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Goat thinks it is a chicken

This appears to be solid evidence for the nature vs nurture debate.

One for the ladies: eat chicken wings like a pro

Gordon Ramsay’s Dating Technique. [Probably NSFW]


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What the cluck?

Disclosure:  Cam made me post this – Pete.


The reality of law and order


Maybe you need to try to something different


Do you think we could make Cam sing this?


Yoof stick it to Labour

The Herald has continued its series of face to face polls and has some quotes that should make the politically correct Helenists quake in their collectivist boots.

“The current Government is too concerned with being politically correct,”

“It is too afraid to step up and make a real difference that offends people.

“I feel National will be able to do things, even if it does offend people. For example, at the moment [Labour] is pretty much taxing everything that decent rich people have and giving it all to poor people.”

Luke, James and classmates Hriday Shah, Julia Simons and Karl Wilshier all say education is being “dumbed down” under the National Certificate of Educational Achievement.

Oh dear, labour losing the yoof….about the only sector supporting Labour now are the queers.