How Radio NZ gets their “news”

Radio NZ and John Campbell ran a story on Friday about school pools:

An Auckland school says it has to dip into its capital funding to maintain its school pool.

The Ministry of Education said about 60 percent of New Zealand schools had pools.

Ministry associate deputy secretary for early learning and student achievement Pauline Cleaver said those 1300 schools got extra funding as part of their annual property maintenance grant. Schools could use their capital funding to maintain their pools.

Glen Innes School principal Jono Hendricks said the extra money was nowhere near the $8000 to $10,000 annual costs.

His decile one school had not received any pool-specific funding since 2015. It was struggling to keep the facility open. ? Read more »

It was all a Whaleoil conspiracy, apparently

Breakout the tinfoil hat folks, apparently our screenshots of abusive comments were comments planted by us, or at least some of them were. According to Marion Ogier the commenters didn’t have ‘normal’ Facebook profiles, whatever normal means. Instead of seeing it as typical unmoderated wild-west Facebook, she thinks it was a dirty tricks set up.

Could she be right? Let’s have a look at the Facebook profiles of the people whom we highlighted with our screenshots.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.28.30 AM

I looked for Tim Wikidclownz first. This is the individual who expressed the anti -semitic view that John Key’s mother should have been murdered in the same way that the Jews were slaughtered by Hitler.

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Shhhh don’t mention Whaleoil, Checkpoint censorship goes full retard


There is moderation and then there is censorship. By my definition moderation removes abuse or threatening comments. Sometimes it removes comments that break the rules of the forum. Censorship, on the other hand, is removing views that you do not want seen no matter how polite, logical, or well argued they may be.

Last night I put a comment on the Checkpoint Facebook page ?that was critical of the lack of moderation. I was not alone in my criticism as others did the same. This morning my comment has been removed and theirs has been allowed to stay.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day, John Campbell, represents an organisation that failed to moderate its public forum. It wasn’t until Whaleoil and Whaleoil readers drew the threats towards John Key to the attention of RNZ / Checkpoint that any action was taken. RNZ / Checkpoint is an organisation that is in receipt of state funds. They have chosen to run an unmoderated forum that allows death threats, anti-semitism and personal abuse towards the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Despite what happened, RNZ /Checkpoint has chosen to make no changes ?to the way they run their public forum.Yesterday they posted this.

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Why does Joe Karam mislead so much?

Joe Karam went on Radio NZ yesterday and basically showed what a nasty, vicious little man he is.

Her refers to Amy Adams by title and her full name, same with Simon Power, but in all his comments about Judith Collins he just calls her “Collins” or worse.

In a report released in late 2012, a former Canadian Supreme Court judge, Ian Binnie, concluded that Mr Bain was innocent and suggested he should receive compensation.

However, Ms Collins then sought a review of that report, which criticised the findings as legally flawed.

Mr Bain’s legal team sought a judicial review, arguing that Ms Collins had pre-determined the claim and could not distinguish between her role as Justice Minister and her previous role as Police Minister.

Ms Collins resigned as a minister during the election campaign last year, after an email surfaced suggesting she had been part of efforts to undermine the head of the Serious Fraud Office in 2011. An inquiry later found no evidence to support that.

Mr Bain’s chief supporter Joe Karam told Checkpoint it was now up to Ms Adams to have the claim considered by Cabinet ministers.

“We have no reason to believe that she won’t do a proper just job, as Simon Power did. The only thing that’s gone wrong is the pugnacious minister that we had in between times.”

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