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Maori and Pasifika students excel here but Labour don’t care

PHOTO-Vanguard facebook page

The Labour Party have made it very clear that Partnership schools will not be allowed to continue if they become the government. They are implacably opposed to them. Partnership schools were created in part to lift achievement for priority learners and Vanguard Military school which opened in 2014 has focused on lifting the achievement of Maori and Pasifika students. Their 2016 results clearly show that this focus is working as their students have achieved results significantly higher than the national average. If the Labour Party become the government they have said that they will shut down Partnership schools or force them to become state schools. They will do this even if the schools have results that are well above the National average and even if they are succeeding where many state schools are failing.

?Vanguard Military School ?/ Nat Average / % Above Nat Average

Maori Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 92.3% / 63.7% / up 28.6%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 73.5% / up 17%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 52.9% / up 47.1%

Maori Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 76% / up 24%

NCEA Level 2 / 90.5% / 83.9% / up 6.6%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 73.5% / up 26.5%

Pasifika Roll Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 85.7% / 70.4% / up 15.3%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 77.6% / up 22.4%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 58.9% / up 41.1%

Pasifika Participation Based Results

NCEA Level 1 / 100% / 74.2% / up 25.8%

NCEA Level 2 / 100% / 81.7% / up 18.3%

NCEA Level 3 / 100% / 69.8% / up 30.2%

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The hard-left continue to smash Willie Jackson with vigour

Willie Jackson is also in trouble for daring to be a bloke, and for supporting charter schools.

Both things are anathema to the modern and politically correct Labour party.

Labour leader Andrew Little has gone into bat for Willie Jackson after further concerns from Labour’s ranks about Jackson’s past comments on radio and support for charter schools.

An open letter which says it is from Young Labour members is urging Labour’s New Zealand Council to reject Jackson as a candidate, citing his past comments on the Roastbusters case, his questioning of Labour MP Grant Robertson about his sexuality, and his support for charter schools.

The letter says all three demonstrated his unsuitability to be a Labour MP. It also points to Labour’s own rules to have a higher proportion of women in Parliament.

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Hipkins anti-charter bill voted down at first reading

David Seymour asks when Labour will give up attacking charter schools:

Will Labour finally abandon their campaign against partnership schools?

Labour needs give up on its campaign against partnership schools, says ACT Leader David Seymour, after Chris Hipkins? bill to abolish the schools was voted down at first reading.

?With the definitive failure of this bill, Labour can finally abandon their union-driven campaign to close down these ground breaking, community-driven schools.

?Forcing partnership school students back to the system that?s let them down won?t be well-received in the communities where partnership schools are established and respected. ?Hipkins need only ask his fellow Labour MPs who have visited these schools in their electorates. ? Read more »

Rodney Hide hits Teacher Unions hard

Over at the NBR Rodney Hide is hitting the teacher unions hard. He is not playing nicely as the gloves are clearly off. It is great to see that the same fantastic results I wrote about here are now appearing in the mainstream media. Alwyn Poole and his loyal staff at South Auckland Middle School deserve all the praise Rodney has given and more.

The teacher unions oppose the charter schools with every fibre of their being.? Their opposition is well-founded: The charter schools highlight the failure of the unions.


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Decile one charter school compared with decile one state school in the same area

...South Auckland Middle School asked for a review of its decile rating last year and in June the Ministry of Education decided it was a decile 1C school, meaning it had a high concentration of children from the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

…”Having a look at the other schools in the locality we realised that they were all decile 1 or at most decile 2, so we asked for a decile review… because there is some incremental funding if you are at a lower decile.”

Mr Poole recently compared his school’s results for 2015 to those of two other decile 1 schools, which had much lower national standards pass rates…

Across Year 7 & 8 these are the combined National Standards figures for SAMS at the end of 2015

SAMS?(decile 1 – 93% Maori or Pasifika)

Reading: 71.6% of students At or Above National Standard

Writing: 73.4% of students At or Above National Standard

Maths: 70% of students At or Above National Standard

Compare and contrast:?Manurewa Intermediate is the same decile level and is located in the same area.?

Manurewa Intermediate (decile 1)
Reading 34% of students At or Above National Standard

Writing? 37% of students At of Above National Standard

Maths 37% of students At or Above National Standard Read more »

Face of the day

Jack Ralston (Supplied)

Jack Ralston PHOTO-Newshub

Charter school, Middle School West Auckland has?opened a new wing named Jack Ralston House.

PHOTO-Middle School West Auckland facebook page

PHOTO-Middle School west Auckland facebook page

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PPTA intimidates state school into breaking its cooperation with a charter school

The disgusting bullying tactics of the PPTA have been laid bare as they continue their ideological war on Charter schools.

Act Party leader David Seymour is accusing a teachers’ union of bullying a state school which offered to share resources with a charter school.

Letters released by Mr Seymour show that the Post-Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) urged Kamo High School in Northland not to offer support to charter school Te Kura Hourua o Whangarei Terenga Paraoa.

The Decile 5 school had agreed to give the charter school access to its chemistry laboratory.

In a letter sent on May 10, PPTA president Angela Roberts warned the school’s principal Joanne Hutt that sharing facilities could go against health and safety laws and would upset teachers who had voted not to support charter schools.

“At the least this will lead to resentment and ill-feeling, and would be an unfortunate situation where there is no plausible benefit to the students or staff of Kamo High School,” she said. ? Read more »

NZPF president on Charter schools – “parents have quite enough choice already”

The principal of Manurewa Intermediate is Iain Taylor. He is also the president of the Principals union, the NZ Principals Federation.

Bryan Bruce thought this guy rocked and his school should be the model for all NZ schools.

But his latest missive to the union members reveals a great deal about him.

This last week has been a ?media frenzy? with the main issue being the pre-Budget announcement that the Government is going to fund seven more charter schools.?? We released a media statement to say that charter schools are not wanted, parents have quite enough choice already and the money should be spent on making every public school a great school.?? No substantial evaluation of existing charter schools has been done to give any confidence that New Zealanders can benefit from having more of them.

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Save $700 per year per child – send them to a Charter School

The hypocrisy of the Left has no limits.

They complain about the cost of education – uniform, stationery, donations, trips.

They complain that Charter schools could aim to make a profit (despite them all being “not for profit’).

Then when some provide all of those things for no extra cost they then?accuse them of bribery.

The person making?the “bribery” call is Iain Taylor – the Principal of Manurewa Intermediate who is bitter as families are flooding into South Auckland Middle School which is just down the road from his school. ? Read more »

ERO can’t fault three new Charter schools. What will Chris Hipkins spin this as?

Chris Hipkins is going to find this hard to spin his way.

Three new Charter schools got a good grade from the Education Review Office.

Radio NZ’s John Gerritson obviously didn’t get the union memo.

Three new charter schools have made a good start, according to the Education Review Office.

The reports covered two of the publicly-funded private schools in Auckland, Te Kura M?ori o Waatea and Pacific Advance Senior School, and one in Whangarei, Te K?pehu Whet? -Teina.

The reviews were generally positive, but identified problems such as the need to increase enrolments or develop curriculums.

The report for Pacific Advance Senior School said it had 105 students in Years 11 and 12 at the start of this year and the school had done a good job of engaging them in their learning.

It said many students started at the school well below achievement expectations for their age level and to get students confident and able to complete Level 1 NCEA qualification was a significant success for the school.

It said 36 students were awarded Level 1 NCEA, which was 57 percent of the student body. ? Read more »