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Green Hypocrisy on Coat-tailing and strategic voting

The Green taliban are at their sanctimonious best with their hyperbole over strategic voting and coat-tailing.

The only way they are going to get into power is because of coat-tailing and strategic voting.

But while they hyperventilate over it we should perhaps remind ourselves of their hypocrisy.

First up is Denise Roche and her outright lies despite being caught on camera,?where she?secretly endorsed Jacinda Ardern – while Labour railed against the cup of tea?

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Vernon Small on Labour’s “issues”

Yesterday Vernon Small wrote about the biggest issue facing Labour ahead of this year’s election.

Well the biggest problem after the issue with their tits leader….rejuvenation…or rather the lack of it.

?In politics rejuvenation rates alongside succession planning. Both are easy catchcries and generally seen as “a good thing”.

In reality they are a type of parliamentary Nimby-ism – nice to have if it is someone else who is vacating a seat, and fine as long as you are not the leader whose replacement is being groomed.

On the National side of the aisle rejuvenation is in full swing. At last count 14 MPs have either gone or are going out of a caucus of 59. It is generally accepted as a worthwhile and necessary refreshment of the party. Certainly it is being handled well and without any overt bloodletting. No dummies have been spat in the remaking of the National caucus.

Of course if the polls were different it would be a different story. Shave a theoretical five points off the Government and give it to the Opposition and the narrative might be akin to the “rats leaving a sinking ship” theme that Labour leader David Cunliffe has tried to get up.

But that just looks lame when the last three polls had National harvesting enough support to govern alone.? Read more »

Any more policy u-turns for Labour?

Are there more policy u-turns on power coming tomorrow from current Leader David Shearer?

One of Labour’s big promises under the failed Phil Goff was to?excuse state owned power?companies from returning a dividend (except for new generation).

The same dividends that they said would be gone forever under asset sales…they do like having their cake and eating too.

Labour is quoting heroic returns from the state owned energy companies to try to make its fairy tale numbers look more credible. ?The problem for Phil Goff is that he?s already promised Labour would forgo dividends from power companies. Did he lie to the Labour Party faithful during his speech to their congress in 2009?? Read more »

Labour’s crony appointments

Labour is making much of crony appointments at the moment. From the sounds of it they will be implementing the Hipkins Standard quite?forcefully?when they get back in power.

Truth has helpfully published a list of crony appointments made during their term as a point of reference:

Most are former staffers, advisers, union flunkies, spouses of senior regime members, former MPs and some who were to become MPs.
All were appointed under Clark?s watch.
-?Ross Armstrong,
-?Lesley Soper,
-?Simon Mitchell,
-?Louisa Wall,
-?Shane Jones,
-?Graham Hill,
-?Rosslyn Noonan,
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A reader emails…

The comments about this blog being biased are incredibly?revealing – both the one today by the list MP and even Chauvel’s?comments.

By complaining about bias in a blog, they are telling?everyone they lack even a basic understanding of media.

This is not a?news source.

It’s a running commentary on news and events.

How do they?not get that?

Of course a blog is biased.

It’s meant to be.

I suppose?they are unhappy given how many people tend to agree with the opinions?expressed here.

Boggles my mind that people [are] missing that?fundamental difference.



Charlie Shovel is off to the world’s biggest piss up

gladys-pigThe United Nations is a pretty fun place. The headquarters hosts all kinds of cultural events. Everyone’s open-minded about the dress code. Delegates can even show up hammered to budget negotiations. Or at least they used to be able to.

At a General Assembly budget committee?meeting on Monday, the United States ambassador for management and reform at the UN?stood up to scold his colleagues?for always showing up drunk to negotiations.

“There has always been a good and responsible tradition of a bit of alcohol improving a negotiation, but we’re not talking about a delegate having a nip at the bar,” said Joseph “The Fun Police” Torsella. “We make the modest proposal that the negotiating rooms should in future be an inebriation-free zone.”

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Comment of the Day – MSM veteran on Charles Chauvel


What?appalls?me is the contempt Chauvel and the rest of the left have for people’s intelligence.

It seems only the left has the perspicacity – and virtue – to determine what we should be able to hear and read.

I am increasingly persuaded that the left actually despises people; it is the “idea” of people that they like.

I have worked in newspapers for nearly 40 years and still do.

I find this blog hugely entertaining and read it often.

I am also fully aware of the provenance of many of the opinions expressed here.

Often I agree; often I don’t.

But I certainly don’t appreciate a slimy little commissar like Chauvel’s implied regulation of freedom of speech.

He and the vermin at the UN deserve each other.

Charlie Shovel on Media

In Charles Chauvel’s whiny and bitchy valedictory speech he decided to comment on media matters. He seems to have a problem with a couple of bloggers but not the courage to name them…I continue to be the Voldemort of the New Zealand blogosphere.

I have trimmed the video so you don’t have to listen to all of his carping.

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Charles Chauvel Redux

Further to David Farrar’s post about Charlie Shovel today about his propensity for self promotion, which bought him trouble under Clark and also under Goff.

I was rummaging through videos at the weekend and found this piece on Charles Chauvel, talking about how important it was for him to be on Labour’s frontbench, and take his rightful place at the decision-making table.? Read more »

This section is empty…uhmmm yep

I was looking up Katrina Shanks wiki page for a post about Peter Dunne and why he still has 3 terms left in him?despite?the best efforts of Labour to undermine him. Champagne Charlie Chauvel has now bolted so that really just leaves Shanks as a possible challenger.

There are long sections of info, and then I got to her “Political Views“….


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