Another scumbag teacher. Is the Council having an end-of-year cleanout?

It certainly looks like the Education Council is cleaning house. Long overdue, I might add.

A teacher who helped her students cheat on assessments also provided tobacco to another student and smoked cigarettes with him.

Kuraroa Fay-Dorn Mitchell has had her registration cancelled after numerous incidents of helping students cheat on their tests, but claims she was a good teacher and was bullied out of her job.

The New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal dealt with Mitchell’s matter earlier this year, but she refused to attend a hearing.

The Tribunal’s summary of facts said Mitchell would write 90 per cent of the students’ speeches for them and encourage them to memorise the speech. She would then write out the speech on a whiteboard and place it behind a camera the students had to give their speech towards.   Read more »

It’s all ’bout the money, dum dum

A newspaper ran a story yesterday about why high profile spouses stand by their man.

In literary terms, it is a hackneyed trope: the political wife, smiling, demure, standing silently by her embattled man. Taking one for the team and presenting a united front.

However you phrase it, standing by your man in cases of infidelity, rumoured or actual, is a political cliche.

The “faithful wife” has found her way into our pop culture canon. She was dissected in American drama The Good Wife and parodied in comedy show Little Britain.

Colin Craig’s press conference on Monday saw “the good wife” make her most recent public appearance.

As he awkwardly skirted around questions of sexual misconduct in his relationship with former press secretary Rachel MacGregor, wife Helen stood beside him, lending support.

Alternately smiling, pursing her lips and tilting her chin she finally declared she “chose to stand with my husband today in full love and support of him whom I believe to have been falsely accused”.

From Len Brown’s wife Shan Inglis to Victoria Beckham and Hillary Clinton, history is littered with such women. And even as the wife’s loyalty to her spouse and his “brand” provides a potent means of damage control, its authenticity is often questioned.

Although some may ask: “If she has forgiven him, shouldn’t I?” the less charitable will take a more cynical view.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Dipankar

Photo: Dipankar

Window of Opportunity

When Board examinations are due in Bihar, parents tighten their belts, pull up their socks and transform overnight into expert rock climbers.

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If you are cheating on your missus it is because of global warming


Global is blamed for many, many things…there is even a long list of them…now it is being blamed for people cheating on their spouses…I’m not kidding, it has.

If you’re married in Miami, you might want to get out of town this summer. No, not to avoid the hurricanes — to avoid a nasty divorce.

A new report blames global warming for rising rates of infidelity, especially bad news for couples in Miami, where rising tides and raging hurricanes remind us all how much extracurricular sex we could be having on a daily basis.  Read more »

Women are nosier than men – they paid money for this?

It continues to amaze me (it shouldn’t, but it does) that people are happy to spend hard earned cash on “surveys” to find out stuff we already know.  Michael Forbes reports on one:

Husbands and boyfriends, beware. Kiwi women are twice as likely as men to go snooping through their partners’ mobile phones without permission.

A survey of 2144 mobile phone users by market researcher Canstar Blue found 13 per cent had secretly looked through their partners’ phones. Women were twice as likely as men to do this.

People aged 18 to 29 were the main offenders, with 26 per cent of them admitting to having had a sneaky peek. Those aged 30 to 44 were not far behind, on 20 per cent.

Those aged 45 and older were the most trusting age group. Only 5 per cent of them said they had snooped on their spouses.

That was no surprise to private investigator Julia Hartley Moore, who said mobile phones were the first thing people checked if they suspected their partners were cheating.

Smartphones are more than text messages and call logs these days.  Unauthorised access is probably the most severe invasion of privacy that any private citizen has been able to enact on another in history.
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Cheating in space.


Spouse cheated? Don’t go back to work, do this:

Brown desperate as he drags daughters into spotlight to fight battles for him

This  outrageous…Len Brown went on TV, demanded privacy and respect for his family….and now he has thrust them into the game by issuing a press release that could only have been crafted by his council paid spin weasels.

What a shameless disgusting man….he has thrust them very much into the game of politics and his dreadful House of Cards.

The press release is all about his work and the mayoralty.  Nothing about being a shit husband and absent father, not to mention being a lying, cheating ratbag to his family.

He demands respect for his family then disrespects them by allowing this.   Read more »

Will the Oracle Team USA fallout turn to legal action?

A reader points us to some more interesting background information

Hi Cam,

This article explains what Oracle did to their boat.

I also hear (from a friend who is in Oracle) that Core Boat builders who made the boats shipped their hydro dynamic testing gear and bake ovens to San Fran on the day of the third race. So when they said to media they didn’t make any parts here to ship up that’s true. Larry hired a jumbo jet and packed their kit up to San Fran, where they took the second boat to the ex naval base dry dock up the harbour and used it to test foils and make fittings to fit this device described in this article.

So it appears there is a grey area that Oracle exploited but which now looks like could open them up to a legal challenge as to its legality…


From TVNZOndemand‘s Facebook  comments:


1. It is well recognised that Oracle was having serious foiling stability difficulties at the outset of the regatta and that their performance could not match that of ETNZ.   Read more »


Cheating at work?

The NZ Herald has an article about cheating.

“A Colmar Brunton survey has revealed that 81 per cent of adults admitted cheating of some kind – including 36 per cent cheating in their relationship and 22 per cent at work.”

I’m not sure how you cheat “at work”. It isn’t explained in the article.  Read more »