Catholic Church

A saint she wasn’t, even if the Catholic Church is going to make her one

The late Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who’s dedicated her life to helping the poor, will be made a saint of the Roman Catholic Church in September 2016, the Vatican said on Friday.

It said Pope Francis had cleared the way for the Nobel Laureate’s sainthood by approving a decree recognising a miracle attributed to her intercession with God.

It was believed to be the inexplicable healing of a man suffering from multiple brain tumours.

Mother Teresa, who died in 1997 at the age of 87 and was known as the “saint of the gutters”, is expected to be canonised in early September.

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Melbourne’s Catholic leaders completely failed to deal with pedophile priests as they tried to protect the church

Former vicar-general Bishop Peter Connors says he has no excuse for why he failed to protect children from Fr Wilfred Baker, who abused 21 children between 1960 and 1985.

“There was a complete failure of the archbishop and his advisers to deal with these issues,” Bishop Connors told the child abuse royal commission.

Commission chair Justice Peter McClellan said the failings were often said to be motivated by a desire to protect the church.

Bishop Connors agreed it was a fundamentally damning allegation of the church.

Bishop Connors and Melbourne’s 1974-1996 archbishop Frank Little knew in 1978 about abuse complaint against Baker, who was moved to another parish, and had further complaints in the early 1990s.

“I can’t really excuse myself for failing to put the pressure on the archbishop to do something with this man,” Bishop Connors said.

We can see?the evils of Islam every day. ? But this kind of endemic child abuse that has pervaded the Catholic church has been dealt with by placing the church before the lives of children. ?It may not quite be the same as throwing homosexuals off a building, chopping heads off or burning people alive, but the systemic failure of the Catholic church to act against sexual predators is the highest abuse of trust I can think of. ? Read more »

Rome shows its true colours


The Vatican has come under fire after dismissing a high-ranking Polish priest on the same day he revealed that he was gay.

Father Krzystof Charamsa, who held a post in the Vatican’s branch for protecting Catholic dogma, urged the Catholic church to change its ‘backwards’ attitude to homosexuality. Read more »

Pope says all the right things, but ultimately disappoints

He?s been in the job long enough now to start kicking some serious butt. ?By their fruits ye shall know them? and it?s become clear that this pope is as incapable or disinterested as his predecessors.

It may very well be that the pope is nothing but a titular PR head of an organisation that simply can not be compelled to give up its criminals to the authorities.

On the final day of his visit to the United States, Pope Francis met with five victims of clergy sexual abuse at a Philadelphia seminary.

“God weeps,” Francis told a gathering of bishops on Sunday (local time), departing from his prepared speech. “I commit to a careful oversight of the church to ensure that youth are protected, and I promise that all those responsible will be held accountable.”

Pope Francis met later Sunday morning with about 100 inmates at the largest of Philadelphia’s six prisons, telling them “all of us need to be cleansed, to be washed”. He waded into the audience of prisoners in light blue uniforms, grasping their hands and touching their heads and hugging at least one.

The two meetings served as a reminder of a great tension within the Catholic church: Its handling of sexual abuse has been one of its most profound failings, but its message of redemption and forgiveness holds an enduring moral power.? Read more »

Marist Brother can?t keep his hands to himself

What is it with school teachers and Catholic priests?

They had gone to him for help, but instead a Marist brother?indecently assaulted them.

The actions of Brother Patrick Bignell, 69, had a considerable “adverse impact” on each of his three teenaged male victims a judge said as she sentenced him on Friday to eight months’ home detention and ordered him to pay $8000 each to two of the victims for emotional harm.

The third victim had received $8000 after complaining about Bignell in 2002 to the Marist Brothers Provincial Standards Committee. He also received an apology.

A summary given to the court earlier said Bignell had been a teacher and guidance counsellor with a standing in the school and the wider community that meant students were inclined to trust him with their problems, so he was able to identify which students were vulnerable. ? Read more »

Scouting is now a bit gay

I have no problem with gays and lesbians in Scouting.

