Central Hawke’s Bay District

Shameful lack of detail from HBRIC on Ruataniwha

I attended a public meeting in Napier last night about the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

The meeting was supposed to provide information for ratepayers from opposing sides. An admirable aim from the HB Today.

However it seemed it was a lopsided affair from the get go.

The meeting was standing room only as pro-dam supporters bussed in supporters from down Waipukurau way. There was also no public input, other than questions put to the opposing side harvested from readers of HB Today.

The real travesty though was from HBRIC, the regional council owned “investment” company who rolled in a ?tag team of opinionated wankers who proceeded to hijack any discussion with rude asides about their opponents, had twice as much or three times the amount of access to the microphone, and their rowdy supporters calling time on any opposing speaker before they really got going.

What was really shameful though was that all the barracking rude comments were led by the Central Hawkes Bay District Council Mayor, Peter Butler. This is the mayor of a district and he was barracking against speakers from the get go.

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson took a much lower key approach, hiding in the audience (he appears to have had a hair cut), even when his team lacked the courage to answer one particularly tough question put to them.


Fenton “Jong un” Wilson. (The green boots to the left are those of Green MP Catherine Delahunty)

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Bludging Socialists want a Hand Out

Waipawa corporate bludgers Gavin Streeter (left), and Shane Heaton were walking the streets of Waipukurau yesterday, drumming up support for a gathering of like minded bludgers this Friday.

Waipawa corporate bludgers Gavin Streeter (left), and Shane Heaton were walking the streets of Waipukurau yesterday, drumming up support for a gathering of like minded bludgers this Friday.

Central Hawkes Bay business owners are having a rally in support of the dodgy socialist dam.

They want the rest of local ratepayers?to build a dam in their area and let farmers turn the rivers toxic just so they can make more money.

The daily grind has taken a back seat this week for two Waipawa businessmen who are organising a rally in Waipukurau to support the proposed Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.? Read more »

Dodgy Socialists Having a Sook about their Dam being Blocked

The Socialist Ratbags at the Hawkes Bay Regional Council tried to impose a rule change on the Tukituki River that would have turned it toxic.

They wanted to allow businesses to pollute the river to toxicity by not managing Nitrogen. This single nutrient management approach was found by the Board of Inquiry to be hopeless and they couldn?t work out why the ratbag scientists had changed their opinion from saying you had to manage N to that you didn?t have to manage N.

The Ruataniwha dam could be “put on ice” pending a legal challenge if strict environmental controls proposed for the Tukituki catchment are confirmed by a board of inquiry.

The same environmental controls could have a big impact on major primary sector employers in Hawke’s Bay, and cost the region jobs, the regional council was told yesterday.

A new environmental regime – setting limits on nutrient levels and river flows in the Tukituki catchment – is part of a draft decision handed down by the board of inquiry that considered the consent application for the $275 million Ruataniwha dam and irrigation scheme for Central Hawke’s Bay.

For those that don?t know what happened, the dodgy socialists at the HBRC wanted to piss away close to $300m of taxpayers and ratepayers money on a dam that would have benefited 150 farmers. ? Read more »

Should a Dodgy Socialist Council be Allowed to Pour Sewage into a River?


Waipawa River and town effluent

The Socialist Central Hawkes Bay Council believe that they have a right to pour brown sewage water into the Waipawa River.

As this photo shows the clear Waipawa River has shit poured into it from the Waipawa effluent ponds.? Read more »

Central Hawkes Bay Council thinks their sh*t doesn’t stink

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

The dodgy socialist council in Central Hawkes Bay keeps sticking their hand out for money to ?save? their district, as long as someone else pays for it.

They have bludged off the regional council so they can stop pouring shit into the rivers, because they won’t pay for it themselves.

Now they are claiming that their shit doesn?t stink, and hasn?t stunk up the river.

The council’s technical services manager, Steve Thrush, says the new plant in Waipawa has been offline for adjustments since before Christmas, but it is still meeting the conditions of its resource consent.? Read more »

Pouring Shit into Rivers, Ctd

The other day I blogged about the Central Hawkes Bay District Council pouring shit into the Tukituki and Waipawa Rivers.

Tomorrow is the last day for submissions on this.

If you don?t think it is good enough to pour shit into rivers you can tell the CHB council by?submitting to their draft Long Term Plan.

Tell them you expect them to adhere by the following consents:

Waipukarau Discharge DP030231Wa & DP030859Aa
Waipawa Discharge DP030232Wa & DP030860Aa

You can see where the shit goes into the Tukituki from the settling ponds in the picture below.

The Waipawa has shit poured into it here: