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You want sorry?

? NZ Herald

For ungrateful Cecil Walker wants sorry:

One of the Ports of Auckland strikers wants a public apology after leaked private information about his wife’s death became a weapon in the industrial action early this year.

Crane driver Cecil Walker said his union delegate had received an email from the Privacy Commission which indicated the port was responsible for the leak.

The commission had sought feedback from port management – a step taken when it reaches an adverse finding.

Personal details about the 2008 death of Mr Walker’s wife, Michelle, were published on the Whaleoil website after he was featured in a radio interview during the strike, including the amount of leave he took during her illness and details of the port’s efforts on behalf of the Walkers and their three children.

Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater, who enjoyed access to the ports during the strike, said the information had been sent anonymously from “multiple” sources. He said he had no regrets over its publication.

Enjoyed access??? WTF? Fisher really should?have?printed what I said when he rang me for comment. I said I asked the Port for access…they agreed…they also had TV3 on the port the same day I was there…were they also “enjoying access”?

But since Cecil wants sorrry…how about this:

Farrar on Industrial Law

Yesterday on Kiwiblog David Farrar wrote a post on Talleys and industrial law that a senior IR specialist has emailed the tipline about.

Farrar starts with the following premise:

Assuming it has been correctly reported,

A big assumption to make David. Firstly it has to be factually correct, not what Simon Oosterman has fed to the media. After the Cecil Walker incident anything that Simon Oosterman feeds the media needs to be treated with a huge amount of suspicion. Secondly it is a bold leap to assume that the journalist fact checked it before regurgitating Simon Oosterman’s press release.

Journalists, and bloggers who comment on journalists articles should take caution when dealing with anything Simon Oosterman tells them. As with Cecil Walker it is likely hide key facts, be shameless leftie spin and may only have a tenuous link to the full truth.

A reality check for Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman

In their ongoing protest against AFFCO wanting workers to do a fair days work for a 5% pay increase, Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman are using 1970?s tactics and media manipulation to try to win a battle they lost when Stan Rodger sorted out the unions in the 1980s.

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly has been with the striking workers as they travelled around the Talley’s houses, and will join them for a march in Nelson at midday.

”We’re showing what is going on in these communities of Wairoa, Wanganui, the Manawatu, and Morea to the communities of Nelson and Motueka,” she said.

The Talley family, ”one New Zealand family”, had inflicted incredible hardship on 1300 other New Zealand families, she said.

Helen and Simon ? this is 2012. Not forty years ago. The public of New Zealand are not on your side. The public do not care for your stupid rhetoric about one family causing hardship on another 1300 just as they didn?t side with the wharfies in Auckland who were getting paid $91,000 or more to work 26 hours a week.

If you really cared about your workers suffering hardship you would come to terms with Talleys rather than fighting your stupid, 1970?s ideological battle. In what might be news to you AFFCO have taken hundreds of your members who want a 5% pay increase for doing an honest days work, rather than fight your battles for you. And Simon, you have lost your touch with getting repeaters to repeat your stories in the media, maybe because you sold them a pup with people like Cecil Walker.

Want Privacy? Be Private, Ctd

I see the Herald editorial is spending yet another day talking about me.

The Maritime Union and their useful idiots in the media are milking the issue for all they are worth.

One thing that people should?have?learned from this whole episode is that I will tell the truth about lying union scum anytime I find out they are lying.

If you want to have privacy, then be private.

Don’t mount a very public campaign based on misconceptions and lies. Sometimes the truth hurts.


Privacy Bleaters

? NBR.co.nz

Jock Anderson is at his acerbic best in his opinion piece about the Ports privacy issue:

Unions come out swinging for public sympathy with tales of worker hardship and woe, the struggle to make ends meet, put food on the table and keep the starving family together.

In the Ports of Auckland dispute the employer hit back by revealing a hefty reality check ? an independent pay review which showed wharfies pay ranged from $91,000 to about $120,000, including some $30,000 in special allowances.

Hardly a breadline existence.

It is amazing that the unions still?maintain?the line that their workers are poverty stricken.

When the maritime union wheeled out striker Cecil Walker as the union?s allegedly hard-done-by poster boy, again the whole truth was not told.

When the truth emerged it showed a completely different picture.

It turned out Ports of Auckland was extremely generous and compassionate to Mr Walker at a time his wife was terminally ill.

In total, the employer gave Mr Walker 21 weeks paid leave to be by his wife?s side.

That is not the action of a cruel or mean employer ? quite the opposite.

To have Mr Walker then held up by his union as a wretched victim clearly infuriated the company.

It is no wonder the generous details hidden by the union found their way into the public arena.

How the truth got there is irrelevant.

And it was the truth. We know this because the bleating started immediately.

