Celia Wade-Brown

Celia rates the Wellington candidates for Mayor

justin Lester

Celia Wade-Brown, the outgoing Mayor of Wellington rates the contenders seeking to replace her.

She has backed Justin Lester, her deputy.

Celia Wade-Brown revealed she would rank Justin Lester No 1 on her voting paper?for October’s election.

She also took something of a?parting shot at the other contenders for her job, labelling them a mix of disruptive, dishonest and lacking the breadth of knowledge required to be mayor of the capital city.

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Let’s see how well Labour and the Greens work together in Wellington

The Green/Labour MOU states that they will?”consider ways we can?cooperate in the 2016 Local Government?elections”.

The first obvious test for that should be in Wellington.

The Greens have an existing mayor in Celia Wade-Brown while Labour is putting up her deputy, Justin Lester, to run against her.

Wellington’s mayoral team may be side-by-side for now, but they’ll come head to-head in next year’s local body elections.

Deputy mayor Justin Lester has broken his poker face and announced he will stand for the mayoralty in the October elections.

Lester, who will run on a Labour ticket, will be trying to oust his boss, mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

That doesn’t look hopeful for considering ways they can cooperate in the Local Government 2016 elections. ? Read more »

Another left-wing candidate for Wellington’s mayoralty

It seems the left-wing are having the same problems in Wellington with candidates that the centre-right are having in Auckland.

Celia Wade-Brown is standing again and Labour’s Justin Lester has put his name forward and is the presumptive favourite. Andrew Little even endorsed his campaign.

Now there is a wrinkle in the plan: Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett has now nominated for Wellington Mayor.

Porirua’s popular mayor Nick Leggett has this morning announced his bid for the Wellington mayoralty.

In a statement Mr Leggett said he believes Wellington is a great city which deserves great leadership and energy — the kind he claims he can offer.

“Wellington is a great city that deserves great leadership, but it’s been stalled at the lights in recent years.” ? Read more »

Weird cut/paste job for Wellington Council by former Labour MP

Moana Mackey has been writing reports for the Wellington City Council

It is a truly loopy report on a “Low Carbon Capital“.

But it appears she may have copy/pasted someone else’s work and claimed it as her own.

Her report says:

Globally cities consume two-thirds of the world’s energy and create over 70% of global?greenhouse gas emissions. Over 90% of all urban areas are coastal, putting most cities on Earth at risk of flooding from rising sea levels and powerful storms.

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Farrar will get himself all excited over this

Wellington City Council are going to experiment with online voting.

Selection of Wellington City Council to participate in a trial for online voting at next year?s local body elections has been welcomed by the Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

“We hope younger people and those with disabilities will take the opportunity to vote online and have their say in local body affairs,” she says.

Mayor Wade-Brown says engagement with the community is important for local authorities.

“We already use online mechanisms as a way of increasing participation in many council processes, from Smokefree issues to our Long Term Plan, so it makes sense for us to participate in the online voting trial. ?? Read more »

Green Mayor invites, promotes investment in Wellington from people with Chinky sounding names and companies

Someone has gone off the reservation.

The extension of Wellington Airport and housing projects in Shelly Bay are among the investment projects on the table when a delegation of business and Wellington City Council leaders visited China last week.

The council’s economic growth committee chair, Councillor Jo Coughlan, signed a memorandum of understanding with Fu Wah Properties and Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) during the visit.

It establishes a partnership to explore funding for proposals for Wellington International Airport’s expansion and hotel, a convention centre and hotel and housing developments in Shelly Bay.

The council owns 34 percent of the airport and infrastructure investor Infratil owns 66 percent and the projects have been mooted but not finalised. ? Read more »

Hey Aucklanders, the Wellington Mayor wants you to come live there

Green Taliban Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown has written a public appeal for Auckland refugees to consider Wellington as their next place to call home.

A world class city isn’t necessarily a mega city. Auckland and Wellington are the two truly urban economies in New Zealand; we have complementary strengths and there’s every reason that both can be world-class cities. Our cities compete globally – with Singapore and Sydney, more than with each other – and working together we can do a lot for NZ Inc.

Let’s face it: both cities have issues – Wellington’s modest economic growth over the past decade has motivated us to initiate an $800 million stimulus package, and Auckland’s rapid growth, with an extra 50,000 people arriving each year, is not without pain, especially in housing affordability and transport congestion.

Many of you in the City of Sails are “doing it tough”, working long hours and adding extra hours on to your day just to get there and back. Transport in Auckland isn’t easy and, for the thousands of renters looking to buy a home, you’ll be struggling to get started on the property ladder because the amount you can save isn’t near enough to what you need for a deposit.

Wellington is big enough to work with Auckland, grow our economies in tandem, and welcome new residents from Auckland or overseas – so there’s a good option for those wondering if the grass is greener – or at least more affordable, adventurous and sustainable – beyond the Bombay Hills.

I’d be convinced already, if I wasn’t totally confused as to what she’s on about. ? Read more »

Wellington white water white elephant proposed

Another bludging white water event centre is being mooted – this time in Wellington.

Nobody needs these stupid centres and internationally nobody uses them. Former white water facilities that were built for Olympic events are basically overgrown with weeds and unused.

Stands at Kayaking venue at the Helliniko Olympic Complex, Athens, the water course is drained and abandoned

Stands at Kayaking venue at the Helliniko Olympic Complex, Athens, the water course is drained and abandoned

A $7 million whitewater park could be in the pipeline for Wellington, with a proposal that could turn the capital into a mecca for river sports enthusiasts.

The multipurpose Wellington Rapid River park is the brainchild of kayaker and inventor Timon Maxey, who will pitch it to Wellington City Council next week. ?? Read more »

Mr Harry Wales


Wellington is getting the red carpet ready for Prince Harry’s visit today.

He touches down this afternoon, for his first New Zealand stopover.

He’ll be met at the military airport by John Key and Wellington’s Mayor Celia Wade-Brown. Read more »

Food Nutters Aotearoa, Ctd


There?s quite a storm brewing for the organisers of this week?s Food Nutters Aotearoa conference and speaking tour.

Even Twitter troll Philli Heard is all gee?d up over Huber?s speaking rort.


Maybe Philli Heard could actually ask Don Huber the questions loopy Green Taliban MP Steffan Browning is too scared to ask. ? Read more »