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Government to end the charity rort

Turns out a lot of complaining is coming from sports clubs that have held charitable status now that Internal Affairs is casting a critical eye over the claim they are charities.

Plans to field New Zealand entrants in all 14 rowing events at next year’s Rio Olympics are threatened by a drive by government officials to deregister potentially hundreds of sporting bodies from the register of charities.

Rowing New Zealand, which supported this week’s Halberg Awards supreme winners Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, says the move threatens its plan to raise $1 million from philanthropic donors to send more rowers to Rio than it has fielded in past Olympics.

Swimming New Zealand has been deregistered already on the same grounds that its promotion of competitive swimming is “an end in itself” and is not “charitable”.

Its chief executive Christian Renford said the change might force cuts in water safety and learn-to-swim programmes. He has called a meeting with other sporting codes on Monday to discuss a cross-sports response.

The 50 members of the 117-year-old Cambridge Bowling Club are bewildered by a letter from the Internal Affairs Department’s Charities Services saying their club will be deregistered unless they provide evidence by Monday proving their activities are charitable.

Pimp the Poor expert Simon Collins is on full flight here, trying to make it sound like sports clubs will go broke if they are no longer allowed to claim charitable status.

Here’s the thing – I take donations, and I have to pay tax on those. ? And Whaleoil is no more a charity than a local bowling club. ? Read more »

Who has the courage to call an end to the Destiny Church rort?

Someone suggested to me some time ago that I should turn Whaleoil into a charity, possibly even a church. ?It would have enormous benefits. ?Although I appreciated the joke, it’s not something I could ever do and look at myself in the mirror. ?Charities and churches have a special place in society, and this is recognised by the state going easy on them when it comes to taxes.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ‘charities’ that pay out 2 cents in the dollar while the principals live the life of Riley.

Destiny Church do many good things. ?The cost has always been the ostentatious lifestyle the poor fund through their tithes. ?It’s a lose/lose proposition to try and tear it apart, as you will also destroy the good that is being done.

However, rules are rules, and by the time accountability to the public disappears, it is time for the appropriate government agencies to crawl up Destiny and its affiliated charities with a financial proctology instrument.

Destiny Church bought five cars – including a luxury Audi – through one of its charities that is more than a year overdue in filing an annual return.

Financing statements filed with the Companies Office show Te Hahi o Nga Matamua Holdings Ltd bought a new Audi Q7 valued at $100,000, to be used by church leaders Brian and Hannah Tamaki, on a lease purchase arrangement.

The charity, which last filed an annual return in 2012, also bought four Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6 3.5s valued at $27,990 each.

According to the Charities Register, the charity’s main purpose is for community development, religious activities and fundraising. Read more »

Greenpeace going to court again pretending they aren’t involved in politics

Greenpeace is suing the Electoral Commission because the Commission has said that their advertising is a political advert and must contain a promoter statement.

Environmental groups are taking the Electoral Commission to court over a ruling on a climate change campaign.

Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, WWF and others launched the Climate Voter initiative last month.

But the Electoral Commission says the campaign counts as an “election advertisement”, and is therefore subject to rules around wording of communications and spending restrictions.

Greenpeace says the ruling could gag grassroots advocacy groups – and the organisations are planning to take a freedom of speech test case to the High Court.

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Greenpeace ratbags shaking down petitioners for cash

It looks like Greenpeace is doorstepping people for cash using details from petitions that gullible fools signed.

Greenpeace is using the contact details from people who sign petitions to cold-call them and ask for donations.

The tactic has been labelled invasive, unethical and a possible breach of privacy by a Victoria University marketing professor.

Is there literally nothing these ratbags won’t stoop to?

However, Greenpeace New Zealand fundraising director Michael Tritt said it would be “wrong” if it did not use the details people provided when they signed petitions.

“People aren’t silly. They know if they put down a phone number or email, there will be some form of communication.”

It is believed to be the first New Zealand charity to use the tactic, which it says is in response to shrinking takings from street collections as competition increases.

Mr Tritt supplied The Dominion Post with a copy of a petition against shark finning, which said in small print that it would use details “to keep you informed about ways to get involved with this campaign, as well as Greenpeace’s other activities, funding etc”. ?? Read more »

Greenpeace in breach of the law

Oh dear, what do we have here? The Green Taliban are just too clever by half when it comes to online campaigns.

Greenpeace NZ, the High Imans of the Green Taliban, ?have set up a fake Simon Bridges website which mimics the original one, apart from the fake oil spill which duly creeps up over your page.

What they don’t realise is:

1. They have illegally used the Parliamentary crest

2. They have illegally used the National Party logo without National’s authorisation

3. They have used a false authorisation statement (printing Bridge’s actual authorisation on their fake page)? Read more »

Family First deregistered as a charity

Family First has been de-registered as a charity by the Charities Commission.

Family First national director Bob McCoskrie says the group has received notification from the Charities Commission that it will be deregistered.

“The Commission argues that Family First’s efforts to represent the voice of 80 per cent-plus of families on the anti-smacking law or half of New Zealanders on attempts to redefine marriage, for example, have no ‘public benefit’, and that it is in the ‘public interest’ for Family First to be deregistered,” Mr McCoskrie says.