New Zealand Scouts have welcomed a decision by Boy Scouts of America to end a 37-year ban on gay adult leaders.

Scouts NZ chief executive Niamh Lawless said the NZ body had always been “an open, inclusive organisation”.

“We have openly gay leaders and openly gay youth, and they feel really included in the movement,” she said. “We are very pleased to see that Boy Scouts of America has made this decision.”

The American body’s 80-member national executive board made the decision on Monday, two years after a 2013 conference at which about 60 per cent of 1400 delegates voted to end the ban on gay leaders, which was imposed in 1978. ? Read more »

Well now Maria and Andrei? I?ve foretold this. And where are you now?

Catholic ratbags fiddling with kids seems to be on the rise again.

They are certainly giving teachers a run for their money.

In the four years to the end of last year, 58 complaints were laid, with 25 lodged in 2014 alone.

The church only began keeping a centralised record of complaints in 2010.

Of those made since then, 26 have been proven and 24 are still under investigation.

The man in charge of handling the complaints for the church, Bill Kilgallon, said the alleged perpetrators included 21 priests, monks, nuns or teachers. ?? Read more »

Now the Pope has come out against Global Warming what is he going to do?


The Pope has come out against global warming, saying it will be the death of the planet and humanity.

Of course he used far more flowery words than that but that is the crux of his pontification from on high.

Quite apart from the irony of a religious leader whose faith believes that the end times will be the start of our salvation and the second coming of our Lord, opposing the very thing that is talked about in the end times as disclosed in Revelations and other books of the bible.

‘The earth will be completely laid waste … the earth mourns and withers, the world fades and withers…'(Isa 24.3,4)

Isaiah prophesied?extreme heat plaguing the world?- heat severe enough to kill people:

‘Therefore … the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left’ (Isa 24.6)

The book of Revelation speaks?of the same end time events and predicts extreme weather as part of God’s judgement upon the nations. There will be fierce, scorching heat:

‘The fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given to it to scorch men with fire. Men were scorched with fierce heat …’ (Rev 16.8,9)

All pretty dire stuff that I would have thought the Pope would have welcomed as signs of the end times.

But, hey since he raised the issue and seeing as how he sees it as vitally important for our continued existence let’s see what the Pope intends to do about it all.

Well…nothing…it is everyone else’s problem apparently. ? Read more »

The Vatican obviously has a no poofters rule

The Pope, fresh from pissing off the Turks has now pissed off the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys with the Vatican’s ‘no poofters’ rule.

For centuries, France has named its ambassador to the Holy See under a process that is as smooth, classy and predictable as the ticking of an antique clock.

Tradition dictates that the appointee is a conservative, senior diplomat – a decent chap who’s on his last posting before retirement and deserves a job with perks, flunkies and not too much work.

The appointment is approved by the French President, then the bureaucratic machinery whirrs silently into gear. The papal envoy in Paris, the Apostolic Nuncio, is informed. He tells the church hierarchy in Rome, which rubber-stamps the President’s choice.

Staff at the French embassy to the Holy See then put a final polish to the Villa Bonaparte, an 18th century edifice decorated in fine Empire style, to prepare for His Excellency and his spouse.

The protocols of these changeovers are almost set in stone. After all, France has had diplomatic relations with the Holy See since the fifth century with only a few breaks, and enjoys status in the Vatican as “the eldest daughter of the Church”, a reflection of the historic loyalty of French Catholics.

But this year has brought a traumatic and very public bust-up.

The Vatican is refusing to accept President Francois Hollande’s ambassadorial choice, who is gay. ?? Read more »

Only two cases? Come on pull the other leg

The kiddy fiddlers are still lurking in the Catholic Church…right at the top too.

The Vatican investigated two cases of child pornography possession in the past year, officials said Saturday.

The chief prosecutor of the Vatican city state’s criminal tribunal, Gian Piero Milano, cited the two cases in a speech summarizing the tribunal’s work in 2014.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said one of the cases concerned the Vatican’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski. ? Read more »