The Western Double Standard: Protect Islam Ridicule Christianity



One of the above costumes was removed from Amazon because of complaints about it. Amazon was accused of?using “a religious garment for commercial purposes.” A religious garment being used as a costume was considered offensive by the complainants. The wrath of a higher deity was even mentioned by those opposing the costume. Amazon removed the costume using the excuse that it didn’t follow their selling guidelines but they left the other costume for sale so clearly they were lying about the real reason why it was removed.


The world’s biggest shopping portal, Amazon, sells many Halloween costumes. One of the novelties in 2016 has been the “Sexy Burka”

…The commercial colossus of Jeff Bezos removed the item from the website, after Amazon had been swamped with accusations of “racism”, “Islamophobia,” of marketing an Islamic garment with the white face of a model and using “a religious garment for commercial purposes”. “You are disgusting, my culture is not your costume”, wrote many users of the Islamic faith. Others used a less adorable tone: “Whoever you are, you should fear Allah. This is not a joke.”

A spokesman for Amazon promptly responded: “All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The product in question is no longer available”.

So that Halloween parody of the global symbol of female oppression has been censored.

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Face of the day


Catholic Unversity President John Garvey standing in front of one of the many campus crosses (Photo by Rafael Crisostomo)

Today’s face of the day John Garvey is being ‘ beaten up ‘ by a ludicrous complaint to the Human Rights office in America. It seems that like here in New Zealand there is no case that the Human Rights commission will not touch. No matter how ridiculous and merit less a case people can be assured that the Human rights office or commission will enthusiastically take up their cause and ‘bludgeon with bureaucracy ‘ the poor victim of the harassment. Surely there should be a point at which the Human rights commission says, no we will not investigate as your case has no merit and is malicious.

Crosses in every room at Washingon D.C.?s Catholic University of America are a human rights violation that prevent Muslim students from praying.

That?s the complaint to the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights?filed by?a professor from rival George Washington University across town.
GWU Law School Professor John Banzhaf?takes the Catholic institution?to task for acting??probably with malice? against Muslim students in a 60-page complaint that?cites??offensive? Catholic imagery?all over the Catholic school, which he says?hinder Muslims from?praying.

Baffled Catholic University officials?say?they?have never?received a complaint from?any of the schools Muslim?students.

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N.S.F.W. – The Pope Song

When I say NOT SAFE FOR WORK, I mean it, you’ve been warned.


Not as disgusting as covering up boy buggering

?It is disgusting. Britain?s ambassador to the Holy See has been in to see the Secretary of State and explain what happened and this will all be relayed to the Pope.

?It?s even possible the trip could be cancelled as this matter is hugely offensive.?

Nowhere near as offensive as covering up boy buggering and blaming the whole thing as a conspiracy by the Jews.


Solving the problem of Catholic priests buggering little boys

DiM asked the question on Dimpost the other day about whether buggery of children by Catholic priests had always been part of the Church. Apparently there was much uproar on the blog, but it appears the answer is yes, well at least since before the 4th century when St Basil of Caesarea thought it prudent to make some rules about priests buggering boys.

Saint Basil of Caesarea, the fourth century Church Father who wrote the principal rule of the monks of the East, establishes this: ?The cleric or monk who molests youths or boys or is caught kissing or committing some turpitude, let him be whipped in public, deprived of his crown [tonsure] and, after having his head shaved, let his face be covered with spittle; and [let him be] bound in iron chains, condemned to six months in prison, reduced to eating rye bread once a day in the evening three times per week. After these six months living in a separate cell under the custody of a wise elder with great spiritual experience, let him be subjected to prayers, vigils and manual work, always under the guard of two spiritual brothers, without being allowed to have any relationship . . . with young people.”

Crusher might need to introduce some legislation around this, because FIGJAM sure won’t.

Campaign against Electoral Act stepped up with ad

Campaign against Electoral Act stepped up with adA campaigner against the Electoral Finance Act is upping the ante in his effort to get rid of it [TVNZ News Politics]

John Boscawen has taken out a full page ad in the SST calling for the EFA to be repealed.

Personally I think John has wasted his effort. Labour won’t rescind the law they fought so hard to put in. Only if more charges are laid on them under the act could I see them pulling the law.