Holy Crap: I?ve finally figured out a downside to global warming

I knew there was a down side to global warming.

If your cat has been a little more frisky than usual lately, you can blame the weather.

The SPCA is grappling with a huge influx of kittens and it says a warm autumn is the cause.

Balls of fluff climbing the SPCA walls is a seasonal issue that’s usually well and truly over by now.

“It usually ends at March, but when I started last year in April they said it was still going full bore, and then even into May we’ve experienced exactly the same this year,” says chief executive Andrea Midgen. ? Read more »


Finally I’ve found something that does eat cats

The other week I posted a photo on Facebook of a cat that I ironed out with a .22-250. That little 40gr Hordany varmint round had torn its head right off.

People were outraged…some defriended me, one person threatened to punch my face in.

We left the cat lying in a paddock and nothing touched it. The hawks ate the hare and the rabbit we shot but nothing touched the cat. I’ve never seen anything eat a cat until today.

Cat owners have been warned of the dangers their feline companions face when venturing outdoors after video emerged of bald eagles feasting on the body of a dead cat near Pittsburgh.

Footage from a live web camera mounted at the Hays bald eagle nest, located a few miles from the center of Pittsburgh, showed the eagles serving up the cat to hungry eaglets. Concerned cat owners bombarded the local Audubon Society about why the eagles had preyed upon the cat. Read more »


Death to cats!!!

This week the city councils in Wellington and Christchurch have outlined plans to tackle pet peeves.

I applaud the Wellington City Council plans for a fatwa on felines by limiting the numbers of cats to three per household. It’s entirely the right thing to do.

In Christchurch there’s a proposed bylaw requiring dogs to be leashed on, and within one metre of, shared pathways through Hagley Park. Sensible stuff too.

I ask you ? who needs more than one cat (if indeed any)? I’ve always thought people hoarding too many cats were slightly odd. If not mad.

And Wellingtonians like the idea with 77 per cent supporting the cat limit in a recent survey.

Now there’s talk of mandatory micro-chipping too. That may be far too hard to administer. And sensibly the council appears to steering away from that.

I say all these proposed rules are common sense. There. I said it. I think I agree with Gareth Morgan.

Dog owners already face these rules so why shouldn’t the owners of cats? Why have cats got a free pass for so long? The game’s up felines.

Cats destroy bird life. They’re mini tigers. They’re hunters and natural born predators.

They trespass?all over other people’s properties. And they look at you with annoying eyes and try to lie on you all the time. Read more »


I wonder if Gareth Morgan will buy a place there?

A new subdivision in Auckland is opening soon and it has a blanket ban on cats.

A site?on Auckland’s fringes once considered for a landfill dump?site is being developed into a gated subdivision where there is a blanket ban on cats?and?sites have sold for more than $1.6 million.

Weiti is an 860 hectare block on Auckland’s northern boundary, between Long Bay and the Whangaparoa Peninsula, that was purchased for $163 million several years ago and is being developed by Williams Land.

Weiti Development chief executive Evan Williams said around 20 or?30 years ago it was proposed the the block would be the major refuse zone for Auckland’s North Shore.

But the former pine forest?is now in the process of being transformed into a gated “lifestyle” community -?the latest in a series of residential developments around Auckland,?from Pokeno to Warkworth, which include Silverdale’s?Millwater, and Long Bay.

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Face of the day

via Stuff

Gareth Morgan via Stuff

What does today’s face of the day and this cat have in common?


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War on cats: 2,000,000 to be killed by 2020

You cat lovers can breath a sigh of relief – it’s in Australia. ?For now.

The Washington Post reports

The Australian government announced plans to cull up to 2 million feral cats by 2020 in a bid to preserve dozens of native species that authorities claim face extinction because of the cats’ predatory behavior.

Speaking to a national radio station, Gregory Andrews, the country’s first threatened-species Commissioner, said Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt “is declaring war on feral cats, and he’s asked me to take charge of that program.”

Hunt unveiled the five-year plan at a Melbourne zoo on Thursday, vowing to protect Australia’s native mammal and bird populations.

“We are drawing a line in the sand today which says, ‘On our watch, in our time, no more species extinction,'” Hunt said.

A line in the Australian sand. ?No. More. Cats.

In fact, 2 million less of them. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Andrew Little in cat apron PHOTO-facebook

Andrew Little in cat apron

Today’s face of the day is sticking with his winning strategy. After all, according to all our detractors Whaleoil is only popular because of all our click bait cat videos, so why shouldn’t Andrew Little use click bait?

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What?s worse than a cat cafe?


If you thought a cat cafe was a really dumb idea then be prepared to be astonished.

It seems there are more stupid people out there and they have started a competitive cat cafe. Auckland now has two.

Who knew there were so many cat recipes?

Having become something of an unofficial cat reporter, the task of reviewing New Zealand’s second cat cafe naturally landed in my all-too-obliging lap. ? Read more »


Westport ferals are at it again

There is something wrong on the coast.

The Westport SPCA is appalled a rabbit and a guinea pig were removed from their cage at a Westport property and decapitated recently.

Westport SPCA secretary Robyn Nahr said the SPCA was horrified to hear that someone had decapitated the animals.

She appealed to anyone with information regarding the sadistic act to come forward.

“This has been reported to the police as well.”

That wasn’t the only act of animal cruelty to happen in Westport lately, she said.

Over the past week, a whitebaiter had seen three dead cats floating down the Buller River on three separate occasions. He managed to grab two of them, one which was in a plastic bag, she said.

The third cat he couldn’t reach.

“We don’t know if the one in the bag was dead when it was put in [the river].” She hoped for the cat’s sake it was. ?? Read more »

Are they going to serve up those cat recipes from Switzerland?


New Zealand’s first cat cafe is going to open this week.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the first New Zealand cat cafe will be opening in Auckland at the end of the week. Co-owner of the Cat Lounge Mike Jones talks about how he came up with that idea and how the project developed.

In the video he says that there will be psychics available as well for readings…and he says it with a straight face.

But what I want to know is if this Cat Cafe is going to be serving up those cat recipes that seems to be making a bit of noise out of Switzerland.

A man who boasts about eating pet cats because he likes the taste of their meat has outraged animal lovers in Switzerland.

Controversial Martin Buhlmann, 72, from Lucerne, has confessed his appetite for cats – which he says taste ‘just like chicken’ – in an upcoming programme on Swiss TV. ? Read more »