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Cellphones fry your brain…oh wait…no they don’t


The tinfoil hat brigade will tell you that cellphones give you cancer…and when you ask them for evidence they invariably have none but maintain they read it somewhere.

Well now you can read it here…cellphones do not give you cancer.

New research from the University of Auckland shows the risk of brain tumours cannot be linked with with increased mobile phone use.

Professor Mark Elwood, cancer epidemiologist at the University of Auckland, led research on the trends in primary brain incidence in New Zealand between 1995 and 2010. Results indicate there is no general increase in brain tumours as a consequence of using mobile phones.

Elwood?s team examined the frequency (yearly incidence) of brain cancers, both in total and in sub-types highlighted in some other studies, in New Zealand from 1995 to 2010 using data from the New Zealand national cancer registry. ? Read more »

If you are thinking of bugging your partner’s phone you already know the answer

Spying on cellphones of partners is on the rise.

I suspect it will be more women spying on their partners than the other way around, though when blokes do it isn’t to find out what they are up to it is about being manipulative and controlling.

Still if you are thinking of spying on your partner because you suspect they are playing away then you probably already have your answer.

Spying on spouses and partners through mobile phone bugging systems has reached epidemic proportions, according to pressure groups monitoring electronic abuse in the UK.

They warned women to guard against the growing use of ‘spyware’ which can tell a suspicious husband, boyfriend or former partner how they are using their phones. ? Read more »

Knock on the Roof

Those Israelis are smart. Their new “knock on the roof” method of warning of strikes is cool:

The Israeli military let it be known that it was using this tactic ? known as ?knock on the roof? ? again during Operation Pillar of Defence. It involves firing low-explosive ?teaser? bombs or missiles onto houses designated for destruction, with the intention of making an impact serious enough to scare the inhabitants into fleeing their homes before they are destroyed completely.

Israel makes much of the fact that it always tries to warn civilian inhabitants of impending bombings. The new procedure is a twist on the established ?knock on the door? method, which involved telephoning a house ? with a recorded message, or using an Arabic-speaking air-force operator ? to inform the inhabitants that in a few minutes the building would be destroyed. Sometimes phones that had been disconnected for months because the bill hadn?t been paid were suddenly reactivated in order to relay these warnings. According to the Israeli military, during the last 24 hours of Pillar of Defence, thousands of such calls were made to residents of Gaza, warning them of incoming strikes. (Israel can penetrate Gaza?s communication networks so easily because its telephone networks and internet infrastructure are routed through Israeli servers, which has advantages both for the gathering of intelligence and the delivery of propaganda.)

Of course, many inhabitants of Gaza don?t have a landline or a mobile phone. In these cases, an IDF spokesperson recently explained, the military?s legal experts recommend the use of leaflets to encourage people to leave their houses before they are destroyed. Teaser bombs are just another means of sending a warning.

1500 Words you must not txt in Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunuications Authority has issued a list of 1500 you must not txt:

Officials at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have issued a list of 1,500 words that must be automatically censored from text messages by celphone service providers. The list includes “more than 50 phrases using the word “fuck” and 17 involving “butt”.

The list includes several apparently innocuous words and phrases, including “flatulence”, “deposit” and “fondle”. Others would likely only make sense to frustrated teenagers. Among the more printable terms are “strap-on”, “beat your meat”, “crotch rot”, “love pistol”, “pocket pool” and “quickie”.

The Guardian has more:

Among the more printable terms are “strap-on”, “beat your meat”, “crotch rot”, “love pistol”, “pocket pool” and “quickie”.

The officials’ flair for the task was apparent, with prohibition embracing more figurative?language, such as “flogging the dolphin”, and 51 terms with the suffix “ass” ? although only one variation of the word ‘arse’. There were 17 variants on “tit” and 33 on “cock”, with officials managing to produce eight obscenities involving the word “foot”.

Mobile phone firms were ordered to stop messages including the offending words this week, although tests by the Guardian suggested the blocking technology was not 100% effective.

Mayor's domain set to increase

Mayor Cameron BrewerThe self-appointed Mayor of Newmarket is set to get a massive increase in his constituency.

The Newmarket Business Association ran a poll of local businesses and property owners in the areas just outside of the current boundaries came back with a 91.4% acceptance to be included in Newmarket’s zone.

The self-appointed Mayor must be very pleased with this result and with the increase in new constituents that will result.

It is a testament to the value that locals have for the business association and Mayor Brewer’s management that they would vote by a landslide for this boundary extension and the resulting extension of the Mayor’s already impressive ego.


John Slater elected chair of Newmarket Business

John Slater has been elected chair of Newmarket Business Association.

Former National Party President John Slater was elected chairman of the Newmarket Business Association at the organisation's Annual General Meeting on 28 September. Mr Slater is also current president of the Auckland Citizens and Ratepayers Association.

"This is great news for New Zealand's premier retailing district. John is a very positive person and to have someone of his calibre at the top of the table is only going to help Newmarket cement its leading position in the marketplace," said Cameron Brewer, general manager of the Newmarket Business Association.

Mr Slater owns and manages Creazioni Italian Kitchens, on the roundabout, 25 Broadway.