He’s at it again! Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You (Chatroulette Version)

He did this last year – he’s back again.

Must be ratings time for Auckland radio, DJ sends snap of his cock to sports chick

It must be ratings time for Auckland radio, I say this for two reasons…John Drinnan said it is in his column and Dom Harvey has “mistakenly” snapchatted his cock to someone.

A popular radio DJ accidentally sent a photo of his genitals to a Kiwi Paralympian – and appears likely to get away without disciplinary action.

The Edge morning host Dom Harvey sent the photo to London Paralympic gold medallist Sophie Pascoe through the Snapchat social media tool, which shows a picture for a set length of time before disappearing, so the viewer cannot keep it.

Harvey says the picture was intended for his radio producer Sophie Hallwright and he immediately apologised to Pascoe – who was in Canada, competing at the IPC Championship swimming meet.

Pascoe tweeted about the incident before winning gold in the 100m freestyle in world record time. “Just finished eating dinner and opened Snapchat. #awkward surprise.”

I call bullshit on that story. For a start you can’t just snap chat anyone, randomly…you both have to have it and both have to have given permission for each other to “snap”. Their FAQ specifically says this.

You control who receives and views your Snaps by selecting recipients in the “Send to…” screen.

So, Dom Harvey and Sophie Pascoe have snapchatted before.

Snap Chat is the app version of Chatroulette…no good comes of it. Oh and contrary to reports about not being able to save images…wrong again.