The summer cow-pocalypse continues


Killer Cows continue to rampage, and maim. How many reports this summer of shark attacks?

Cow attacks meanwhile continue to grow alarmingly. Yesterday in the South Waikato?another farmer was attacked by cows.

A farmer is in a serious condition in Waikato Hospital after being sat on and kicked by a cow.? Read more »


Questions for Farmers, Ctd


Farmers always get sooky when they are called bludging ratbags for wanting a free right to pollute, and not to pay the full cost their business incurs. I want to explore why this is, and give farmers a chance to defend their bludging.

One of the most perplexing parts of this bludging is the ?Two wrong make a Right? bludge. Farmers always come back with town sewerage pollutes waterways too ? and that means they should be allowed to pollute.? Read more »


Killer Cow attacks plane, pilot ok

Sharks get a bad rap, considred the pinnacle of killers they even have a whole week dedicated to them on Discovery Channel.

Yet cows and cattle kill far more people each year than sharks do.

Just yesterday Stuff reported an attack by a Killer Cow on an aircraft.

A top-dressing pilot has had a lucky escape after colliding with a cow during a takeoff from a rural Pahiatua airstrip this morning.

Police central communications acting shift commander Bruce Mackay said the collision resulted in undercarriage damage to the aircraft. ? Read more »


Questions for Farmers?


This website and my views are staunchly right-wing. The media loves to use that term thinking it is an insult…it isn’t.

I believe in free markets, that subsidies are evil, and that costs should fall on the costs of businesses that incur them.

Yet every time a post about bludging farming ratbags who want to get huge hand outs or make a private profit by socialising the costs the commenter’s in this blog start making all sorts of attacks on me and people who promote legitimate right-wing, free market thinking.? Read more »


Why cows attack, a new insight

I have frequently posted on the growing menace of cow attacks. ? Discovery Channel wimps out on the statistics here, doggedly continuing with Shark Week when it is a proven fact that cows are far more dangerous and Cow Week would provide a far more realistic anthology of terror.

This week, their allied channel Animal Planet maintains the fiction, with Monster Week featuring rarities like crocodile attacks, and nary a mention of Killer Cows. Despite another serious Cow attack in Britain.

A man has been hospitalised after being trampled by a herd of cows while he was out walking his dog in the countryside.

Emergency services were called to a field in St Neots, Cambridgeshire last night and rushed the man to hospital.

The patient, said to be in his 60s, was badly injured in the accident and required specialist treatment at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

My own theory is that cows attack because they are increasingly pissed off with being pushed around by smaller humans, and having their milk stolen.

But the authoritative source has now revealed a solid motivation for the bovine bash-artists – it is just their reasonable retaliation for Cow-Tipping assaults.? Read more »

Cattle Rustler Selling Socialist Dam

In a story that is almost too good to be true the keystone cops at the Hawkes Bay Regional Council have a cattle rustler Ian ?Rustle? Milner selling the dam to farmers in the dam catchment area.

Weber farmer and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council land management adviser, Ian Francis Milner, has admitted three charges of cattle theft.

Milner, 43, had originally pleaded not guilty to the charges and the matter was set down for a defended hearing.?A hearing date in March was not enough time for all of the evidence to be heard and the case was back in Dannevirke District Court earlier this week.

Milner, who owns Castlecliff Farm in Weber, 40km east of Dannevirke, admitted selling the 57 cattle at the saleyards and to the meatworks for a total of $41,866.58.His defence was that one of the owners of Alpha Tahi Cattle Farm Enterprises told him he could have the cattle as they had made an error with the scanning.?However, a serious oversight during cross-examination of witnesses led to Milner changing his plea. ? Read more »

Killer Cows strike again, this time it was a frenzied attack

Killer cows on the loose! ?This time they ganged up and performed a frenzied attack on an innocent passer-by.

I blame socialists and their?protectionist ways. ?Without the enormous subsidies the farmers?would’ve got rid of the cows and diversified into alpacas and angora?goats who’re a helluva a lot friendlier.

Damn the red stain, it’s claimed another victim!

A midwife is in hospital after she was stamped on, thrown and sat on by a herd of cows while walking her dog.

Emma Smith suffered serious chest wounds and crushed ribs in the attack as the cows tried to protect their young calves.

The 38-year-old was crossing a field when her dog disturbed a herd of cows and their offspring.

Miss Smith tripped and fell as the animals chased her and the cows then took turns to sit and roll on her. ? Read more »


Fed Farmers boss gives Greens an old fashioned shellacking

Over the weekend the?Sunday?Star Times?(also in the Press) repeated Green MP Eugenie Sage mouthing off that rural New Zealand?s drinking water is being destroyed by dairy cows.

Next we expect the Green Taliban will blame WW2 on Adolf Hitler?s desire to set up a mega dairy farm.

TV3?s gun researchers read the?Sunday?Star Times then called up Feds CEO to come in.??What they got was Conor English firing on all eight cylinders.? Even better he had the report to hand and you can?read it right here.? The summary is that 96% of water meets the standard.? Read more »

Loopy Greens everywhere

In NZ we have feed the Kids, in Aussie they have feed the Cows.

Conducting food drops for starving cattle is a “greenie, loopy idea”, Queensland’s national parks minister says.

However, state Greens Senator Larissa Waters says the option is better than opening up national parks to grazing.

The Queensland government will next week rush through legislation to open up five national parks and eight national reserves to help feed 25,000 cattle.

They’ll be able to graze on the land until the end of 2013. *

Taking the Cow Menace Seriously

It looks like someone is finally taking the menace of killer cows seriously.

Scientists are trying to create a ?health and safety? cow by genetically modifying the animals to have no horns, in order to reduce the risk of injuring farmers, walkers and other creatures.

Researchers are using gene-editing techniques to insert a DNA patch into the genome of Holsteins, Britain’s foremost dairy breed, to suppress horn growth.

The extra DNA has been taken from other breeds of cattle to create a dairy cow that is identical in every respect to existing livestock but without the horns.? Read more »