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EPMU Staff get $45k Pay Rise?

Another Observation by the Owl:

The EPMU Registered Charity, The Engineering Training And Education Foundation have awarded their staff with a $45k pay rise

The 2009 Annual Accounts as filed show there was 3 staff earning a total of $183,709.00 (Average $61,236.00)
The 2010 Annual Accounts as filed show there was 2 staff earning a total of $213,989.00 (Average $106,994.00)

This information is filed on the document and they are required to file the number of full and part-time staff which the Charity has done.

All information has been sourced off the Charities Commission website and is available in the public domain.

The Owl’s Observation:
I actually think the staff numbers are 3 but there must have been someone away on the day of the head count or one person left and they appointed 2 part-time staff. If it is actually still 3 people then the average pay increase $10,094.00 or a 16.4% pay increase.