Charlie Shovel

Charles Chauvel Redux

Further to David Farrar’s post about Charlie Shovel today about his propensity for self promotion, which bought him trouble under Clark and also under Goff.

I was rummaging through videos at the weekend and found this piece on Charles Chauvel, talking about how important it was for him to be on Labour’s frontbench, and take his rightful place at the decision-making table.? Read more »

How to beat Peter Dunne

Peter Dunne, MPPeter “Rothmans” Dunne serves no useful purpose. He brings no other MPs into parliament, and having sucked the public teat since 1984 he needs to be moved on.

There is no way his joke of a party is getting 5% again so getting someone to beat him in Ohariu would end his political career, and if we had a decent speaker, mean he couldn?t travel the world on the tax payer in the company of his wife.

At the last election the vote was split. Dunne got about 12000. Charles Chauvel ?(Charlie Shovel)?got about 11000. Katrina “Lamb” Shanks got about 10000.

There are several options to get rid of Dunne. Chauvel will stand for Labour, and unless someone in National has a fit of common sense, the inept and amateur Katrina Shanks will run. If this happens, the best way of getting rid of Dunne will be to tactically vote for Chauvel.

Charlie Shovel has already been potentially mentioned as New Zealand?s first gay Prime Minister. He may get there, or he may not because he has a reputation for competing with the ever fragile?Silent T for the reputation as the most arrogant Labour MP and he is a prize mincer whereas Grant Robertson is the blokes poof. That aside, he also has a reputation for working hard in the electorate, and this blogger understands he has made a positive impact.

Even without a tactical vote, the Dunne/ Shanks vote could will split and let Shovel win. He was only 1000 behind Dunne in 2008, and with three more years of hard work in the electorate proving he is relevant, Ohariu residents may just decide to pension off Dunne.

Dunne may try to do a deal with National to tank their candidate in Ohariu, but he cant really argue National need him to bring in other coalition partners, as he can’t poll enough to be noticed, and he simply wont bring anyone in. The other problem for National is that they can scarcely tank their candidate when she doesn?t do anything much anyway and the people that vote for her are probably doing it out of force of habit, or senility now winston doesn?t have a presence.

National could decide to get a competent candidate in Ohariu, someone with a large campaign team and plenty of money, but it is more likely remain with Shanks. Perhaps she could suddenly become competent, run a proper campaign and take the seat off Dunne, but somehow it seems doubtful the TAB would offer odds on this ever happening because it is so unlikely.

So Charles is a serious contender for the first Labour candidate given a Whale Oil endorsement