An interesting incident

Just been sent this from Facebook…


If true I hope he hasn’t talked himself out of a deserved ticket.

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Do you have ‘Text Neck’?


Have you heard of ‘text’ neck’?

I hadn’t until yesterday but apparently this is rife now and causing alarming injuries.

I wonder how long before ACC starts to record injuries as being caused by texting.

?Resea?rchers?at the National Library of Medicine have just found out that there is an epidemic sweeping America called?and this is possibly the best name for a medical condition since “micropenis”?”text neck”.

Text neck. Text. Neck. It’s when you look down at your phone too much?when walking down the street, perhaps, or when you’re sitting in front of me at the cinema, or at the bar instead of talking?and the weight of your big dumb head plus the Earth’s gravity puts unbearable strain on your neck and spine. The condition can cause muscle strain, pinched nerves, herniated discs, and, over time, even remove your neck’s natural curve. And all because you had to keep an eye on your group text message while someone went through a bad breakup. All because you were taking a screenshot of a fun interaction you had on Tinder.

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Angry voicemail used to advertise the company

Caution: ?bad language

Snoopy cow moans about loss of trust

What is it with people, usually women I might add, who go snooping through their partner’s email and phones and then express shock and outrage at what they find?

Hi there,

I’ve been with my husband for six years, married for three years.

Recently I found photos on his phone of women tattood half naked, bent over?in g-strings. Then to top it off, the day after I found photos on his phone?I was on the computer looking in the history and found he had been looking up
porn and websites for one night stands.

I’ve confronted him, he swears it didn’t?mean anything, but as for the computer stuff he has nothing to say.

Any advice … what do I do?


This is the question asked in Stuff’s Life & Style section. The response is equally stupid talking about porn addiction and trust and all sorts of mumbo-jumbo.

Dear Confused,

You must be experiencing a range of mixed feelings right about now!

I’m reading between the lines here, but?I wonder if you are struggling with feelings of unfaithfulness?

Pornography can be very addictive,?but more problematic is the issue of trust and seeking one night stands.

You have to decide where?your boundaries are and what you expect from your partner. What is he willing to do to address the?issue? When these kinds of behaviours enter into your relationship and are not addressed it opens the?door to all kinds or problems rising up.

Some couples enjoy pornography and see it as a healthy part?of their relationship, but this has to be mutual. If it’s not and it sounds like it is not from your email, then you need to?talk this through and develop some agreements that will begin to repair that damage and restore?trust, and be prepared that this may take some time and it won’t happen overnight.

All the best with your road ahead,

A better response would have been to tell off the snoopy cow for going looking…I mean what was she expecting to find…she went snooping. If anyone has trust issues it is now the snoopy cow’s partner who knows the missus likes trawling through his emails when he isn’t looking.

She has made enormous assumptions, jumped to conclusions and probably read things out of context…and on top of that went skulking around behind his back and she is now crying a river of tears at what she has found.

Why was she looking in the first place? There is a hint right there.

Stupid people do stupid things and there is nothing good that comes from looking at someone’s emails and phone messages…without their permission.

I bet I could take Lesley’s emails and texts even and turn them into something they aren’t.

Snoopy cows deserve everything they find.

Will that be Bedlam, or non-Bedlam

Yesterday I was bemused by a mother and son team walking along, both on their mobile phones at the time, and I could hear them word for word from other side of the street. ?The son was effin and blinding at someone to complete the little real-life vignette.

Imagine these people inside a bus.

Or a plane.

Or a whole plane full of them….

Scott Mayerowitz reports

Airline passengers have already been stripped of their legroom, hot meals and personal space. Now, they might also lose their silence.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering lifting its longtime prohibition on making cellphone calls on airplanes, saying it is time “to review our outdated and restrictive rules.”

But for many passengers, that would mean the elimination of one of the last sanctuaries from our hyper-connected world. Everybody wants the ability to stay connected while traveling, but nobody wants to be trapped next to some guy yapping away during the entire trip. ? Read more »


Just don’t do it

Debasing the social atmosphere

An Indian village has banned women using cellphones…for “debasing the social atmosphere”…true…?apparently?cellphones facilitate easier elopement.

Instead of a nod and wink and a bit of how’s your father it is sly txts and off you go:

A?village council?in the eastern Indian state of?Bihar?has banned the use of mobile phones?by women, saying the phones were “debasing the?social atmosphere” by leading to elopements – a move that set off outraged protests from activists.

In addition to the ban, the Sunderbari village council in a Muslim-dominated area some 385 kilometers (239 miles) east of Patna, the capital of Bihar, has also imposed a fine of 10,000 rupees ($180) if a girl is caught using a mobile phone on the streets.

Married women?would have to pay 2,000 rupees ($36.60).

“It always gives us a lot of embarrassment when someone asks who has eloped this time,” said Manuwar Alam, who heads a newly-formed committee tasked with enforcing the ban, referring to queries from neighbouring villages.

He said the number of elopements and extramarital love affairs had risen in the past few months, with at least six girls and women fleeing their homes.

“Even married women were deserting their husbands to elope with lovers. That was shameful for us,” Alam said. “So, we decided to tackle it firmly. Mobile phones are debasing the social atmosphere”.

Local officials have begun investigations, saying that such bans cannot be allowed in a healthy society, while women’s rights activists called it an assault on freedom that could potentially end up harming women by stripping them of one source of protection from trouble, such as unwanted advances by men.

“Girls and women are capable enough to protect themselves,” said activist Suman Lal during a debate on local television. “Technology is meant to be used, not to be banned…The order is nauseating.”


Poor driving decisions – EPY310

via the tipline

This guy started tail gating us, so we got a picture of him doing it. When we stopped? in Matamata, he got out, holding the traffic up, and opened my car door and told me “You had better delete those photos you little c*nt” and walked back to his Ute.

EPY310 - Flipping the bird while tailgating

EPY310 - Tailgating while distracted

EPY310 - Using a cellphone while tailgating

EPY310 - Using a cellphone while tailgating

EPY310 - Flipping the Bird while tailgating

EPY310 - Flipping the Bird while tailgating

I note that not only was this guy using a cellphone and distracted while tailgating my informant, he was also towing a trailer. My informant tells me he was travelling at the speed limit which means that Mr Cock driving EPY310 was also breaking the speed limit for vehicles towing, exceeding the limit by 10km/h or more.

Silly, silly man on multiple accounts. Firstly by tailgating a Whaleoil reader, secondly by using a cellphone by doing it, thirdly for getting photographed and lastly for threatening the avid Whaleoil reader who also knows how to use email. Famous for all the wrong reasons.