Pedro comes good, lashes Dotcom’s purchase of two political parties

I'm coming to steal your democracy

I’m coming to steal your democracy

I honestly didn’t think Patrick Gower had it in him, his campaigning recently has been awful to watch, but yesterday he came good with an epic rant of the similar proportions to his rants previously about rorts and dodgy deals.

So kudos to Pedro…he has come good.

The Hone-Dotcom-Laila political triangle is one of the dirtiest deals in New Zealand political history.

It is as dirty as National-Act in Epsom.

It is as dirty as the Key-Dunne deal in Ohariu.

Frankly, Lalia Harr? made me feel sick today when she said “it’s time for New Zealanders to take back MMP”.

That’s because Laila Harr? is wrecking MMP.

Hone Harawira is wrecking MMP.

And Kim Dotcom is wrecking MMP.

They are using Harawira’s seat and MMP’s “coat-tail” rule to get a back-door entry into Parliament.

It is a rort.? Read more »

Like with everything, Kim Dotcom is buying his candidates

How much of a political loser is the Crook?of Coatesville that he has to pay people to even stand for his sham of a political party.

My tip would be for all the halfwits that get sucked into his bribe to ask for cash up front, because?if it’s anything like his workers, you’re certain that you’ll struggle to get paid by this fraudster.

All those visits by Winston Peters to the Dotcom Mansion must has rubbed off, Kim Dotcom is becoming a bigger political charlatan than Winston.

#Internetpartypicnic #dotbomb

Total fail.


and you’d think the party visionary would pull a bigger crowd than this;

Do you think these muppets are starting to get the picture that starting a political party and successfully operating it is a little more difficult than tweeting a few followers and sycophantically dancing along behind the Pied Piper of Idiots?

Politician of the Week – Nick Smith

Much and all that it grates, it needs to be done, through gritted teeth. Nick Smith is?Politician?of the Week

“Cantabrians have been through enough trauma without?charlatans preying on people’s natural fears.”

Lets start calling people by their proper names. Ken Ring is?a Charlatan. Nick Smith tells Ken Ring what he really is.

a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or?skill than he or she possesses; quack.