Political advocacy, including advocacy for a law change, is not regarded as charitable under the Charities Act, according to the Charities Commission website.? Read more »

Greenpeace still engaging in politics

Greenpeace is trying frantically to get its charitable status back…they even went to great lengths to clan up their website of all political lobbying and brand destruction campaigns they have orchestrated.

But they just couldn’t help themselves with the TPPA negotiations…they are back at it. I just hope someone will inform the Charities Commission of their activities. They even have a political cartoon on the page.


EPMU Pads Books With Pike River funds

NBR Online:

The dodgy accounting practices of the EPMU have been looked at by the NBR, in?particular?the accounting for donations for the Pike River miners families:

The EPMU is defending delays in establishing a trust for Pike River mine disaster families after questions were raised about its accounts.

The country’s largest private sector union was one of many organisations to take donations after the November 2010 disaster, in which 29 men were killed.

EPMU communications director Neale Jones?told NBR ONLINE it had raised $750,926 by the end of last year, and money is still trickling in.

Payments totalling $344,745 were made to the Grey District Council’s fund early last year, but the balance of $406,181 is still on its accounts to December 31, 2011, published on the Societies and Trusts Online website this month.

That money had been earmarked for an educational fund for the killed miner’s families.

Questions were raised on the Whale Oil blog about?the union’s lack of transparency?and, at worst, whether the EPMU was using the money to boost its accounts.

Mr Jones says the union has applied to the Charities Commission to register the EPMU Pike River Family Education Trust.

Money should be dispersed within a few months, he says ? likely before the two-year anniversary of the disaster.

Why has it taken this long?

“It’s quite a complex process having to work out how that’s all distributed and then seeing who’s eligible,” Mr Jones says.

While left-wingers are ranting at finance company directors let us have a look?at the union who it appears are cooking their own books.

Even Rod Petricevic didn’t use funds donated for dead workers to make himself look better on paper than he was.

Has the Union borrowed money from thrid parties based on these padded accounts?

Mr Jones says the union is holding the Pike River money in a separate bank account and the interest is going back into the fund. The union’s auditors insisted if the money was being held it had to appear on its accounts.

“It’s a transparent process and our accounts are public.”

And a good thing too the accounts are public, because we can see that the EPMU is basically?presenting dodgy accounts.

The fund was started prior to 2010 balance date so if the unions auditors insisted on the fund showing on the balance sheet then they should have corrected the 2010 accounts as well and not show the net balance in 2011. Maybe the prior period error of $1m is part of it?

But the bottom line is this,?the treatment of the fund is wrong. The auditors can insist on showing on their books all they like but why haven’t they shown the liability for the payment out which would reduce the balance sheet. It is known as a contingent liability. To not show this is materially affecting the position shown in the accounts.

There can be only one reason to show only one side of the ledger in properly accounting for those funds and that is to make the accounts look better than they really are.


The Owl has been doing some more work. Andrew Little is more than a bit miffed as well, that the harsh spotlight of?accountability?is being shone on his little schemes.

The Owl notes:

The Engineering Training and Education Foundation run by the EMPU was incorporated in 1991 by a?number of well meaning Union people. The Owl has read the original Deed of Trust.

The Union members ?Trustees? identified the need for helping out those in trades and created this?Foundation with a $10,000.00 capital base. The Owl applauds these founding Trustees and anyone who?is interested in training and education.

As you read through the Deed it is all about training and education ? The Owl is grateful whoever posted?the original Deed of Trust on the Charity Commissions website on 14th July 2008.

10 days later, Andrew Little (as the Certifying Officer name appearing on the Charities Commission?website) upgrades the purpose of the Foundation to Training Research and Advocacy.

The date is 24th July 2008. ? Pretty bland stuff and probably in-line with general requests for upgrading?such information the Charity Commission asks from time to time.

If my memory serves me right I think in 2008 the Charity Commission did a big sweep of their database?so that would explain all the information upgrade.

However Andrew Little was not appointed an Officer until 5th December 2008 ? some 5 months later.?(Refer Charity Website) ? oops!

NOTE: All information is taken from the Charity Commission website and is in full view of the public who?wish to read. This information is provided on such websites for public scrutiny. The Owl draws no other?conclusions. The Owl never swears and always apologises if he makes a mistake or an oops! in this?case.

EPMU Staff get $45k Pay Rise?

Another Observation by the Owl:

The EPMU Registered Charity, The Engineering Training And Education Foundation have awarded their staff with a $45k pay rise

The 2009 Annual Accounts as filed show there was 3 staff earning a total of $183,709.00 (Average $61,236.00)
The 2010 Annual Accounts as filed show there was 2 staff earning a total of $213,989.00 (Average $106,994.00)

This information is filed on the document and they are required to file the number of full and part-time staff which the Charity has done.

All information has been sourced off the Charities Commission website and is available in the public domain.

The Owl’s Observation:
I actually think the staff numbers are 3 but there must have been someone away on the day of the head count or one person left and they appointed 2 part-time staff. If it is actually still 3 people then the average pay increase $10,094.00 or a 16.4% pay increase.