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No money for Joneses creditors – 04 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand Business, Markets, Currency and Personal Finance News

When the Joneses went tits up they left creditors holding the baby for $6.59 million. The liquidator reckons that there isn’t enough money to even bother having a creditors meeting.

The Joneses had assets of $16,000 cash, $152,000 owed to the business by debtors or in commissions and $30,000 in office equipment.

But any wealth was far outstripped by what the business owed. Liabilities included $524,000 owed to trade and other creditors.
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The cash will now be in the liquidators pocket, they always get paid.

Oh the lost opportunity!!!

The Ribena case has hit the world stage.

This is the case where two school girls showed that Ribena has not one skerrick of Vitamin C in it despite the manufacturers claims. It is in fact nothing more than lolly water.

As Cactus Kate pointed out there are massive lost opportunities for the two young idealistic Pakuranga college scientists. They could be millionaires by now and still managed to leak their findings out to the media. Here a summary of world-wide stries on this debacle.

Sheesh, make that multimillionaires…..the damage couldn't get any worse, could it?

Telecom sells Yellowpages for $2.24b

Telecom has sold off The Yellowpages for $2.24b to Hong Kong-based private equity fund CCMP Capital Asia and Canada's Teachers' Private Capital.

The deal is subject to Overseas investment office approval.

The power of youth

Two Pakuranga College school girls have humbled GlaxoSmithKline over their claims about Ribena.?

When they first discovered that GSK was misleading consumers they got the fob off from the company, but they persisted. The girls contacted the Advertising Standards Authority, and Brandpower, but still got again got the fob off from governmental bodies that should know better. Undeterred they went to Fair Go whopicked up the story and suggested the girls take their findings to the Commerce Commission.

The Commerce Commission has now decided to prosecute. GlaxoSmithKline will appear in Auckland District Court on Tuesday to face charges alleging 15 breaches of the Fair Trading Act.

Hahahaha….One hopes these two don't get in blogging, world watch out.

Gattung gone 30 June

Theresa Gattung has announced that she will leave Telecom on 30 June.

Punters flea-ced at casino

Visitors to Auckland’s Sky City Casino are getting more than they bargained for as are the staff after the casino has become infested with fleas.

Some staff are wearing flea collars in an attempt to combat the little suckers.

Either the staff and clientele are seriously lacking in social graces or the anti-gambling lobby has found a novel way to limit people’s time at the machines.

Still if you go to the casino you are likely to get flea-ced.

Woosh continues to lose money

woosh  (woosh (wsh, wsh)


1. A sibilant sound: the woosh of the high-speed internet provider spending money..
2. A swift movement or flow; a rush or spurt especially of money going down the gurgler.
3. The sound a colostomy bag makes when bumped.
intr.v. whooshed also wooshed, whoosh·ing also woosh·ing, whoosh·es also woosh·es

1. To make a soft sibilant sound.
2. To move or flow swiftly with or as if with such a sound.

Email debacles infect Corporates as well

The board of Vector has been decimated and it seems that it was offensive and inaccurate emails flying about that has caused the problem.

OK email 101 for Dummies.

Never, ever put anything in an email that you wouldn’t put on a postcard, ever. Got that.

If they are balking, the law will probably work

The Real Estate Institute is getting all puss-faced over Clayton Cosgroves suggestions for re-regulating the thieving scum industry.

If they are squealing like little piggy’s then I think Clayton Cosgrove is onto a winner with this one.

"The Kruk" is under investigation

Andrew "The Kruk" Krukziener is currently facing a possible legal ban from managing companies, after multiple business collapses associated with Auckland's landmark Metropolis tower.

The Companies Office is looking at banning him from running companies as a result which could affect his directorship in over 80 companies.