Union leaders, their political lackeys and media lapdogs who now bleat about some imagined breach of privacy need to take reality pills.

This is not a privacy circus and must not be allowed to become one.

In industrial clashes, as factions jockey to score points and win strategic support, the truth often goes out the window.

In such tense environments when fire is fought with fire, people get burned.

Welcome to the real world.

Helen Kelly is the biggest whinger of the lot. She is at her high pitched best right now speaking for the Maritime Union…no wonder the Talleys gave her short shrift at AFFCO. She is easily?excitable and mostly irrational.

Defamation or Outrageous Breach of Privacy?

Last week as pretty hectic was I continued to tell the truth about the Maritime Union, Garry Parsloe and Helen Kelly. Busting each and every one of their falsehoods that were feeding the gullible and accepting media.

Via my tipline I released the details of a wharfie who maligned the company that had been so generous to him.

Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe along with all the useful idiots of the leftwing of the blogosphere jumped up and down calling it an outrageous breach of privacy and a “disgraceful breach of trust“. The poor hard done by wharfie even went on television and had a bit of a sook about how outraged he was about the breach of privacy, and one of his mates sent threats via email.

Then after I went on Radio Rhema with Pat Brittenden to talk about the issue Helen Kelly went all septic and threatened legal action for slander and defamation of “her worker”.

Note her words…”slandered one of our members”…and…”got the facts completely wrong”…and…”completely untrue”. Strong and emphatic words, not much room for wriggle there.

Now this is where it gets interesting. In order for there to be a slander or a defamation of her worker then I must have not told truth. If, as I contend, I have told the truth then no defamation or slander has occurred. Neither is there a slander or defamation action possible against Radio Rhema if I told the truth.

Which puts the Maritime Union, Garry Parsloe and Helen Kelly in a difficult position.

Either I told the truth and there was an outrageous breach of privacy, and that is one position they have, after all they have complained to the Privacy Commissioner about it.

Or, it is a slander and defamation because I did not tell the truth and therefore their action with the Privacy Commissioner is about to fail.

The two positions cannot exist together.

I know what the truth is, and I can reasonably be assured that any defamation or slander action by Helen Kelly will fail as?spectacularly?as their strike action is currently failing.

They can stick with the line that I have slandered their worker, that everything I have said is “completely untrue” and that I got the “facts completely wrong”…and we can visit that and test it in court…or they can admit that their complaint to the Privacy Commissioner is now based entirely on lies. Of course the reverse is possible…that the details I released are in fact correct and Cecil Walker is an ungrateful and disloyal wretch, and that I haven’t slandered him at all.

As I have said above the two positions ?cannot possibly exist together. Helen Kelly has some choices to make.

Meet the Union Bully

Tamati Davie

I’ve been a bit busy today.

So have taken a bit of time to track down the bully.

This is him appearing in a MUNZ newletter?(Page 19).

Tamati, I don’t take kindly to bullies, I don’t take kindly to threats.

I’ll keep telling the truth about bullies and cowards like you and your pals Andrew Angus, Graham McKean, Craig Harrison, Carl Findlay and Grant Williams and yes Mita Skipper and your “bro” Cecil Walker.

So long as you?continue?with the?intimidation, the bullying, the racism and the lies I will continue to shine a light in your very dark corner.

You guys are cowards. No wonder you want more time off to go shopping with the missus…blouse shopping.

I am not afraid of bullies. I will stand up to it anytime it raises its head.

A threat from union bullies

via email this morning

Name: kereru

Email:[email protected]

Message: u leave cecil walker alone u bastard do u get off on this
kind of stuff tell u what anymore comments about my bros personal life
an u r going to get utu i aint fuken jokn etha its not hard to find
out were u r so back off


I’m not sure this union bully realises who he is dealing with.

What sort of a tough guy uses a stupid wood pigeon for a pseudonym?

No wonder these blouses want to spend time shopping with the missus.


UPDATE:?Removed the photo, apparently that isn’t the guy who threatened me…but I am on the trail of him.


Know your wharfies – Cecil Walker, Ctd

Have a listen to Cecil Walker change his story with Radio New Zealand.

In these clips, Mr Walker clearly complains about the company. ?He attacks POAL’s negotiating position, and even his current working conditions.

I don’t realistically think he can claim he never attacked the company, which is the same claim that Helen Kelly’s been making today as she tries to paint Mr Walker as the victim of a heartless employer (which BTW, appears to have looked after him pretty well).

Both clips C/O Red Radio: The station with the direct union hotline.

Brittenden v The Whale

I was on Pat Brittenden’s Radio Rhema show this morning to discuss the Ports Issue and Cecil Walker.

Raw?Audio File. Fixed the embedding issue.