Charles Ramsey

A good idea for Tolley

Andrew Sullivan blogs about a Police Department using Pinterest to post about crims.

Perhaps Tolley could think about this initiative ..she will of course have to fight off the crim hugging liberal panty-waists:

Law enforcement is starting to harness a new force in social media:

A few months ago, we told you about the Pinterest page set up by the Pottstown Police Department, where they uploaded (or pinned, or whatever) pictures of wanted criminals. As a result, arrests in Pottstown were up 58 percent.

Now, following Pottstown’s lead, the Philadelphia Police Department hasset up their own Pinterest page, though it is still in the early stages. Over on their “board” you can see images of robbery suspects, wanted criminals, smiling policemen with their dogs, and Charles Ramsey looking like he’s trying to figure out how his Blackberry works. Some pictures are more important than others.