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Silliness on the hustings

Silliness on the hustingsIt seems the battleground electorate of Auckland Central has the most oddly named candidates in the country. The ACT candidate is Mr Scott Uren. I can only conclude that it must be his party’s tough law and order stance that has… [NZ Herald Politics]

Judith Tizard gets a slap from the HoS about her mad rantings and unintentional abuse of the Green candidate. Clearly “the Tiz” is getting rattled by the enthusiastic and popular National candidate Nikki Kaye.

Fancy having to have your own Mum and Dad ringing people on the beg for support, not to mention roping in every other forlorn losing candidate in Auckland to help save your useless butt. Rather than campaigning in Hunua, Jordan Carter is constantly spotting helping out in Auckland Central in an attempt to shore up the failing support for Tizard and Labour.


I went to Backbenchers tonight.

They had some bald numpty Green from West Coast, a almost Ginger Whinger from Labour, Derek the Fox and Nikki Kaye. If you want to go know the other two names then check out Farrar’s blog because he can be bothered remembering the names of pinko’s whereas I can’t. Ok I could but I don’t want to, call me petulant and churlish.

David and I picked up Nikki from the airport and conducted our 5 question blogmobile quiz on the way to Backbenchers, for some strange reason Nikki was running late.

Backbenchers was a hoot with good heckling all round. Derek the Fox had a couple of good suggestions when talk turned to crime. i thought they had merit. The first was when he asked if we should just lock up poor people….now think about this for a minute….I think he may just be onto something here. His second suggestion was to lockup corporate crims like CEO’s etc from failed lenders.

Now don’t scoff but Foxy is really onto something there, by locking up poor people and dodgy lenders there can be a transfer of knowledge, the learniong opportunities would literally be boundless.

After the show was actually more fun, I got to chat to Audrey Young, Patrick Gower, Sean Plunkett from the media and to Derel Fox and a couple of other Maori party reps. I reminded Sean to cut down on the pies lest Cactus gets a little sniffy about his expanding girth.

I am looking forward to getting down to Gisborne for the debate between Parekura the Hutt and Derek the Fox. The Maori Party have promised me a jacket after I asked for one. They are pretty cool actually.

Interesting tale of the list

A very smart reader of this blog has sent in very simple analysis of one candidates list rankings since 1996.

It si the list ranking positions of one Judith Tizard, the absentee MP for Auckland Central. Thankfully due to the efforts of Nikki Kaye we aren’t likely to see Tizard either in the parliament or on Labour’s next list.

1996 – 11th
1999 – 19th
2002 – 21st
2005 – 18th
2008 – 38th

As you can see, Tizard the Lizard’s list ranking has been up and down, but more down like a whore’s draws.

Tizard in trouble in Auckland Central

Incumbent absentee MP Judith Tizard is in serious trouble in Auckland Central.

On Sunday night veteran spin meister Matthew Hooton, on his Radio Live show, was alluding to a leaked poll that showed the party vote in Auckland Central was going to National and that Nikki Kaye was in front by two points. Dramatically the results have leapt 15 points since the poll was last commissioned showing that voters in Auckland Central believe there is a real alternative to their current non-existant MP.

I tried to track down Kaye for comments but she was out door knocking after her campaign launch on Sunday and didn’t return my calls. A spokesman for her campaign refused to discuss the poll results and even denied that the poll existed. He said that Nikki was focussed on becoming the best MP Auckland Central had ever had.

WOBH though has obtained the polling results from a seperate source and can confirm that Tizard is indeed in trouble and National could be looking seriously at lifting this seat. A seat I might add that they have never even had a remote chance of lifting before.

Labour is in real trouble. They are losing the all important party vote as well.

Auckland: Two stories

I have two tales for you about Auckland. Well one isn’t a tale, ok it is but it is Aaron Bhatnagar’s tale and he has posted Chapter 4 of Transmogrification on Auckland Blog.

In this chapter Aaron explores the turning point in Hubbard’s failed mayoralty and his failed Team 20 concept.

The second story I have for you is about Auckland Central Electorate and the difference between two candidates.

Today wasn’t a flash day in Auckland and yet the two main contenders in Auckland Central Electorate used it rather differently.

The incumbent, one Judith Tizard, was sipping, in quantities rather unbecoming a Member of Parliament, champagne in Northcote this morning.  It should be noted that Northcote isn’t in Auckland Central Electorate. It is seperated by a stretch of water and a rather large bridge, yet there she was sipping champagne in Northote.

Meanwhile actually in the electorate was Nikki Kaye. She was out knocking on doors that the incumbent probably has never knocked on, working tirelessly meeting her soon to be constituents.

What a contrast, one fat, dumb, lazy incumbent MP swigging champagne like the Chardonnay Socialist she is and the other fit, young candidate legging it around the electorate meeting people.

It must be said that Judith sipping Chanpagne in Northcote was probably helping National on both sides of the Bridge.


Battle looming in Auckland Central

Battle looming in Auckland CentralThe way Nikki Kaye, National’s candidate for Auckland Central sees it, the seat she’s gunning for will be a “battleground”.

Kaye is under no illusion that taking on Labour’s Judith Tizard will be easy. But neither will she be.

“I… [NZ Politics]

There is a great article in the Herald on Sunday about Nikki Kaye the National candidate in Auckland Central electorate.

Very in depth and shows why Nikki can and will unseat Judith Tizard.

New National Auckland Central Candidate

I attended the National Party Selection tonight for Auckland Central Electorate.

Candidates were Jacqui Blue, Nikki Kaye, Cam Calder and Clint Bowerman.

The venue was packed with as many observers as delegates present. There was a large presence of party heavy hitters. Two ex-Presidents, Mayor John Banks, Cr’s Bhatnagar, Goldsmith, Millar and Lotu Iiga from C&R and a couple of x-MP’s. After the speeches and questions from the President and Leader voting commenced. Entertainment while waiting for the ballot counts was from MP Paula Bennett.

Finally after three ballots the party has selected Nikki Kaye as their candidate for Auckland Central.

Judith Tizard has got a massive fight on her hands with Nikki, she is young, aggressive, motivated and more importantly she will be in the electorate campaigning.

Congratulations to Nikki. I am certain we will be hearing much much more from her.