trevor is criticising was created by the Labour government.

The Labour government brought in 20-hours free ECE for three and four-year-olds in its final term.

-Kirsty Johnston A Newspaper

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The Truth behind Gloriavale – a Whaleoil Investigation

Regular readers will know that I’ve been somewhat irritated at the Green Party and the media in general for constantly running hit pieces on Gloriavale as if it is some kind of penal colony from which women, children and?slaves need?to be rescued.

Recent pressure has been directed at Gloriavale’s educational programme, and how this allegedly stops specifically women from advancing their education beyond NCEA Level 1. ?The undercurrent of these media hit pieces is that “something must be done”.

Yet the police have no issues with Gloriavale. ?The local MP is happy with them. ?And even the ERO can’t find anything wrong with Gloriavale’s delivery of education to its children. ?All standards met. ?All boxes ticked. ?These people don’t put a foot wrong.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t see any balancing media coverage. ?Here are the Media Party hand in hand with the Green Party kicking up a storm, while police, educational authorities and local politicians are all saying there’s nothing of concern.

So let’s have a look at what a deliberately dumbed down Gloriavale community looks like, shall we? ?Let’s see how they deliberately don’t allow their people to advance beyond NCEA Level 1. ?Especially the women.

Documents obtained by Whaleoil tell a completely different story. ? Here is some hard data on Gloriavale that you will not see in “reputable” media outlets, because?nobody asked. Read more »

Media Party continues assault on life choices they don’t agree with

It is truly astounding – the amount of anti Gloriavale press that’s being put out.

Not one student at Gloriavale school has gone beyond Year 11 in the past three years and they have only 17 subjects to choose from, sparking fresh calls for an investigation.

Documents obtained by the Herald on Sunday show the 45 senior students who went to the fundamentalist Christian community’s school in 2012, 2013 and last year finished their education around the age of 16, the earliest children can leave school under New Zealand law without special Ministry of Education permission.

The documents also reveal the students have a range of 17 subjects, compared with a choice of at least 35 at a typical state school.

Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand president Sandy Pasley was disturbed at the “woefully inadequate” curriculum.

Any pupils who wanted to leave the community would be ill-prepared for higher education with such a basic standard, she said.

Really Sandy? ? So Gloriavale are not meeting the standards of education then? ?Is that it?? Read more »

Green Party gets called out for playing politics with high needs children

The principal of a Dunedin special needs school believes the Green Party’s parliamentary inquiry into special needs in New Zealand schools lacks focus and detail.

The inquiry, announced earlier this month, will focus on improving the learning experience of children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism spectrum disorders.

Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty said, ”So many students are missing out on education because their learning differences are not identified early enough and help is not made available. We want to change the system so every child has a fair go.”

However Raewyn Alexander, principal of Dunedin special needs school Sara Cohen, said she did not understand why other ”challenges” such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy were not included in the inquiry.

”If they want a fair go for every child, why have they only focused on those three specific challenges? If they want a fair go for every child, then they should be asking for an inquiry for all kids with needs, not just those three aspects of special needs.”

Yes, well. ?Raewyn Alexander is just highlighting the latest Green Taliban “cause” that the Green Party truly don’t care about. ?It’s just about media coverage, and there is very little genuine concern. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Catherine-delahunty -3 News

Green MP Catherine Delahunty -3 News


Today’s face of the day, Green MP Catherine Delahunty, has her knickers in a knot over female students being taught the life skill of how to clean dirty laundry at Gloriavale. The Green Party has a long tradition of claiming to be both clean and green so it is not surprising that Catherine herself is a whiz at cleaning dirty things or at least agitating for them to be cleaned up. For the first time ever, secret Whaleoil cameras go deep inside the Green Party to reveal that even the Green Party teach useful life skills.

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