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What a prick, perhaps he could join National

Charles Saatchi is divorcing Nigella Lawson because she didn’t stick up for him after he gave her the bash in public. Like most cowards who bash their missus he places the blame on her.

What a fuckwit.

British art collector Charles Saatchi has told a British newspaper that he is divorcing his wife, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, following an incident in which he grabbed her by the neck outside a London restaurant.

Under the headline “I’m divorcing you Nigella”, 70-year-old Saatchi said in a statement to the?The Mail on Sunday?that he had made a “heartbreaking” decision to separate from his 53-year-old wife because she had not defended him over the row.? Read more »

Saatchi attacked Nigella because of SOCK called Bruno

Finally we get to the bottom of the issue…SOCKs:

Nigella Lawson has taken her two teenage children to view a house in central London in what seems to be further proof her marriage to Charles Saatchi may be over.

She was shown around the mews home – which is available to let for ?11,000-a-month and worth ?2.5million – by an estate agent on Friday, accompanied by her sister Horatia and children Cosima, 19, and Bruno, 17.

The television chef, 53, had already moved her family out of their ?14million home in Chelsea after pictures showing her husband holding her by the throat were published.

Miss Lawson appeared pale and did not smile as the group viewed the property, the?Sunday People?reported.? Read more »

“A playful tiff” – He’ll be standing for National next

The excuses are flowing thick and fast in support of abuser Charles Saatchi, including his own excuse that it was all just a “playful tiff”.

But the photographer who took the pictures says different.


The photographer who took pictures of Nigella Lawson being assaulted by her husband says the attack lasted for “27 minutes of madness” but he didn’t intervene because he feared being arrested himself. ? Read more »

He’ll be running for National next

Men who bash women, either physically, financially, emotionally or mentally are gutless cowards. Dead beat dads are almost as low as spousal abusers…sometimes they are both.

Images of Charles Saatchi apparently throttling Nigella Lawson challenge our clich?d ideas about domestic violence, says Anna Maxted

Nigella Lawson, handsome, clever, rich, who seems to unite some of the best blessings of existence, isn?t the sort of woman we expect to get hit by her husband. And yet, here we are, gawking at photographs which apparently show Charles Saatchi with his hands around our heroine?s throat, and her obvious, chilling terror.

How fortunate for him that it took place in a posh restaurant, where everyone was too polite to intervene. One can?t help but wonder, if this is the public face, what he might dare do in the privacy of their luxury home.? Read more »